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Date: Nov 12, 2008
Squall LeonHart


Have you Beaten Kingdom Hearts 1, 2? Both?

Beaten Both

Which Final Fantasies Have you Played/Beaten?

Beaten: VIII, X, VII (Crisis Core), VII (Dirge of Cerberus)
Played: VI, XII

Have you read any of the Kingdom Hearts Manga?

All Of KH1, Chain of Memories, First two of KH2


Name: Squall Leonhart

Known Name: Leon

Age: 25


Gender: Male

Sexuality: Bi

Path: Twilight


Home World: Archipeligo, now Radiant Garden

Weapon or Weapons: GunBlade. LionHart.A sword using components of a revolver and able to attack from up close and distance.



GF Summon: Shiva, Queen of Ice, her attack is Diamond Dust.
Magics: He still uses magic (as seen with his fireball attacks on Sora in KHI)
Limit Breaks: If critically low in health Leon will let loose a Limit break like those from FF VIII.

Any Known Contacts: The Restoration Comittee. All other people he has known with his world he believes dead.

Character Personality:

Squall is thought as a"lone wolf" by others, someone who never explains his feelings and comes off as cold. He is known to be stoic in almost all situations. Is also said to be diffacult by any who are higher up then him when he was a teenager. Though he was and still is greatly respected for his skill in combat. Emotionally and socially ackward at times he keeps his face and eyes fathomless to cover any blunders. Finding that speaking to himself in 'internal monologue' is a better way to deal with his own problems then speaking aloud to any other.

Believing himself abandoned at the orphanage he grows up isolated. Though he remembers little of his past it causes him to develop into an emotionally detached, highly cynical and introverted boy; his original goal is to go through life without any emotional links or dependencies.This is a mechanism, deliberate detachment from his companions, a defensive mechanism to protect himself from emotional pain. He does not take easily to leadership roles from a young age, and has much diffaculty with taking on this role. Though it does slowly become natural for him and appears to still be so in Radiant Garden.

He becomes more open with time and pushing from others. It takes considerable time for him to accept the others' offered friendship and fall in love with Rinoa and care for her. With the loss of his homeworld and the inability to protect Radiant Garden he learns again that he is only mortal and is deeply shamed of his failure. He becomes introverted once more, hardly talking to anyone. The only people he finds that he speaks easier to are Sora and very few times; Cloud.

Character History:
Squall grew up in an orphanage, along with the 'Orphanage Gang'; Zell, Seifer, Selphie, Irvine and Quistis. They were looked after by Edea or 'Matron'. Abandoned their Squall only had Ellone or 'Sis'. She left only a few months later leaving a distraught young Squall behind. Having a rivalry with deemed 'bully' Seifer from a young age this continues when they enter Balamb Garden. Though memories are foggy with the Guardian Forces junctioned Squall still does remember patches. He and Seifer were the only two in the world to become Gunblade Specialists and continued as rivals. At 17 Seifer gave Squall his horizontal cut and Squall gave Seifer one in return, the opposite of his own.

Starting with a mission to Timber began the Sorceress War. Taking on the position of Commander Squall leads the SeeD against Galbadian Military, Seifer and Edea. Being told that Edea was their matron by Irvine. Finding out the SeeD were created to counter corrupted Sorceresses. Ellone had been sending dreams to Squall as a way to change the past. After Balamb defeats Galbadia, Squall finds out Edea is merely an unwilling tool for "Ultimecia" who is after Ellone. After many battles Edea, Adel and Ultemecia are vanquished. Rinoa has inherited the powers.

Nearly a year passes of Squall being Rinoa's knight and Commander of Balamb Garden. In this year Rinoa becomes slowly more powerful in her powers. Learning how to use them. Squall in his love for her follows her orders. Even to kill Seifer who Rinoa believes possessively was at one time Squalls lover, in their teenage years. Weither this is true or not she would not be reasoned with. Under her influation Squall murders Seifer. Selphie who has been snopping around to find out what has been going on finds out to much. Another order carried out, another person Squall was close to at one time.

Finally after two peoples deaths Squall begins to understand that she has been corrupted like the other Sorceress's. Understands how diffacult it is to see that some one you care about has lost their sanity to power. Knowing he must kill her but do it so she shall never suspect him. He is not powerful enough on his own to take her down now. So that was how they were found, in one last embrace, LionHart through both of their chests, straight through the heart. That was how Zell and Irvine found their Commander, The Knight and his Sorceress.

Her powers had backlashed, with no available female to take the powers of the Sorceress they were left unchecked. This had never happened. And should not have happened. Squall had forgotten this fact in his grief, though he had not wished in his heart for anyone else to have to deal with this corrupting power. Her powers had backlashed and destroyed the world. Even as he was dieing on his gunblade he could feel the walls shaking and the floor beneath tremoring. Before all became black he had known. He had known he had been the cause....

Waking in Radiant Garden. Yuffie was the one to find him and bring him back and 'adopt' him into their circle of friends. It was diffacult to open up again when he knew he should be dead. Dead along with his world. But he did, he managed to if only a little. But then the Heartless had attacked and he had been unable to stop them. Failure to protect his world, the people he had cared about. Twice. Shamed now of the name he had been born with he shortened it to Leon. A new start. He feels he must do something to make up for the failure. He rebuilds. Protects. At any cost.

Character's Physical Description:

He has medium-length brown hair and steel grey-blue eyes. A small scar runs diagonally across the bridge of Leon's nose. He wears whenever he is seen a black bomber jacket with the white ruffling. This bomber jacket has Griever stylized in red on the sleeves of the jacket, and Rinoa's wings on the back. Always wearing his three belts and his black leather pants. This outfit he is known for. He has a Griever pendent that never leaves his form and a ring.


Roleplaying Sample:

Leon had been sitting in the front area of the inn for a good hour now. Leon knew that Cloud was here and had been sent here to make certain one Cloud Strife was well and whole. He was drinking, if only to allow himself time to think. To make certain his frustrations at this 'mission' were curved before he dealt with the other warrior. He never let his frustrations show to the healing woman who had become one of his good friends in Radiant Garden. He did not let it show, but that did not mean that while he had work he would much rather be doing in restoring the city he was sent on a wild goose chase to find a man who did not wish to be found. Frustrated at Cloud for running off again. But he forced himself to internally quiet and look at things from other perceptives. Cloud did not necessarily run...he traveled world to world searching for something, or someone. He did not know and as the man spoke little of his past he did not pry.

Of course Yuffie and Aerith knew what had happened, Cid did as well. They were all from the same world, once friends and here so again. The bitterness he had felt over this was thankfully in the six years he had spent with them nearly non-existent now. Though their would always be a part of him that wished that somehow..even one person had survived the back lash of power and made it with him. This was never to be said aloud. He did not listen when the girls spoke of Clouds past, it was not in his opinion something for them to talk about. If Cloud wanted others to know he would say so himself and talk about himself. So here he sat in the inn downing another shot of whiskey, this being his fourth.

Up he stood from his chair and down the hall to what room was supposedly the blondes, he finding it unlocked stuck his head inside just a moment, the inside dark. Seeing the blade Cloud never let far from his sight and strewn sheets he knew the man could not be far. He closed the door and was about to turn away when he heard the pitter patter of shower water. Making his way toward the communal shower, it would not matter if it was some random stranger, and if it was Cloud well that would be awkward to say the least. But at least he could say he was here and needed to speak to the blonde. At the very least wait for him to be done showering then speak to him, see he was alright and go back to Radiant Garden. Cloud was a grown man, if he was fine then he was not about to say anything to him about being away so much.

Opening the door into the area that had benches to sit on and dry yourself, seeing the pile of black cloth and a small flash of silver, yes that was Fenrir. So Cloud was showering, and for just one moment Leon was adverse to disturbing him. He was not one to invade privacy...It was the hiss from the blonde's lips in the next room that had him frowning and his brow furrowing. Deciding then to just see for himself if the blonde was 'alright'. He could not be one hundred percent silent in his clunky boots on a wet floor, espicially considering he knew Cloud had some sort of enhanced hearing or some such. Nearly at the doorway into the shower rooms the fog rolled thick into his vision. But he did see the back of the man he was looking for, eyes following downward...

Leon noticed the wounds and old scarring before anything else and was taken aback. But he kept as he always did a fathomless face...


AIM: NathanialRoyale


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