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Management And Importance
Forum FAQ, Rules, Character Creation All Found Here, Everything in Here is a MUST Read before Applying for Characters.
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Suggestions, Questions and Complaints are to be Posted Here.
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Introduce yourself, if you so desire.
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The Board Plot Planning Area. Board Members input needed!
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The Once a Month Activity Check of Doom! You will be pmed (And the Pm will send an email, do not change this in your settings!) If you do not at least sign on and state in the Thread I am Here! Then you will be booted. You have a week from the Pm being sent to do so!
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Place All Finished and New Profiles Here so Admin May Read them.
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Profiles that need editting after having been placed in Creation are placed here by Admin. You have 4-7 Days to Edit your profile before it is locked and Deleted. New Profiles Go In Creation!
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Where all Profiles are placed that were accepted. If your profile is here get Role playing!
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Worlds of Light
Originally called Radiant Garden, this World was once a beautiful World of flowers. But due to the efforts of the Heartless, it is no longer a garden. Rather, it is a destroyed town struggling to recreate itself. Away from the town is a dark castle, a canyon of crystal, and a different canyon of nothingness. The Restoration Committee is at home.
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A world that does not even seem to know of the troubles of the others. Known for it's Struggle matches and Seven Wonders, it holds. Nobodies and Heartless are not to be found here...Usually.
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A chain of islands within a great ocean. The home of Riku, Kiari and Sora. With the keyhole closed their is no darkness to be found upon this world. It is at peace, the shadows and nobodies are non existant here.
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Lesser Disney Worlds
Welcome pirates and landlubbers! This is where all of the strongest pirates come to settle a debt, or to merely drink away their troubles. A small fort stands within the town of Port Royal, ready to launch an attack...maybe someday it will be used against the undead Pirates that roam this World. Other Locations in Game and Movie Do Exist.
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The World of Belle and The Enchanted Rose. The Master is rumored to be a Beast, his servants animated and speaking objects! This castle has several corridors lined with gargoyle statues and suits of armor. Beneath the castle is a dungeon. Outside of the castle, in the courtyard, more stone gargoyles await you. But! This world is most noted for its beautiful ballroom. Here, only one rule is made: never touch the rose on the pedestal.
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This world is of no logic and everything is adeptly 'topsy turvy' It is full of bizarre and strange beings. A world of singing flowers and trickster Chester Cats. As the tales say, a white rabbit will lead you to the Queen of Hearts. But Beware! She may just cut off your Head!
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Worlds of Darkness
A Grungy World Where People Whos Worlds were Destroyed Stay. The First District is safe from Heartless for now. It appears that the heartless are on the rising in this world once more. Second and Third are Not safe to those who can not defend themselves. Slowly being Vacated as Radiant Garden is a Much Safer Haven.
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A World of Darkness known as the End of Worlds. You enter the area and all you see is an endless, calm, dark sea. In this sea floats pads of rock that shift randomly. Some of these rocks even float in the sky. Only Portals of Darkness and Light lead to this place Unknown.
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(Note - Not a World) The portals that lead one with a Dark Heart between worlds. Once you step into this place you best be pure of heart or darkest of heart. Any in between well feel the pull on their heart and the ensuing pain of their inner indecision. Nobodies and Heartless abound.
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Final Fantasy Worlds
The World of Final Fantasy 7. The Events of Advent Childern and Dirge of Cerberus have occurred. The World was taken by Heartless a few months after these events. It has been Two Years sense the Heartless took over and the world was lost. Now Life is just beginning to go on once more.
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The World of Final Fantasy 8. A year had passed from the Sorceress War. Heartless and a great backlash of power destroyed this world. It has only recently been found once more. More Information inside.
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The World of FFX, Timeline is the Apparent End of FFX-2. The lands of Tidus and Yuna. A beautiful world to Travel now that Sin is Gone.
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The World of Final Fantasy XII, timeline the end of XII. Many Kingdoms here, Rabanastre, Lionel, and Igros among many.
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Worlds of Twilight
The stronghold of Organization Thirteen. Castle Oblivion is a large building with 25 floors, 12 going down, 12 going up, and 1 in the middle. Known for the betrayal by certain members of the Organization 13 that lead to those members demise.
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A city filled with electric lights. A light rain always falls upon this dreary city. Skyscrapers dot the city randomly. Shadows and Neo-Shadows jump from the darkness. Beyond this city is a white castle where a once powerful Organization existed.
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The Kingdom of the once Twili. The people who protected the realm of twilight and were moderators of the Light and Darkness. This Kingdom has been greatly ravaged by Darkness. This World is yet to be Found. - More Inside.
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Life and the Arts
Unmoderated and off topic (Anything) discussion of any kind. Kingdom Hearts and Other. The General Forum Chat Thread is Inside!
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Cosplay? Art? Does Not Have To Be Kingdom Hearts Related. But Has To Be Art or Photography.
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Writing? Prose? Does not have to be Kingdom Hearts Related. But must be writing or poetry. FanFiction is loved!
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Forum Games. You know, for when your bored out of your mind you can do stupid little forum games! Please add more if you think of them!
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Important Disney Worlds
A World submerged in the dark, dreary, dead, and spooky. A world filled with creatures you'd find mimicked by the humans on the day of Halloween. Though the residents are scary their not nearly as scary as the Heartless! Beware of their tricks!
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An arena allowed only for heroes. Every day, heroes fall here, losing to a hero of greater strength and potential.Lives are made and lost here. However, beneath the glory of the living, in the Underworld, souls wonder the many dark places. Dead heroes fight each other to regain the life in which they lost.
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A desert stretches the entirety of this World, its golden sands stretching for miles and miles, radiating heat. Their is a city called Agrabah. Here, humans hustle about, trying to sell their merchandise on the streets and in the bazaar. In the middle of it sits a palace. And for the fortunate few, they will stumble upon the Cave of Wonders.
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New Worlds
Made By The Forum Owner. The World of Kallion and Mallie. This world is set within medievel/fantasy. Races untold live on this world. It's two countries are in state of cease fire, heartless and undead roam this world. More Information Inside.
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Yet to be Discovered Disney Worlds
Paris. Claude Frollo is still the Minister of Justice and the Gypsies surpressed. Their is rumors of a miss-shapen man who tolls the Bells of the great cathedral. You may arrive during the Festival of Fools, and only those who are greatly trusted by the gypsies learn of the Court of Miracles. (The world is set during the original HunchBack of Notre Dame film.)
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Greedy Prince John is on the throne and the Sheriff of NottingHam taxes the poor common people. Robin Hood the outlaw fox is their to steal it back and win the heart of his Fair Maid Marian. (Just like in the Movie, all characters, ALL must be 'Furries'. Reference the movie to know what you can turn your character into.)
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A Lost Empire. Milo Thatch knows it's real and has lead his crew of five to find it. This once great empire has fallen into decay beneath the earth's crust and remains unexplored by all. Will it bring jeapordy or help to these people to be discovered again at last?
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For Fun and Mayham
AU? Highschool? Saix Puppy Anyone? Shameless smut with no reason why the characters would do it? Where characters can be out of character.
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Private Role Plays. One on Ones. MSN or AIM Role plays Continued and More.
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Any Role Playing Threads that are locked and dusty. Have one you want saved in the vault? PM the Admin!
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