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Answer These Questions FIRST:

Have you Beaten Kingdom Hearts 1, 2? Both? Finished one!  Yay!  Not finished two but I have gotten to the end

Which Final Fantasies Have you Played/Beaten?  Finished Dirge of Cerberus.  Played Final Fantasy X - never completed but I am very near the end and I have seen it.  Played Final Fantasy X-2 - never completed got a little bit to go with this too but I know the outcome.  Final Fantasy VIII - Disc Four getting redy to  fight Ultimeca.  Final Fantasy VII - was too young to really get it when I was playing but I have restarted but I know the whole story.  I intend to play FFIX, FFXII and Crisis Core.  (The stuff on Crisis Core in my character history may be wrong but I am confused - I have seen the cut scenes :P)

Have you read any of the Kingdom Hearts Manga?  Nope.  I have flicked through it.

Character Creation

Name: Unknown

Known Name: Reno

Unknown - on available information an estimate is... 26 or older)

Race: Human (Gaian)

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Bi


: Reno had previously followed a dark path but as observed in the events of Advent Children he views his job as his job and has reformed somewhat.  His loyalty is only to Rufus Shinra and to the Turks who attempting to make amends for the pain they caused the Planet and her inhabitants.

Home World:
Gaia, often just referred to as the Planet.

Weapon or Weapons:
Electo-Magnetic Rod - an unusual choice as it's usually used as a passive defensive weapon.  Reno is most likely skilled using most weapons and as a Turk will have a gun but his weapon of choice is the E-mag rod.  This naturally causes underestimatation which is probably the reason for using such a weapon.

Skilled martial artist with great agility and speed including limit breaks; able to gather information and stealthy when he tries; able to use magic - particularly bolt and fire.

Any Known Contacts:
Reno has no known family and probably considers the remaining Turks - Tseng, Elena and Rude his family along with their boss Rufus ShinRa.  They are like a dysfunctional family and watch each others backs because they lead dangerous and life threatening lives.  And perhaps Reeve who is a former employee of ShinRa who leads the WRO.

Character Personality:
Reno is a cynical and sarcastic character who displays lazy and undignified behaviour. At times he can be rash and impulsive, fiery and is a bit unstable.  He holds great determination and stubborness. He cares little for what people care for him or his outward appearance.  This although most people don't realise is an act of rebellion and a sense of control.  He realised that when in the gangs he was under the protection and rule of the leaders as was ShinRa.  He has had very little control in his life so he likes to stretch the boundaries, pretending he has some even though (for a very long time) his life belonged to ShinRa and he couldn't ever leave the Turks since the only way out was death.

Although he can be cold, uncaring and a bit cruel, Reno isn't without a heart and can feel deeply - his affection and love for his co-workers and boss is evident.  He trusts little and doesn't offer his friendship or trust without serious consideration.  On the otherhand, actions, decisions and events which may shock and disgust others have little to no effect upon him.  He will hold an air of indifference, and boredom if ever told something like 'I killed my wife,'.  He doesn't care about what others think of him.

Despite his outward appearance, lack of respect for Seniors Reno takes great pride in his work and is dedicated.Although he may not like it, he carries out his orders to the best of his ability.  On the otherhand when he's off duty, he's off duty and has no problem drinking and dining in the same area as the people his boss is against. 

He appears not to be too bright and a tad clumsy but playful as displayed in Advent Children.  This coupled with the use of the EMR allows him to be underestimated which can be deadly for Reno is clearly very skilled and clever, otherwise he would not have survived so long as a Turk or made it to Second in Command - A status no one would expect him to achieve or even know about).  However, his temper can get the better of him at times and doesn't back down from challenges or bets.  This can land the hotheaded Turk into a lot of trouble.

At times he can display child like behaviour and interests suggesting at some point his emotional growth was stunted.  His attention span is short causing him to get bored and abruptly change topics.  He likes to talk because he feels it's better than silence.  This stems from an incident as a child when he was locked in a room alone for days and when he came out wasn't allowed to talk for a week afterwards without some form of retribution.  As a result he will occasionally feel trapped and will lash out if he feels this way.

Character History:  
Reno had a hard life coming from the slums. His parents cared little for their children and suffered from neglect.  Without the guidance Reno's moral centre was shaped by the gang he entered and has little concept from right and wrong.   He became a very successful pickpocket but his behaviour often led to punishment - being denied what little food they could procure, physical punishment, being given more unsavoury of tasks. Eventually rescued by the Turks ultimately giving him money, clothes and a place to live.  He therefore owes the Turks and ShinRa his life because he would most likely have died on the street without their intervention.  During his time as a Turk he was trained (and is very skilled) at flying a helicopter and was also educated eventually specialised in egineering.  Reno was infused with Mako which makes his eyes glow in the dark but unlike SOLDIER isn't noticeable during the day.  He proved to have a sensitivity towards the substance which causes migraines.  He has never been able to sleep at night and not even the long hours and strenuous work of a Turk has been able to cure that.

Due to Reno's instabilty, sometimes compuslive and childlike behaviour many partners requested transfers or snapped.  One partner who had been with Reno for quite some time attacked him, severely unjuring him and giving him scars upon his cheeks framing his eyes.  He later had them tattooed over and became even more untrusting and cynical.

He and Rude just before the start of FFVII tried to find Zack and Cloud before Soldier but failed due to the massive area they had to cover and didn't appreciate being used as a Curier by Tseng who wanted to give Zack a package.  Before Crisis Zack and Cloud worked with the Turks (I think) on several occasions suggesting they were friends or least good acqaintances.  His long time partner is Rude a tall, reserved man who wears shade creating an unusual duo.  Due to Tseng's like of Aerith the Turks didn't really try very had to catch her until stricter ordres came through.  Reno took some grunt soldiers to assist in her capture only to find she had help in the form of Cloud Strife.

When Elena and Yuffie are captured by Don Corneo the Turks and Avalanche form an uneasy alliance to rescue them.  Reno blows the pillar supporting Sector 7 after being threatened for disputing the orders.  Although not bothered by death, so many deaths were unnecessary to him but back down after his own life and that of his co-workers was threatened.

After the events of Meteor Reno continues to work for Rufus ShinRa and once again forms an alliance with Avalanche.   He harbours no ill feeling, hatred or dislike towards them despite them severely injuring him two years before. Now less cynical and cold Reno reveals his more playful side.  He distracts two of the remnants along with his partner Rude and helps to rescue the children.  Unfortunately he is more amusing to Yazoo than a nusience since during the entire fight he only manages to hit him once.

Things had seemed to have settled down on Gaia so the Turks returned to assisting the WRO in restoring the Planet as well as investing in a private project or two. Quickly however, the world fell once again into pearl when the heartless appeared from nowhere.  Many had feared the return on the Trio due the the similarities between the Heartless and the Shadow Monsters summoned in Edge.  It became clear to the Turks and Avalanche that they were indeed different and co-ordinated their efforts to fight off the intruders and save the world.  It was a futile attempt and eventually his world was swallowed but somehow Reno survived, finding himself in Traverse Town. Here he waited until he befriended a man with a gummi ship, who made the mistake of showing him how to operate it since his ability to learn quickly allowed him to steal it.

Character's Physical Description:
Reno has blood red hair that is spiky.  He wears goggles at the top of his forehead to stop his hair from obscuring his vision.  At the nape of the neck hair has been allowed to grow long and his restrained by a band.  It reaches his waist.  He has green eyes.  He is quite thin so his slender frame hides the strength he posses and allows for him to be agile and quick.  Reno also wears a crumpled suit (minus the tie and slightly open shirt) to disguise the fact that he is so thin.


Roleplaying Sample: "Nope.  Nothin weird our end, yo," Reno said over the phone before.  It was strange that the sudden attacks reported upon citizens had suddenly died.  It was worrying.  Perhaps that area had been wiped out.  Most of the repots had been coming from Kalm.  It may worry him, but he still sounded like he didn't care much.  He glanced to his Partner intending to ask why he was the one taking the call when Rude liked Tifa so much when he did a double take.  Rude's eyes were uncovered the chocolate orbs revealed to the world.  Reno had only seen them a few times since they met.  "Although I think Rude might be possessed yo.  You can see his eyes,"  He teased.  There was giggling on the other end of the phone.   When Rude advanced Reno hastily aborted the call.  "Gotta split!"

Reno tried to look the perfect picture of innocence.  In his hand was Rude's favourite pair of very expensive designer glasses which he had kept out of sight lest his partner damage them somehow but Reno could perform miracles.  They were barely recognisable - a shadow of former greatness.  The lenses are smashed and the frames mangled.  It didn't help that he had been pranking him out of boredom for days now.  Elena had already ripped some hair out.  It had really hurt too.  A glare formed across his eyes when he recalled Elena announcing that she was going to show him the strands the next time he attempted something. That was just weird.

"That was Tifa,"  Reno said but Rude just grunted.  "There's been some weird creatures about you know?  Like those shadow dogs Kadaj and the others used to summon,"  This caused Rude to pause in concern, long enough for a scrawny red head to put his back to the open door for his up coming escape.

"You broke my glasses,"  Rude started.


"My favourite glasses Reno.  You promised you'd try."  Rude took another step and continued to lay out his crimes. "You covered my head in vasaline,"  he glared when Reno snickered.  "You poured cold water over me to wake me up despite knowing I had not slept in two days."  Rude sighed irritated.  He reached out pinging Reno's goggles over his eyes.

"Ouch!" he cried at the stinging pain.  He removed them and looked slightly guilty when Rude rubbed his temples - a sure sign of a major headache.  "Sorry yo,"  the redhead said reluctantly.  "Although I never knew you could talk so much.  Have you been holding back on me on all these years?  Think of the conversations we could have had!"

"..."  Rude ignored him. He was too busy trying to think of a suitable punishment.

Reno grinned thinking that he was safe and began to relax.  He watched as Rude shook his head and went to grab his extra pair of gloves.  He froze at the empty drawer.   Empty drawer.  There was supposed to be a few pairs on gloves in there ranging from the cheapest to the most expensive and best - a pair made from scales were his favourite. 

"Would no be a bad time to tell you that I have them right here yo?"  Reno asked smirking as he wavimg said scaled gloves at his bald friend.   Rude just knew his slippery little friend had hidden the others and knowing Reno, he'd take at least a week to find them.  The infuriating skinny man always managed to think of new places to hide his things and also in the weirdest places.  He once found a tie in a shower gell bottle that was full.  How Reno had managed that one he'd never know.

Reno got no warning before his annoyed long time Partner tackled him to the floor..

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