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Date: Nov 24, 2008

First OC I’ve made for an RP so it may need editing :P  it was fun anyways :P

Name: (Japanese way) Kiyo Hikari meaning pure light.

Hikari Kiyo

Known Names: Ivory or Ivy


Gender: Female

Sexuality: Straight

Path: Twilight - She understands that some things aren’t clear cut

Alliance: Light - she will do what she must to survive but in the end will always choose between what is right and what is easy and normally picks the former.

Homeworld: Wutia - Gaia (FFVII)

Weapon(s): Sais - first choice, traditionally defensive; Chinese Fighting Fans - second choice

sai1.JPG (best pick I could get of ones that weren't boring :() 


Powers: Limits - infusing magic with weapons or long range attacks; ability to use magic without materia; aerial acrobatics.

Any Known Contacts: None. She no longer speaks to her family. She lost contact with her friends a few years ago.

Character Personality: Hikari is a naturally calm and kind soul who believes in the good of others and their ability to better themselves. Contradictory however she believes some cannot be saved.

She is emotionally sensitive which makers her vulnerable. In a harsh world with a ruthless power company calling the shots she recognised this weakness and taught herself to school her features into an expression that reads she expected you to say or do what you just did.  Or she smiles, conveying a contendedness even if she is unhappy or depressed. Her eyes never lie. 

She appreciates the outdoors, peaceful quietness and loves to learn so reads all types of books.  She also loves her work and strives to do better than her best.

She is ambitious and extremely determined and is able to cope with extreme pressure. Working fast and efficiently she can solve problems quicker than most and will try alternatives if one way does not work. She finds it irritating and annoying if she cannot work through a problem and treats the lack of success as a personal failure. She is therefore hard on herself.

Hikari is difficult to anger as he was always taught anger clouds judgement. The strict rule of her parents left her believing whatever she does is never good enough and will often push herself harder than necessary. She is a perfectionist. She also learned to choose her words carefully as they can affect the answer you want, or what happens to you

Character History: Hikari was born in Wutia in Gaia and taught tolerance, ambition, determination and self pride. However when children began to bully her, her self esteem and confidence shattered. Her physical appearance was often the source so she dyed her hair and eventually people forgot that she looked so different from the normal, straight black hair and brown eyes. Her parent’ strict regime left her unable to approach them and so she became very independent and self reliant but convinced she could always do more than she had done.

Training at the local dojo all her life she became a highly skilled martial artist choosing to concentrate upon Sais, fans and self defence.

At 18 she inevitably fell out with her parents and older sister Amiya. They had wished her to stay at home obediently and marry their recommended choice and sell in the family business. Rebelling and not wanting that fate, she left and landed herself a job in a store designing weapons. This caught ShinRa’s attention who hired her into the Department of Weapons Development.

Ever polite she kept her opinions to herself - those who spoke against the company especially employees mysteriously died, had unfortunate accidents or sudden family grievances or transfers. Her professionalism, discretion and tact served her well for she had a high paying salary and lived on the plate at Sector 4.

Hikari ended up making requested weapons for Turks and SOLDIERS who wanted upgrades or replacements but never saw or met those that wanted the new weapons. As she was allowed more freedom to take on board bigger projects she eventually collaborated with the Science Department. Whilst Hojo was fascinated with Jenova and Mako his assistant who was heavily influenced by him and developed ideas and obsessions of his own but being an assistant left him frustrated because he did not have the freedom his executive did. Determined to discover what would happen with pure life stream rather than the condensed form Mako, and what would happen to the Gaian system if he experimented with Mako, an unfortunate Hikari went missing when she went to collect research from the Science Dept.’s pigeon holes.

The treatments consequently were not without damage, leaving her blind in the common sense but able to see life forces. Later treatments and surgery salvaged little of her sight allowing her to see outlines and shadows. She also gained the ability to use magic without materia but as a price. Doing so is draining and sometimes painful. Her files were locked when she wasn’t found and was lost in the explosion that destroyed ShinRa.

The treatments left her vulnerable to Geostigma and became crippled by it but was healed later by Aerith’s rain.

When she was able she joined the WRO and assisted against the Deep Ground soldiers and then against the invading heartless.

Later she woke up in Twilight Town where she boarded a mysterious train and found herself in Traverse Town and managed to set up her own store selling weapons and during a heated game of poker won a gummi ship from an over confident opponent.

Physical Description: Albino.  Side fringe that gradually gets longer across the forehead.  Hair is loose, reachinga little past her shoulders with three layers.  She wears a pink top which is tied at the wrist, elbow and shoulder so it folds over the inner arm whilst leaving the outer arm exposed.  She wears a slightly frilly dark grey skirt with pink trim which is in split layers to the left and right.  Boots with three buckles on them which are relatively flat.( printer wouldn't let me scan the picture :()

Role Playing Sample:  She had thought she was going to die.  The Geostigma had progressed to the point where she couldn't walk and it had been getting steadily worse.  Then the children were stolen.  Kids disappearing off the street, all of them with the curse.  It was cowardly to pick on the young and vulnerable.  The impressionable.  The easily manipulated.  What threat to the planet was there now?

She had heard about Bahamut, a summons soaring, roaring and destroying the middle of Edge, terrorising it's citizens.  Ivory and thought all Materia had practically gone now since there was no one left to make it.  Few still possessed those small glowing orbs and even fewer and Summons.  Somehow it had fallen into the hands of those cowards.

Avalanche and the Turks may no longer be enemies but it had been extremely odd to see them aiding each other, setting their differences aside, especially when they had tried to kill each other on several occasions.  At least, she was pretty sure this was the case.  After all, the Turks got all the dirty work.

Ivory looked down at legs which had once seared with pain oozing black vicious.  People said it was a horrible site, to see the body forcing out such a toxic substance.  Ivy had never seen it of course, only the taint within herself and others like her.  She had known from the beginning Geostigma couldn't have been ordinary.

The young woman folded her hands on her lap and closed her eyes.  And prayed.  She had never been one for praying believing firmly believing that Planet owed them nothing after they sapped it's life, destroyed beauty by tearing down streets and laying hard grey, unfriendly concrete everywhere.  She was in control of her own life, no one else.  Not the Gaia herself, not fate, not destiny.  Just Ivory.  Then the Life stream burst from the planet and stopped the Meteor.  Then the rain had came.  That beautiful rain that made everything right again.  The rain that took away the curse and the pain.  She refused to believe it was coincidence she had convinced herself to go out that day just for a little while.  She had been inside for so long and it might have been her only chance with those crazy cowards running about the place.

It wasn't a coincidence.  So she sat and she prayed.

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Reno Vincent




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Date: Nov 24, 2008

It's achually not bad, thanks for trying to get the lengths I had asked for.

Just a small funny note, though the guys are Bi, they tend to shoulder toward guys so just a forewarning on that, don't expect to to much romance.


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