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Date: Nov 27, 2008
LionHearts Writings

Livejournal -

Title- Endings/Understandings - Waste
Artist- NathanialRoyale
Character(s)/Pairings- Vincent Valentine, Shelke, Lucrecia, Tifa, Yuffie (No Pairings beyond Past Lucrecia/Vincent)
Spoilers- Dirge of Cerberus
Beta: Not Yet
Rating- G
Comments: The End of Dirge...And Gaia's Impending Destruction.  Call it the lead into KH1 for all those of Gaia.


Lucrecia...Everything is alright now.

Omega and Chaos have returned to the planet.

Thank you.

It was you...You were the reason I..survived.

It did not surprise him that their was someone outside waiting for him. He had lost track of time as he oftened did sitting at the foot of her. He knew it had been long enough when he had finally stood. Words leaving his lips that needed to be said. Long enough that their was someone indeed waiting for him. The sounds of the waterfall were clearer from outside, the sunlight greeting him as he stepped out into it's radiance. The only slight surprise was that it was Shelke, Shelke in clothing that better suited the ten year old body that housed her. Turning her back on him with a soft breath, her hands holding each other behind her. He took it upon himself to approach her, the wind moving the red cape he always wore. Once a few steps from her.

"Everyone's waiting Vincent Valentine."

A sigh, "I don't know why they made me come up here to get you."

Smiling easier, a huff. If it had been long enough for them to send someone to bring him back, he understood. His disappearance right after the battle with Omega must have caused concern among AVALANCHE. Worry that he could have died in the battle. Needless, but worry all the same.

The laugh that left Shelke's lips was a change that must have occurred while he was gone, it was a sound that was good to hear. To know that not only he was working past many things of the past.

"Not that I mind though," turning part way to him with a smile that brought much more life to her features.

Red eyes trailed up to the sky staying their before he heard Shelke begin to descend the rock face back down away from the waterfalls.

His eyes looked from the sky to the rock ledge she began to climb down, following her shortly after. Thoughts endless in a quiet mind. Chaos was gone, the insistent voices. The silence was un-nerving, at the very least, near the beginning. Years of having those voices in his head was no comfort, but was accustomed to. Now with the sudden silence his thoughts had become even deeper then his previous years of repentance and cravings of forgiveness.

Old questions. Answers. New questions that he had no answers to, yet that was not nescarillary worrying for him. Not anymore.


Turning from his climbing, Tifa leaned against the truck but waved a hand her smile always welcoming.

"Vincent Valentine."

Shelke spoke his name in the way she always did, looking up to him from where she climbed as she had began climbing first the rock face.

"Do they always take in others so easily?"

Vincent did not answer for a moment, climbing when she began to again. It was Yuffie stumbling out of the back of the truck and jumping ethustically waving her arms and yelling his name that he answered.


He had still many questions, but they were different. Questions that could not answered by the past. By fragments of a woman he had loved, or the Scientist he loathed. Questions that would take perhaps..even a lifetime to answer. Questions that he needed no forgiveness for. No longer a repentance for mistakes, or things unsaid. Undone. Answers that could be found not in blood or sorrow. Answers that he knew he could find. Soon.


Yet their was no time to find these answers. It was only a few months later when the black shadow like creatures that had begun to spread descended on Edge. It was a losing battle that none of them could stop. They laid waste to the populace, news already having trickled in that this force of darkness had already taken great casualty, that with the loss of life their numbers grew.

It was the darkening of the sky, the black that seemed to seep into the very life-stream of the world that foretold it’s destruction. How ironic that they had stopped Omega only months prior to have only now the world be destroyed with all upon it turned into these shadows.

Vincent was not the last, but certainly not the first of his comrades to be lost to the darkness. Though Vincent did not lose himself within it, the darkness having little effect upon he who had had Chaos residing within himself. Nero’s powers unable to cause his insanity, and neither did this. He watched Tifa call out as she was swallowed, Cloud desperately trying to go to her aid. Yuffie and Barret already gone by this point. He felt the spinning rush, and his reds could not penetrate the darkness surrounding him as he fell to his knees. That was the last of what he had seen. Their were not many left of AVALANCHE. Cloud, Cid and Nanaki. The others were already gone.

The darkness did not effect the once Turk, but yet their he stayed. He knew not the way forth from it this time. This darkness far thicker, far more powerful. He kept his sanity and his strength but it seemed to go on. And on.

-- Edited by LionHeart at 19:19, 2009-02-16


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Date: Nov 27, 2008

This was good! I liked it XD



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Date: Nov 27, 2008



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Date: Nov 27, 2008

This is great. You write Vincent perfectly, capturing his emotions so well. Kudos to you for that! smile.gif

I play Ramza/Kadaj/Vesper
My original slash fiction: here
My slashy fanfiction: here
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Date: Nov 27, 2008

Shelke is such a pretty word for Orange. :)

I agree with Ramza. it's been a while since I've seen Vincent written well in a fanfic.



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Date: Nov 28, 2008

I know their all colors and such in Russian lol. But they do sound uber pretty.

Thanks Ramza! *Snuggles Vincent*


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Well you already know my comments but it is brilliant as always Nath.


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Date: Dec 2, 2008

Not all of my fiction is Fanfic, and not all of it is...umm happy? Some of it is pretty depressing, and some may even be fueled by an emotion I don't usually feel very easily...

Lies That Have Been Created (93 Million Miles) Drefan -MuseSongFic

I have been felt as if deeply lied to. The anger inside at the moment is burning very deeply, and it's not something many can understand. Drefan and I have come to a much closer understanding of late from our comraderie of our miss-understandings by society, the elder figures in our life and the people that love us, at least. In my Real Life. What I have believed to be taught to me was a 'Beautiful Lie', a way to make the world go round exactly how everyone wanted it, and it has taken me a long time to see this. The fascade falling brings clarity to my eyes and anger to my usually calm heart. So here is Drefan, he philosphies much better then I do and shall speak of what I mean, of course through his own eyes, and through his own experiences.


Where does your garden grow?
Tell me the secrets that you know
Another time, another place
Where are the holy ones?
Selling the secret to the sun
Welcome to the Universe
Cross the line
Lose your mind
Come crawl inside

Powerless, head filled with lies. You believe everyword spewed. Everything, everyone. No thought of your own. Where are the Gods they preach? Where is the love you yearn? You linger on the otherside, still you believe. Why do you not concede? Give in, lose your faith. Lose your love, your life. Does all you live for come down to this? Begin anew. Let me teach. You want to be the one of us who is alive. A matter of a time, step out on the edge of the earth. Dive into the depths of your faith. Look into my face.

Hey, hey
What've you got?
Doesn't matter to me 'cause I don't want them
I'm not the only one

I know you know enough to…I know you know enough to play, to change. Control. Lie. Sold. What is it you live for? Stand their in the desolate and tell me, what do you yearn? What do you love? True. Stand Up! Alone. I’m not the only one who sees the black. Diving deep. Depths untraced, you can see what lies within. No more lies. The heart does not see truth only the lies before it. Those that are ‘believed’. Ignorance begot by fear. Say it. Say what you so blindly believe. Preach yourself to me. Say it, go on…say it! Say what they are to me! It’s automatic, it’s what you imagine, it is what you believe!

The unified divide
Among and then deny
Now could you kindly cut to the chase?
It's like some other song
Pretty but something's always wrong
Show me the secret ancient sign

The is today. Days divide, you search. Search for a sign, what can they show you? Watch all your friends run and hide. Cycles. You saw what you get when you believe. A feeling you receive when you search for the sign. What can it be? Always wrong, something you find. It’s never enough. Show me what you find, show me what you deny. I know it is not the one, the world will die. You will fail and all will perish. You live for, die for, bleed for, for something within your mind. A fantasy. The fantasy that creates through your eyes, do you see. It’s all a fantasy.

Cross the line
Lose your mind
Come crawl inside

Another time, another place, you wont see, blind. Deaf and dumb to all. Washed. It’s all because you believe, lose it. Watch and relearn. No, no, not that. This. The, I open your mind and find someone else. You are not what you say you are. No hate, no lies, no anger. Come inside. Learn anew. See your flaws, and show what you rightfully feel. Hit me. Claw me with your sweet claws…lose all control.

Hey, hey
What've you got?
Doesn't matter to me 'cause I don't want them
I'm not the only one

Entangled in your missing memories, messages of hope. Missions seen. What do I see…Disbelief? Come here with me, cracking. Into the unknown, watch it crumble. There is nothing I want more, no it doesn’t matter. The perish shall begin. Crumble and shatter before the rising of the sun. Hear their screams? Theirs nothing. Nothing more. Imagine if this all came down…I’m waiting for that day to…come…

Hey, hey
What've you got?
Doesn't matter to me 'cause I don't want them
I'm not the only one

Waste of time so precious to begin to disillusion. Did they do you any favors? Pity and forgiveness. Believers. Blasphemy. Hide behind their colored truths, their beautiful little lies. Think about your life, do you want to be different? Try to let go of their truth. The balance of your youth, it was just a game! A lie! An illusion, a delusion. The lie of existence.

It's in your eyes
Come break me down
Come break me

Time to forget about the past, hide behind your own empty face. This is still just a game. Hear their screams? Your own, my own? Thoms…believe. Believe that! Everyone watches, release, it builds higher. Remember it is only a game. We are only a game, chess to be played. A lie. A horror picture. To cut short a life that would have perished in the end by another? Is that murder? Is that a sin? Then you are only as blameless as I…Broken, rags, me. You.

Hey, hey
What've you got?
Doesn't matter to me 'cause I don't want them
I'm not the only one

Surrender to nothing. See past your dreams and wishes. Take your place, capture forever. Kill off this thinking. You know your destiny. Your promises, their lies. You run and steal in the night. I promise you, run away. Change yourself. Tell myself I’ll start again. You wont be free, I will follow until you are mine. Join in this fight. No more dreams. The intentions never change, for mine are always the same. Selfish bastard, at least…I’m not alone.

Hey, hey
What've you got?
Doesn't matter to me 'cause I don't want them
I'm not the only one

I wont disappear, I told you once and I’ll tell you again. I want my message read clear. Don’t you understand, it’s infinity. Paths made clear. I'll show you the way, the way. So you run, and hide and tear yourself up inside. Never giving in. Thoughts unbidden of the breaking inside. Lines blurring, thoughts cracking. You knew it was a lie. The world looks so beautiful…until it’s burning away. Look into my eyes. Forget about this all. For you are like I, no longer something of the living. Only a shell of what we once believed.

What've you got?

Before all your ‘truths’ become lies, till that change, you still will deny. Unity divides, division will unit, for until you crash. Until you lie, until you fight. For to learn, the day you fall, you shall die. This shall be the end of everything at all…You still believe you can save me. I don’t care. When you give, when you have used, until then you shall only lose. For until this how can you truelly believe? Live a thousand times, then perhaps you will see this other-side. This is MY chance. This is MY chance. And I will take it now, if only cause I can. It is my chance now, and I want it NOW.


93 Million Miles and other lyrics that inspired this song was 30 seconds to Mars.
Drefan Robert Royale is MINE.

I'm to tired to be able to see things in the light of a calm heart, in time I shall be able to again. But the anger is to great and it shall have to be dealt with first. (This associates to my personal Rant which friends can only see)


If you do not understand, if you can see nothing of me inside these words. You do not KNOW me. Can't you see? Can't you read and understand what is inside? Deep Deep inside! No. You can't. You don't see. You don't understand. What else can I do to make you see. So many are to blind. It takes to long to set you all free. I'm sorry.
I'm not strong enough to set you free. To help you understand. If you do not understand these words, you do not KNOW me.

For you are like I, no longer something of the living. Only a shell of what we once believed....


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Dreffie sounds as brilliant and crazy as before. ^^ I *luff* it. Seriously, he reminds me a little of the madman in A Telltale Heart who spoke so beautifully but committed such atrocious acts. TRUE! --nervous --very, very dreadfully nervous I had been and am; but why will you say that I am mad? The disease had sharpened my senses --not destroyed --not dulled them. He's an interesting villian. It really brings up the question of morality. Can anyone be born evil? Does something/someone drive them to become that way? That sort of thing. Like Sephy for example, he was so great in CC, not evil at all, but then that damned Doctor Hojo ruined everything for him. Does Drefan have someone who drives him to insanity? It isn't Nathan, is it? Probably someone/thing that he knew before?

*Been watching too much Criminal Minds*

-- Edited by Ramza at 19:21, 2008-12-02

I play Ramza/Kadaj/Vesper
My original slash fiction: here
My slashy fanfiction: here
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Date: Dec 3, 2008

ooo I think I could get inside his head and quite enjoy him ^_^

Ai, I do not believe in black and white when it comes to good and evil. Everyone has evil within them yes, the capability to 'sin'. But it is usually triggers that lead you to doing that evil.

(I love love Criminal Minds)

His past is a bit long and tedious to explain, but needless to say the abuse Nathan has gone through was part of a cycle Drefan lived through as well. Drefans only reason for living the brother he loved, he accidently killed when nathan turned 10. Drefan lost the last shreds of his humanity with the death of the only person who had loved him unconditionally.

It's alot larger then that and longer but it's a novel so explaining easily takes away depth.


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Date: Dec 4, 2008

I love Criminal Mind too. ^^

I agree, most villians have a trigger that makes them evil, and Drefan is one too. Guess I'll have to read the novel to find out about him deeply, though. ;)

I play Ramza/Kadaj/Vesper
My original slash fiction: here
My slashy fanfiction: here
Check me out, because I'm pretty good!

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ALOT of Writing Here we Come!

Title- Mechanical Nightmare - Run
Artist- NathanialRoyale
Character(s)/Pairings- Pre Riku/Irvine, Post Squall/Rinoa, Post Irvine/Selphie
Spoilers- KH, FF8
Beta: Not Yet
Rating- PG
Comments: Irvine awakens to a Monstrous world.

Credit: Loosely based on the "World of the WhiteChapel Gods" By S.M Peters.
Also based off the idea of how the World of FF8 was destroyed, 'The Making of Leon' Credit goes to him, I just changed those who ended up dieing before World Fall.


Groggily waking from timeless sleep fingers curled in and the joints cracked. Eyes opened to watch flakes falling from the sky, grey snow in his hand. Coughing. Ash. Through the hole in the ceiling, the air was afire and the fog gave the world no visibility. Stumbling to his cowboy boot feet. Nothing was familiar and still adrenaline coursed through veins. Where was Zell? He had been certain he was right beside him when they were running like mad men out of that building. Last he could remember was finding Squall and Rinoa dead entangled, LionHeart straight through them both. Trying to save their once Commander and with no luck at that running like hell as the building was collapsing. Rinoa, naive Rinoa, the powers warping her sweet mind, turning her into a monster. Memories so damned foggy. Cautiously looking out the one un-shuttered window their was no one on the streets. Which furthered the over all eeriness of this place. Where was he? For another time in his life, far to many times in his opinion, Irvine Kinneas had no idea.

Coughing up smoke and coal encrusted sky still limbs malfunctioned and face first into the fracturing pavement. Ears alerted him of approaching foot falls, steps in sync approaching. The SeeD knowing such sounds and what they meant managed to scramble into a nearby alley. Crouched in the filth, ignoring the rotting foul smells of decaying flesh, rusting metals and human execumite watching the soldiers pass. What the cowboy found so distinct about each soldier, the cause of Irvine's near open lipped gapping horror, was not the that the soldiers were not human. He had seen to much to be shocked or horrified by that alone. It was the parts so flawlessly fused to human flesh making these soldiers neither man nor machine. Wearing well kept clothing, doublets and trousers, with golden capes they would have appeared overall a well dressed but normal army. But each had 'deformities' as far as Irvine knew. A mechanical leg, arm, eye, even half of their face covered by a metal plate. The metal so flawlessly in tuned to flesh that the men were masterpieces yet horrific moving metal dolls. Irvine Kinneas was in a Mechanic Nightmare.

The blade against the back of his throat had the cowboy tensing even more and his body and mind were yelling at him past any formal training he had ever had to just start screaming. The blade moved a hand taking it's place on his shoulder a voice murmuring close to his ear.
"Scream and they will kill you."
Closing his lips and swallowing he prayed to Hyne that whatever was behind him was at least mostly human.
Turning he took in the nearly androgynous male, his silver hair falling over his face to obscure bright eyes. His clothing more resembled what Irvine was used to, not period clothing for certain. The weapon in his hand though vaguely resembled a key. What else was going to shock him today?
"I can you tell you are not from here either. I'm still trying to figure out why the Keyblade wanted me to come here. Their are no heartless here, and the tyrants that control this world are even immune to the Keyblade."
Swallowing again finding himself rendered speechless for the first time in a very long time he managed, "The mechanical men?"

Their goes that silver tongued streak.
"Yah, I have heard their are different groups, those are the 'Gold Cloaks', they allowed themselves to be changed. But their are others here who have not been so fortunate, those who have began to change without wanting to, being torn apart inside by these mechanical living parts."
Irvine shuddered deep. And neither noticed the cloak ticking away above them both.

Running now, his limbs thankfully no longer working against him. The younger beauty behind him throwing up what appeared to be a shield of darkness whenever shots were fired on them. These guys weren't what they had seen early, they weren't even human. These were complete machine. He had heard a cry go up of 'Boiler men!' before everything went silent but the approaching machines and their guns. No differing ammunition on him but his normal Irvine couldn't do jack to these things. He was hoping that the male who he had not even heard the name of yet was not lieing.
"Keep going! It's in the factory down that alley!"
It was what the key baring kid spoke of, it was supposedly some type of space traveling ship. In these circumstances he was willing to believe anything was possible and severely hoped it did travel space. Heck he had been to the Lunar Base; he could not discredit such things being possible. Cause he wanted the hell off this world now!
Veering down the alley he ran down it without looking back hoping the silver haired beauty was doing alright without any assistance. He could sense Levithian and Siren but both were K'O'ed and their was no way of him bringing them around at this moment. So, all of his magic was off limits. Turning to look to see if things were going alright the silver haired one bashed into him both being sent backwards and with their combined weight went tumbling through a wood thin wall. Their positions reversed in their spiral Irvine found himself sprawled over the younger on the concrete floor of a factory.
Giving one of his flirtatious smiles as he could finally see those oh so pretty aqua eyes.
All he received in return,"Would you get off of me?"
Irvine shrugged though the shots behind them closing in caused the cowboy to grumble internally. Timing was never perfect. He swept up his black cowboy hat that fallen in the sprawl and Riku stood dusting himself off before calling the Keyblade back to his hand after it had spiraled away. Opening the hatch he ushered Irvine in quickly closing it behind them both as shots rang out and a bullet lodged itself in the Gummi Ship’s side.
Riku took his place at the controls and pushing buttons and flicking switches quickly the engines rived to life turning the Gummi enough to blast both cannons at the Mechanic men outside the factory pushing their way through rotted wood. A moment later the dust cleared and nothing but parts was left behind.
Irvine clapped Riku's shoulder, "Nice shot," Riku giving a soft grin the first different expression beyond pursed lips, before they heard more approaching footfalls.
"Let's get out of here, I am hoping you’re the reason why the Keyblade sent me here. I'm never coming back."
Irvine took a seat beside him doing up the seatbelt.
"Got that right."

And the Gummi took off through ash filled skies into freedom of space above.


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Date: Jan 10, 2009


Title- Minutes To Hours - Lust
Artist- NathanialRoyale
Character(s)/Pairings- Riku/Irvine, Post Irvine/Selphie, Post Squall/Rinoa
Spoilers- KH, FF8
Beta: Not Yet
Rating- NC-17 (18+) Whatever covers my ass for having boy on boy!
Comments: The Trip to Radiant Garden is..eventful. Note - My first time writing any kind of Smut.
Prequel: Run

Based off the idea of how the World of FF8 was destroyed, 'The Making of Leon' Credit goes to him, I just changed those who ended up dieing before World Fall.


Irvine had leaned back a bit more comfortably in the Gummi ships seating after they had left that worlds atmosphere much more relaxed. The silver haired for now nameless beauty flipped a switch and swiveled his chair a little toward Irvine.
"It will be a few hours before we arrive in Radiant Garden. I know you’re confused on a lot of issues, so I'll try to explain."
Irvine moved his own chair to partly face Riku's as well, "Well can I know ya name first?"
A smile tiny moved to Riku's lips, "It's Riku, Riku Zackary Hayato."
Irvine gave a smile back though this one was far wider, "Irvine Kinneas."
"Do you know how you ended up on that world Irvine?"
"No idea, last I remembered was running for my life from a crumbling building after watching two of my best friends die."
Riku nodded slowly, "I'm sorry for that, your world was most likely destroyed. I know that comes as a shock but unfortunately it's fairly common now. Heartless on rampage as they are."
"It's hard to describe them without seeing them. But they are dangerous, as their name implies they are without hearts and their only goal is to acquire them. That is what they do ceaselessly, attacking anyone who has one, child, woman or man. Defenseless or else wise. They destroy planets as well by managing to find the heart of that world. Each world has one."
Irvine soaked up this information nodding steadily unable to do much more at that moment.
"So if your world was not destroyed by heartless mind me asking what happened?"

Taking in a defeated breath, "It's a pretty long story but I'll try to wrap it up. A group of us all trained mercenaries called SeeD were put on a mission to kill this Sorceress, their the most powerful woman with magic our world had ever seen. Usually those powers made 'em go wacko. We defeated the one we were after but our Commander had fallen in love with a girl in our group, who was a complete sweetheart, wanted nothin more then to make him open up and be happy. It seemed so damned perfect at the time.. That was before she started losing her mind, the Sorceress powers messed her up pretty bad. She became as bad as the others, and our Commander loving her followed her, murdered two of us, SeeD, Seifer to keep her 'safe' and Selphie cause she knew to much. Though you speakin of Heartless, maybe that’s what those little critters were. They never stopped comin and seemed to get more powerful as each person fell."
Riku listened his fingers tapping on a knee of his own looking through his long silver bangs at the other giving a slight nod of his head, “Black small, golden eyes with antenna?”

Irvine nodded rapidly, “Yah, that’s them. So damn many of em too.”

Taking a moment Riku remained silent allowing the other to speak.
"I lost my girl and my world, and I aen'na gonna blame Squall or Rinoa, it's those damn powers and those Heartless. Squall followed her to the destruction of our world because of the backlash of her powers when he killed her,-" interrupting Riku sat up straight.
"Wait, Squall? I think I’ve heard that name before. Leon..Yuffie mentioned, Squall Leonhart?"
"Yah that was the Commander."
"He's still alive, he lives on Radiant Garden where we are going."
"I'll be the hell did he survive, he was dead. We saw em, Lionheart was through them both. Maybe then their are hope for the others, Selphie and the others."
"Selphie? What did she look like?"
"A bouncing bundle oh joy all the time, never pessimistic, full of life. Brown hair, green eyes and a yellow jump suit."
A shake of silver hair, "That's impossible, a girl lives on the islands, my home world. Destiny Islands, her name is Selphie and though she is younger then me by two years she looks exactly as you have described her to look."
Eyes widened, "So..she did get another chance," a sad smile blossomed on lips as he remembered her as he knew her best before everything began with Rinoa. Sure Irvine’s homeworld didn’t really have a religion, it didn’t believe in any of that but after everything the man had gone through. It was nice to hope, even if it seemed impossible.

"And you mentioned a Seifer, would he be a bad attitude punk with a scar across his face, near opposite to Leon's?"
"Yah that's right, Squall and Seifer gave each other those I heard in trainin. Well it's good to know he got another chance to, no love lost on the guy but he deserves it," the smile growing to be more, his usual flirtatious grin.
"Thanks hunny."
Riku’s eyebrow ****ed, "Sure, and I'm no hunny."
"Oh? Really?" leaning way toward the Keyblader who even beneath the bangs had a untrusting look, watching him tensely.
"Irvine what-," his words stopped as older far more experienced lips fell over his. His hand moving up quickly to grab into the copper hair that was in a tail down his back knocking the black cowboy hat off again to the ****pit floor.
Both fighting each other for dominance Irvine pulled back, Riku's eyes of aqua wider, "What was that for?"
"You did save my life hunny, and I do think I owe ya somethin.."
Riku's eye brow ****ed again, "Owe me..what exactly?" words spoken cautiously and the flirtatious smile grew.
"Oh whatever your little heart desires."
"You do know I am only 16 which is underage in Radiant Garden and you could be thrown in prison right?"
"Mmph, what's age anyways other then a bunch oh numbers."
A much easier smile finally managed to curl to Riku's lips, "It's nice to hear you think so."
Pulling the cowboy back to him he initiated the kiss this time hand moving into copper hair and pulling the tie from it so it fell loose long and silky like any woman’s around his shoulders. Fingers then getting lost in the long length of hair as tongues began to slide.
"Hunny not that I necessarily want to stop but is this a good idea right here, right now? And I know, I did instigate this but the whole going to jail Idea really doesn’t agree with me."
Riku shrugged, "I shut down the radio transmitter Leon and Cid wont be able to get hold of us so we wont be caught and the ships on auto. If anything happens we will either feel or see it."
"Alrighty, good enough for me, my worries are gone."
Pulling the Keyblader forward, Irvine dropped to his knees in front of him, "So what do ya want oh Keyblader that saved my pricey neck?"
Riku seemed to think deeply on this hands on Irvine’s shoulders, "Your really serious about this?"
"Hells yah, whateva ya want."
Riku shook his head so silver shielded his face again embarrassment getting him for a moment before he finally went for it, "You did say anything."
"I did say anythin. Go on, no need to be embarrassed, it’s just you and me."
"Take me in your mouth,” Riku’s face remained shielded by silver so no embarrassing red of cheeks would show.
Irvine chuckled and nodded, "No problem with that," hands finding the button and zipper of Riku's pants and helping him pull them out of the way and briefs down as well. Pale hands held fast to the armrests.
"Calm down honey, I aen'na gonna hurt ya,” Taking a few seconds to survey the Keybladers nude lower portion, “your gorgeous."
His fingers moved over inner thighs and along the outer frame of the others member which was semi hard already, the only reaction from Riku was a slight intake of breath.

Irvine knowing from how Riku had been speaking and how he was reacting that he was either a virgin or damn near close enough; knew Riku would not last long if he kept this up.
Taking the initiative as fingers moved from armrest into his hair he leaned forward tongue leaving a trail of wetness down the others penis from base to tip tongue swirling into the tip Riku's throat constricting on him a moment a groan leaving him even as he tried to hold it back. Breath becoming a little labored over him he decided to take pity on the kid and slipped the organ into his lips. Riku's shaft well sized but not large enough to be uncomfortable deep throating. Letting it slide down past his relaxed gag reflex, as Irvine had had a fair share of partners, that is, of both genders. Fingers of both hands now gripped deep in Irvine’s hair as another groan was tore from Riku breathing sharper and much harder. Moving the member back up into his mouth he sucked around it before nearly letting it pop out licking over tip and under to his balls finding the other had no hair at all down below. Hmm not that that bothered Irvine, it was just something a little strange. Hands tightened and un-tightened in coppery hair as more throaty noises filled the Gummi as Irvine deep throated the others member one last time knowing it would send the other over the edge as he could easily read from Riku’s noises. Riku came then with a deep groan shudders wracking his form as he finally un-tensed completely his whole form relaxing as he came aqua eyes still watching Irvine with amazement. He had never thought the other really would do it, and be this...good at it.
Moving back letting the flaccid member lay Irvine grinned at the other and Riku shook his head smiling fingers smoothing out the copper hair he had kinked from holding so hard.
"That was..." Irvine touched his lips with a finger.
"Ya aen't seen nothin yet honey, and anyways, as you said we got lots of time to waste."
Riku allowed himself to show the small smile he felt inside, "Yah that we do."
And the Gummi was on auto pilot, and that radio remained off the rest of the trip.


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Title- Little Changes - Older
Artist- NathanialRoyale
Character(s)/Pairings- Post Irvine/Selphie, Squall/Rinoa, Irvine/Riku, Irvine/Rinoa, Pre Irvine/Squall
Spoilers- KH, FF8
Beta: Not Yet (Please do not bug me about the Spelling/Grammer errors)
Rating- PG- 13
Comments: Fateful Re-union. It goes just as well as Irvine…dreaded.
Prequel: Lust

Based off the idea of how the World of FF8 was destroyed, 'The Making of Leon' Credit goes to him, I just changed those who ended up dieing before World Fall.


The Gummi had landed with little grace, Riku having only begun flying the device a few weeks prior. The ship landing in Cid's garage/workshop switches off and buttons pressed, the ship was powered down. Stretching long limbs at the controls Riku made certain he was deemed in his own personal opinion to be 'presentable' as he still felt vaguely awkward about the earlier dalliance with the cowboy, Irvine. That said cowboy as the Gummi's side hatch opened a ramp sliding down to the stone ground beneath stopped in his tracks. Boot hitting the ramp with that soft metallic clink, eyes on the man who stood their to greet them. Their was differences, little at first but then blaring at him seconds later. Squall Leonhart was older though he did age damn well. Irvine knew it had been quite a time sense he had last seen the once Commander. He had never truelly felt 'his age' being a year older then the other SeeD he had lived with in the orphanage. But now he did and for a moment he felt damned old. Because of those creases, those lines of stress around the Leonhart's eyes. No life had not given him any passes, it seemed to have wanted to pummel him into the ground. How long had truly passed sense that scene? What amount of time had he been out?

So many thoughts and it was only because he had known the former commander that he could tell the tiny facial changes. Squall Leonhart was hiding astonishment and a deep hurt from most that could see him. Irvine had spent to much time in his life around him, childhood, late teens, early adult years. Still knowing the other was as flabbergasted as he was did not help him and for once the sweet talking cowboy had nothing he could say. He found himself completely unready to confront the man far to many memories...And some of them Irvine was ashamed of.

Flashes in his minds eye of crying Rinoa, of asking her what was wrong. Her sobbing replies that she was trying so hard, that she wanted Squall to open up to her. But he was so cold, she didn’t know if she could do it anymore. Irvine taking her into his arms and shhing her, she could. She was stronger then anyone else because she was trying to do what so many had thought impossible. Break the ice around one Squall Leonhart. She was so lonely, as Squall was so busy in his position as Commander post War. At least that is what he said, who knew if it had been an excuse or not. But they were dating, Squall had conceded to that but it seemed she was gaining no ground. Irvine knew loneliness, painful loneliness when you only thought you had yourself to blame for it. Had Squall ever learned that he had slept with Rinoa that night? Part of him really hoped not. He’d never be able to look the man in the eyes again. Especially considering, for the cowboy, it wasn’t her he had really wanted. But he wanted most for Squall to be happy, and Rinoa seemed to be making that possible for him. So he had royally ****ed up one way or another. But the question was now as he looked upon his once Commander again, did Squall know?

Riku stepped around Irvine and Leon nodded his head to the other as if coming out of a daze, "Cid told me you had said over the radio you were bringing someone back."
Riku nodded back, "The Keyblade lead me their, I could not figure out why. Found Irvine."
Irvine hearing his own name finished descending the platform, the ramp sliding back, the side of the Gummi closing.
Finally speaking up, "It's good to see ya..Sq-Leon."

Able to change his words at a split second look from the man he was speaking to. What had that been? Pain? Irvine was confused, pain? Never had he seen that look, not once. Not after Edea cast an icicle through Squalls heart, Torture at Seifers hand. Half dieing in combat. Squall had always been the Ice Princess. But now to show pain? Pain over a name that was rightfully his own? What the heck...What has happened to you Squall? Irvine would show no concern or pity though he wanted to. Irvine had never really been one to not show his emotions, though he was not overtly emotional. But he helped those who needed it, worried over his friends…
Leon licked his rapidly drying lips, "Thought you were long dead Kinneas."
Thanks Squall, keep this extra non personal, "Thought the same."
Riku was rapidly looking between them, this was not going to end well if they kept this up. The tones spoke of lost friendship, time having soiled something that was maybe un-repairable.

Squall had tensed at the others words his shoulders stiffening. Why did when he looked at Irvine did the first memories that entered his head were of...her. It had taken a long time, nearly this entire time to lock away those memories. Of course with Shiva's help. He had opened himself only to be taken advantage of and turned into a puppet. Just like Seifer..
Squall would not let those wounds open again, they had festered to long before being closed and locked away. Deal with this then go on, go back to the Restoration, it was what mattered now.

Irvine looked to Riku, "Where ya stayin?"
"With Leon, he has an extra bedroom he's been allowing me stay in while I get settled in, as I am still going to school I'm not able to get a job to get my own place."
A shrug from the Restoration Committee leader, "The room wasn't being used."
As if the charity was nothing.
Leon turned away from them both, pivoting on his feet,” Your both safe, I need to get back to things."
Riku nodded used to Leons near anti-social behaviour in his month and a half of living in Radiant Garden. With Leon going back to his work Riku turned to Irvine.
"What was that about?"
Irvine dropped onto a seat where Cid did his more intricate work like wiring, “I brought back old memories. Memories I think he’d rather have kept buried. He always does that, buries things after a while of over analyzing them. He’s did that sense he was a kid. I don’t really think I should be around him all to much if it just brings up pain for him.”
“Yes but he has to come to terms with the memories, he can’t always just bury them,” Riku spoke up, experience tingeing his voice.
Irvine ****ed his head slightly at Riku, “To young, everyone is to young these days to know so much. To much experience in pain and hurt.”
“So he blames himself for the downfall of your world?”
"I think wasn't his fault," shaking his head continually, "He always has to blame himself. Damn, Seifer was right. Damn Ice Princess."
And for another moment, if only fleetingly Irvine felt sadness for the man that had lost so much, gone through so much for so many and had nothing for himself. But that was only a moment because Irvine Kinneas knew Squall Leonhart would not appreciate him feeling that way for him. It would taste to much of pity to the prideful man. Far to much of Pity.


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Title- Unrelenting Memories - Stop Time
Artist- NathanialRoyale
Character(s)/Pairings- Squall/Rinoa, Selphie/Irvine, Unrequited Irvine/Squall
Spoilers- Maybe FF8? (Probably not)
Beta: Not Yet
Rating- Pg-13
Little Warning: Het. OMG it’s Het. Sorry guys. I personally hate Rinoa, but I love Squall. I love to see him happy. And toward the end he was happy with Rinoa. And Selphie/Irvine is to cute!
Comments: A Double Date. A Concert. Old Burning Memories. Unrelenting, replaying Memories.
Could be Considered a Sequel To: Older

Based off the idea of how the World of FF8 was destroyed, 'The Making of Leon' Credit goes to him, I just changed those who ended up dieing before World Fall.


Collapsing exhausted onto his double bed Squall Leonhart, now Leon could not stop them. They would not stop, he had tried everything he had known to make them go away. Shiva had even tried at his behest to make them desist. But other then taking them away completely their was little the Ice Queen could do for him. Leon would not allow her to completely wipe them away, not yet. They were all he had, and though they hurt, that hurt was bittersweet. Six months was all he had been given. Six months of her sanity and he liked to think. Her love. Tiring himself from the work he had put himself through that day he did not return till hours past daybreak.

He had made plans, built, repaired and fought until he thought he had no mind left to think with. To remember with. To dream with…

She had been sitting in his lap reading one of her more trashy romances as he had worked over her shoulder at his laptop in his rooms. It was an arrangement that though vaguely annoying allowed her the closeness she wished and he to do his work. The door had been knocked on and she had stumbled off of him nearly catching him in the face with a dainty foot throwing an apology over her shoulder before running to the door. She had been expecting someone and had not told him. Selphie’s voice filtered into the room and the two girls nearly squealed in excitement, Irvine’s calmer voice behind them laughing. She had ran back to him dancing from foot to foot with the four tickets in her fingers.
“Please Squall! Come on, one night away from work please! It is not easy to get tickets for their concert and you know it!”
He did know it, they were the newest band and had made quite a bit of headway with the radio being available for most and a far more peaceful world after the War. They were industrial but still something all four them seemed to enjoy.
He blew his hair from his eyes, it was getting longer and nearly unmanageable, “Alright.”

That was how he found himself at a Concert. He never changed from his leathers except to be in Uniform, but she had changed into tight blue jeans and a red halter top. She had smiled at him with her shy yet at the same shinning smile. Now he stood in a heat more over baring then any desert, surrounded by thousands of bodies. In blue jeans, a black t-shirt and blue jean jacket. It was a large difference for him but he had received words of praise from each of them. He had been expecting it from Rinoa and Selphie but Irvine’s flirtatious smile and soft whistle was hardly expected at all.

Her body pressed up against his own, he felt like he was at one of those clubs in Deling City, one of those Nightclubs that stayed open all night long playing grating beats which bodies seemed to get lose in. Swaying hips and grating forms becoming one on a dance floor. This was a thousand times that experience. Everyone was dancing, their bodies thrumming to the music, hearts beating to the time of those industrial beats. He could see Irvine out of the corner of his eyes lip locked with Selphie, their bodies so entwined you could not see a difference in their forms. Neither of them had any issues with their surroundings or what they were doing. His greys looked back to Rinoa in his arms her eyes closed as she rocked away against him. It was not that she had no effect on him, oh no. Not that, he was heavily effected by her closeness yet so often-ed did she come off as so naive. He did not wish to seem as if he was pushing her to far. They had to time to wait. Her browns opened and her smile that had been unimposing with her eyes closed widened as she saw he was soley looking down at her. That all could wait if she wasn’t ready, he wasn’t entirely certain he was himself to take such a step. But this he knew and he knew she did as well.

Dipping her back her laughter was lost on all surrounding them with music so loud it seemed to quack the ground, she blinked up at him as he leaned down with her. Showing a grace that he had not at first had at Graduation. Rusty, he had been taught to dance, SeeD weren’t just mercenaries. They learned subterfuge and diplomacy as well. He had known how to dance the waltz but had never needed to truly do so before. But now he dipped her back with remembered grace of the movement, his greys locked with her brown. She was so beautiful like that, her eyes shinning with inner warmth as she looked up at him. That warmth just for him. Had he ever had that before? The feeling he had felt with Sis was close, but this was on an entirely different level to that. He never wished to lose that warmth. That encompassing warmth.

Locking lips his arms wrapped tighter around her waist to keep her close, her arms loose around his shoulders, Griever laying on her chest between her breasts with the way they stood. Irvine watched them both with Selphie in his arms whispering into her and making her giggle that adorable giggle that he adored.

“I really think she’s done it Selph. Rin’s opened him up.”
Selphie smiled against Irvine’s neck where she was slowly giving him a hickie, “Good on her. Maybe they can be happy.”
Irvine’s eyes closed as he felt that pressure against his neck hands holding firm yet trying to be gentle to Selphie’s waist.
“We can only hope Selph. We can only hope.”

Squall had been so blind. So very, very blind. It was horribly clichéd and he hated that it fit so damn well. But he had blinded by love. Had never seen it coming until it was to late. Seifer told him to his face yelling at him that she was using him like Edea had done to him. He had shut him up…His gun blade finally through his Rivals heart. Selphie had begged him to see to, crying that she wasn’t the same. He was no hero. He was a murderer.

He did not like to look back on the past, because he knew what followed. Every time they kissed, in his mind he knew she manipulated him and used him. Whispered in his ear. But still the thought would not leave him, if only he could have, as if he could have. Stopped Time.

(Their are more in this series to come, please check my livejournal. These are part of An ARC! So many unposted here currently I am done 8 of 100 currently!)



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Title- Accidental Rendezvous - Helping Hand
Artist- NathanialRoyale
Character(s)/Pairings- Post Cloud/Zack, Vincent/Lucrecia, Pre Cloud/Vincent
Spoilers- Final Fantasy 7, Dirge of Cerberus, Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2
Beta: Not Yet
Rating- Pg-13
Comments: A few alive. Yet others still not. Cloud finds Vincent in Traverse Town.
Explanations: This is months after Kingdom Hearts two, Sora has not returned to Traverse town sense Kingdom Hearts 1 (As Chain it was only his memories he was seeing). It's been two years sense Sora or the 'Restoration Committee' was last seen in Traverse Town.
Credits: All of Cloud is written by my Cloud shamelessly stolen at her allowing.
Little Warning: Flow as Been abandoned, it's bumpy but still beautiful.
Prequel: Waste (First Post in here!)

Little had changed in Traverse Town. The heartless numbers had dropped sense Sora had found and closed the Keyhole but still in a world of perpetual darkness and night it was as unforgiving as ever. The first district still remained the only truly safe district to live in, the 2nd and 3rd still seemed to besieged. The back alleys home to those who scraped to survive while trying to keep away from the heartless. Yet this seemed impossible, for did they not appear from the very cracks of the pavement and the walls?

Jumping up from the creases at the man who sliced through with golden metal claws. Shifting easily, his arm tucked to his form as he attacked. Cerberus in it's holster at his hip, their was little point on wasting ammunition on such little nuisances. Whenever heartless appeared Vincent shot them down or sliced through them. It was relentless work as they seemed unending, which was something Vincent wondered upon. How this world survived, every dark crevice spewing forth the shadows and their greater kin. Reds watching the shadow scurrying
away, eyes raising to follow it's black form a grunt left his lips as he felt claws of a shadow dig into his back. The tiny claw wounds would heal, and quickly. But none the less, the pain was real enough. Eyes falling from following that heartless spinning the red cape following his form as he cut through the shadow that had managed to claw him. Little nuisances.

Cloud did not know when he had officially started the delivery service back up, because the thing was he hadn’t, he was not the one who decided it was safe enough to try and go back to some semblance of ‘normal’ life. Sephiroth was far from defeated, the man still haunting his existence and yet he found Cid still making him do deliveries as if the former General was not a looming threat.

This was how he found himself roaming the streets of Traverse Town, package having been delivered, and time needed to be filled in before he could make the return trip. Something about the package not being ‘ready’ yet. Cloud had never really been to the dank streets of the world before though the others had spent a great amount of time here, and he found himself wandering through one of the doors off the First District. The first thing he noticed was the rising hearts, not the sign that declared he was in Third district, and had skipped one in between. No, rising hearts meant heartless being killed and well, heartless were never good no matter how skilled a fighter you were. Rushing forwards he was greeted by a sight of a person he had not expected to see ever again.

Vincent was turning back. his eyes widened though he remained silent except the one word that left lips that were covered by the capes high collar, "Strife."
Eyes pulled away by the Clown that was flying toward; his un-metal hand grabbed Cerberus, shooting the clown twice before it popped, the heart rising with the rest. Moment of slight shock and hesitance was gone when one very daring shadow managed to land a hit on the Sniper’s back; Cloud's aid was hardly needed Vincent cutting easily through the shadows and decimating their numbers until at least Cerberus made its appearance if only briefly. Vincent Valentine. Ex Turk and fellow test subject.
“Valentine,” Cloud nodded in acknowledgement noting he was as surprised to know Cloud was alive as the blond was to see him alive, “Its been a while.”
Re-holstering Cerberus and standing straighter Vincent observed the sudden disappearance of the over abundance of heartless.
"Strife, It has been."

Red eyes looking from Cloud to a wary citizen of Traverse Town who was speed walking from the door to the First district to their home, the glances given by this world wary figure were not lost but shaken off. He knew those glances of wariness, and distrust. He had received them for as long as he had been outside of the coffin, only in the last few months upon Gaia had those looks nearly disappeared. Distrusted then suddenly another of the worlds hero's. Both had not been comfortable for the man but he had grown to ignore those looks of distrust and wariness. Looks of admiration and respect? Those were more difficult to get used to, once he had had admiration, respect and fear. But he had been a Turk then.
Breaking from his thoughts Cloud was heard saying,"Its good to see you made it. There are a great many people who would be happy to see it too.”
Cloud also noted the man who hurried past in such a rush to keep away from the two of them, as much as warriors were so much more prized nowadays, it was amazing that people could still fear them.
“The others were here, but they are all on Radiant Garden now. Restoring the world.”
"So some made it through that fight?"
Against the heartless in Edge, when their had just been far to many for anything to be done but they had all fought ceaselessly until each had been taken by darkness himself included.
"A new home."
Not that Vincent really had ever considered himself to have one, a home that is. He had stayed places, even for larger amounts of time. But had never become attached, he was always on the move and had little personal effects to take with him. Turning from the row of houses that the citizen had run toward he moved up the stairs looking back to Cloud in silence with wine red eyes to follow him.
"More than anyone really expected. More people than any other world I’ve seen that has fallen can boast to have.”
Cloud followed Vincent through the doors to the second district, Vincent levelling Cerberus to shoot the clown that floated in the air near the exit.
"So if everyone is on this Radiant Garden, you are delivering again?"
“Not by my choice, Cid made my gummi but is forcing me to do deliveries for him in return for it. Aerith is happy about it because it keeps me on world, and not…” Not going after Sephiroth again.

Vincent opened the door to the house with which the Restoration committee had made their home for the time they had spent last before being able to return to Hollow Bastion/Radiant Garden. Cloud entered not commenting on this explaining, “No one knows why Aerith is back, but she is.”
Though that does not make me any less guilty over her death, Cloud looked down slightly making sure Vincent could not catch the last in his eyes.

"Aerith.." the name left his lips softly at first. Clouds explanation still left him silent in his confusion.
"Only she?"
Little had been changed in this little dwelling either, looking just as uninhabited as if no one was taking up residence in it. Nothing of personal value to Vincent could be seen in this little house he slept in.
“Only Aerith would have been kinder,” the blond said stonily, “He is back too, and yet Cid still has me running deliveries.”
There was no real doubt to who ‘he’ was.

With the door closed now Vincent turned to Cloud. 'Her' son was alive once more, Sephiroth. And it seemed just as plagued with what he had been made into as he had been before, just as bent on destruction.
"It's again your task to defeat him."
His wine reds which seemed to have a way of fogging what his feeling a majority of the time showing apparent understanding.
"Again and Again."
Like before, on Gaia.
"Nothing changes it seems. Even on another world, even after Gaia's destruction, the same threat remains."
“I don’t have a choice, all over again,” Cloud never wanted to be this. Willing to do anything to go back and be normal for once, but he knew he’d make the same decisions all over again.
“With the darkness he grows stronger, and I grow more susceptible. I’m loosing the light I once had."
Gesturing if Cloud would like to take a seat he sat on the single bed letting out a heavy breath, "Losing sight of the end," his eyes of disorientating red still on Cloud.
"With his growing power of..darkness, your unable to make an end. He keeps coming back, haunting you."
Originally all Vincent had wanted in the battle with Sephiroth was to bring peace to the child of Lucrecia, after everything both mother and son had gone through. Their was nothing else he could do as he had failed her. He knew better now, but that did not lighten the same feeling. That Lucrecia's child did not deserve what had happened and what he had become. Only because of Hojo. Much like he and Cloud. No longer human.
It was a long time since Cloud had known that searching gaze.
“Something like that. Every time I defeat him, part of me dies as well. I’m running out of options. I need to find my light again.”
The blonde sat beside the former turk upon the single bed both far enough apart not to impose on personal space.

Vincent licked his lips behind the high collar of the cape, he had not had a conversation like this in a long time. Any conversation at all. The reclusion and isolation he had felt again living on this world feared again was not something that was a norm before, but near the end it had not been so. He had found an easier time speaking to Shelke, even Reeve. Conversations did not come easily, but he was able to when he needed to then. Now silence surrounded him once more.
"Do you have any idea what it is your searching for beyond the concept of this light?"
Vincent sounded intently interested in this concept, having heard things on this world. Concepts of light and darkness, that the heartless came from the darkness. The only darkness he had ever encountered had been Nero's. But Vincent no longer wished to remain on this world, but he did not know if he could easily integrate himself back among those he had once known. He had been alone to long again.
"It's a concept that is boundless."
“If I did, would I not have found it already? Many people have ideas about what light really is but there is nothing certain because to each person it’s different.”
Enlightenment, a goal, a purpose, a dream or love, and yet not a single thing seemed sure other than the fact Cloud did not have it.
"Knowing is still not the same as finding," a slight shrug of Vincent's red shoulders before he dropped into silence once more. Yes their were many concepts of a form of light in ones life. The most common being love or companionship. But what indeed was this specific light for Cloud? And even so, finding out what it was did not mean finding the source of it would be easy. It did seem to be an endless search that could steal all of ones strength.
"Searching can be tiring, especially if the search is as endless as yours is."
It reminds of the search of Lucrecia's forgiveness..
"The answer can be found in something you do not expect. Hardly what you would have imagined."
For she was asking for my forgiveness as well..

“But knowing tends to help,” the silence between them was far from a rare phenomenon, both were comfortable in it and could communicate sometimes without the need for words, it was something they had settled into spending so long cooped up together.
“Looks like I’ll spend the rest of my lie searching sometimes. Just that little bit of light, is always just that fingerbreadth away.”
"It would give you something to start with. Is it only Sephiroth that has filled you with this darkness.." Vincent seemed content in sitting their speaking to the blonde. Even though he did not usually speak that much, was more comfortable in silence, it was something he had not had in months, possibly longer. He had no idea the time from when Gaia had fallen to now. Once he had laid in that coffin for thirty years to repent, but he knew now that it had not helped. Being on his own would not help, though being among everyone again was going to be difficult after so long. He did wish this conversation, and of those he could speak to easily, the blonde was an easier one.
"Light and Darkness are parallel. Perhaps your light in concept is parallel to your darkness."

“So you talk of light as a person then, a person to fill me with light where Sephiroth has done so with darkness.…Love, companionship of a person. Still who could feel that way about me, I’m too… broken.”
Broken? The smile behind the collar was grime, a smile that was not made of happiness or joy.
"Who are you talking to Strife?" Vincent spoke softly, his usual harder voice softened for a moment, mako hearing helpful in hearing what Cloud said.
"Those who are broken still deserve a chance. It took. Much to see this."
His wine red eyes focused on a wall seeing things clearly not their as he was so intent upon it.
"But yes. Finding someone who could feel that way, that deeply is difficult."
Especially after a failure of protecting one who already felt that way, Vincent had never truly known if Lucrecia had loved him, much of him doubted and argued. How could she have done what she did if she had, yet her theories had spoke of Omega's coming and she had done what she had to give him another chance...If she had known then perhaps she knew Chaos would be needed. But was he deluding himself and trying to still believe in her love for him? He would never know..

“I don’t know anymore,” Cloud said resting his heavy sword against the wall hand lingering on the handle for a moment before it found its way to rest on a bent knee.
“Part of me wishes to believe I deserve another chance even after all I’ve done, but another part of me doesn’t want to believe it because I would be devaluing the love I once had for another, and the fact that I failed him. If my task is to find someone who could feel that way about me, then I think sometimes I might as well say I’ve failed.” I know I can’t be that person to attract people to them. Loner by spirit, but even a loner can be lonely. The man stood for a moment taking a few steps forward before seemingly loosing his destination.

Vincent's eyes drew back to the blonde,” Each persons experiences are different. But loving someone else would devalue the love you had before? Or would it show the one you lost that you can move on in memory of them."
Vincent's words more spoken aloud of thought, not meant to be directed to Cloud. To degrade or to demeanour. They were different men with different experiences, what they believed and saw was most certainly different.
"We've both failed someone we have cared for, but nothing can be done now for repentance, at least not the kind that would stop us from living."
Not many years ago Vincent would never have said anything of the kind, repentance and forgiveness was what he had lived for, it was the only reason he had left the coffin and joined AVALANCHE. But finding all he had, he knew he must find something within what was left of his humanity to survive. To give reason to see another day.
"Would it be wanted of you? To keep you in the past?"
“The lifestream is gone, he can’t watch anymore,” the blond said soundly mako blues glued to the ground as he spoke, “He wanted so much of me, and how can I ever live up to what I promised to him. I promised to live out both our lives. A promise easier made than carried out.” Eyes Cloud had learnt over a very long time were the things which could betray a carefully constructed mask and a forcefully steadied voice.
“I don’t think he would have wanted it of me, but I can’t even know anymore. I’ve lived what he wanted me to live, twice over for good measure but it never seems enough. And yet here I am fighting the fight and continuing on as any of us can do. With Aerith back, its just that… part of me wants to hope he could be too. But he’s not.”
"Yes the lifestream is gone, Gaia is gone."
Vincent's eyes followed Cloud even as Cloud starred at the ground as he had starred at the wall a few minutes before.
"It may not be as long for you," Vincent pondered, "Though some memories are always painfully fresh even after 33 years. Doing what another wants, living for another only can last for so long, especially if this person is dead and only memories."
A shake of his head sadly red eyes for a moment taking a bitterness, "For a moment when you said Aerith was..part of me hoped. A part deluding myself. That if Aerith and the child were alive that perhaps she was as well."
Deluding myself again and again.
"Your light and strength seem to be waning for your need of a reason. Other then protecting again what have you to live for? To kill Sephiroth over and over to protect someone you believe you failed already?"
He was not a man to state something to harm, but he knew his words were truth.
"Beyond my repentance, she is gone. I lived to repent for my mistakes and failures , I killed her child as I could not protect him or her from Hojo. But now she is gone, and I learned that she had a hand in creating me. My repentance is over. Our world is gone, it is difficult to find what to live for. 30 years spent in a coffin, my body will never age. But that does not mean time is not felt." Vincent went silent after such a time of speaking, red eyes conflicted back at the wall.

The blond turned to look back at the red eyed man, so sure that that was the most he had ever heard Vincent say in one go before. And yet it was all him, every word. He was a man Cloud respected, for his pains for what he’s been through because of how similar they were. And every word he said struck true blows to the swordsman.
“I have a lot longer to wait for the memories to stop hurting then. I have defeating Sephiroth as my reason to still be here, I guess, but what kind of goal is that for a life, a life melding around another’s death. What else do I have? I’m supposed to find light, yes, that’s the only other thing I know and that still is orientated to killing a man. A man who won’t even stay dead. Because in the end, what else do I have but fractured memories and a broken spirit?”
"That was the only reason that was had for the entire time I worked with you all. To kill Hojo for what he had done to she, I and their child, even you. Then kill Sephiroth to bring him peace from the horror that had become from Hojo." Arms crossing over his chest his metal claws tapping lightly on his other arm.
"It was the only thing that could be done, to kill him. But now that he returns," Vincent shook his head.
"Fractured memories, mine are not much better for much that happened before the..experiements. Even during is fractured and frayed. Even if you knew now that it is 'someone' you are searching for, this light being love once more. You would say you have already failed and succumb. It is far to easy to succumb to your own self hatred."
Far to easy...
"To hate the form that makes you a monster, and the memories that became what you are. To hate everything and everyone associated with it..."
Vincent had known that part of Cloud needed to hear that he wasn’t alone in his afflictions, he wasn’t alone in feeling that way. Cloud knew what Vincent implied by his words, to find that hatred was to find hatred for everything and everyone. That would make him into the next Sephiroth, exactly what the ex-General would want, because who could resist a force of him and the only man who could stop him fighting together?
“Love is a complicated concept, its trust, its vulnerability, you can’t just say yes, I am falling in love with that person and do so. A person can go a lifetime without truly finding it. What chance do I have finding it more than once? I can talk out possibilities till the world explodes around us, but I’ll never have any definites.”
"No one ever does, have definites." Vincent countered the tiny smile behind his collar.
"Love is never definite Cloud, it is never definite if the one you love loves you back. If you love they when they love you. It is a feeling of complete vulnerability, we both know this. To do anything for this person at any risk of self. But can you say it is not worth it?"
Truly. Even though he never knew if Lucrecia had ever loved him, that elated feeling at even seeing her, hearing her voice speaking to him was something that was easily recalled even after all this time. The joys she took from life, and how much her research had meant to her. She was a woman easy to love and that was why he could remember her with as much joy as sorrow now.
"Even with the pain that may happen, you know the chance is worth it. The pain may rip you, but the chance of that joy is the light you so apparently need."

“It is, that’s the thing I will always remember through all the pain and suffering that when you are loved they are still the best times of your life.”
It had been, even as a trooper where he had been far to small and effeminate and teased and singles out for it he still thought of it as the best times, curling up next to Zack at nights, his arm wrapped around him holding him close, with that odd half-snore of his lulling him to sleep.
“The chance of joy I may need…” he whispered more to himself than to Vincent really as he thought. Chance maybe but who? If he had to go through pain so be it, he’d spent so much of his life tortured after all, but if he came out the other end, would he be able to have that peace, have a reason to go on?
A nod silent from Vincent, he stood slowly taking a few steps the clicking of his metal feet on the stone a sound he had once hated, that reminded him as much as his arm and the scars of what he no longer was. It now was just a sound that was part of him, human or monster.
"This light may give you the strength to defeat the darkness within Sephiroth for good. Something that will not strengthen your arms, but your heart."
A shrug Vincent watching Cloud again before he laid a hand on Clouds shoulder, seconds, a brushing touch before his human and leather covered hand was back at his side. He in the same subject diverted now having spoken more about things he had once having not spoken up about ever in this time then any other.
"You deliver between worlds now as well as traveling, searching as you once did upon Gaia?"

“I hope so; I don’t want to do this anymore.” The hand was barely there for more than a few seconds, but was a soft comfort never the less. Then the subject was obviously changed as if attention shouldn’t be brought to the move. Cloud wouldn’t mention it if he didn’t want him to, this much was obvious.
“My gummi got badly damaged in a meteor storm, Cid made her so he said he would fix her for a price, once she was done I would have to do a few deliveries for him. I underestimated Cid’s definition of a few. Aerith and the others don’t like me leaving either so they keep making excuses.”
"Keeping tabs?" Vincent was amused remembering how Cloud had had a cell on him at all times, that Tifa especially left messages trying to keep tabs on the blonde when he was away. "Well even delivering packages, it gives you an excuse to travel." To search.
"Did you pick up what it was you were here for? Their is little here I have."
“Yes but I always have to come back in a certain amount of time and they always know where I am,” Cloud still even had his mobile on him which still managed to work to a certain extent, apparently deciding whether to work or not when it pleased, though Cloud suspected it had to do with each world’s technology level.
“The person who I am getting more gummi parts for Cid off says they won’t be done for another hour. Do you want to come back with me? I’m sure the others would be glad to have you there. Aerith, Cid, Tifa, Yuffie are around and Leon, who I think you’d get on with well.”

It was another moment when Vincent did not know what he wished, to remain on his own in solitude or to chance the havoc that was their group. The reluctance was visible in his silence as he looked off toward the meagre surroundings he had found himself with. So much so fast again, silence and solitude, then so many and chatter he could never hope of keeping up with.
A long sigh left him and he nodded looking back, they had tried in ways of keeping tabs on him to though he had refused to carry a cell. It had helped in ways when he had needed that time alone to figure things.
"I'll see this home their making."
That would be answer enough. It was their home, it would probably never be his own. Just like before. But he would see, he would go their, they would know he was alive. Know that what they were creating was something he would probably never have...and try to find his own way again, weither that was alone or not. He would not know now.
“They’ll, I’d appreciate it.” The home they were making was adequate enough to describe Radiant Garden.
“We’ll leave as soon as I get that package then.”
They would..or you would? Or both?
"From their, there are no ideas what's going to happen. Assuring them I'm alive, I do not know about staying. I would not much help in what they are doing. We are both it seems used to traveling." Running. Never staying in the same place, with the same people.
“I… understand,” the blond said simply picking up the sword and slinging it back into his harness with ease as if it was made of plastic cardboard rather than metal. “I never expected anything more. Just to know your alive will be a comfort.” The pause allowed the swordsman to think before he slowly whispered, “I don’t know if I can ever keep still. The wanderlust will always be there.”
"No it wont, wandering gives you a vain hope at a purpose."

Vincent’s own wanderings and solitude having shown that much to himself. A hope that he could answer his own questions he had tried to answer thousands of times already and never could. He was tiring of it, it had been to long. He had the answers he had seeked those many years and with the destruction of Gaia it was time to try anew at life. The demons silence in his mind allowing him to move on. He would go to this Radiant Garden if only to show his respects to the woman who had died at Sephiroth's hand and show those remaining of AVALANCHE that yes. Vincent Valentine had survived.


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Suprisingly familiar...

Nice to see it all cleaned up lol. ^_~ Very pretty



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Of course it is! I shamelessly cut apart our rp because I can not write Cloud worth doggy do do! And of course I credited my Cloud! *Snogs you shamelessly*



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Title- Unknown Seas - Subtle
Artist- NathanialRoyale
Character(s)/Pairings- UnRequited (Both) Sora/Riku
Spoilers- KH1, KH2, Possible Crisis Core (FF7)
Beta: Not Yet
Rating- PG
Comments: Leaving again? Who does he leave behind?
Explanations: This is a few months after their return after KH2.
Prequel: Pauses - Which is a Prequel to Panic (Which are both on my LJ, NathanialRoyale)

“Sora,” Riku’s voice began, Sora nearly dropping the text book he had under one arm trying to juggle the very recently given cell phone.
“Hey what’s up,” still trying to slide the backpack more fully onto his left shoulder while listening.
“Come to the island, I’m already here,” Riku moved so Sora could hear the faint sounds of the sea.
“Really? Alright yah, I’ll be their in a half hour,” Sora was running by this point the last of the distance to his house the bag sliding down his arm causing the book to fall to the ground.
Shaking his head Riku unseen by Sora over the phone, “Alright, see you then.”

Both of them sense returning had taken up the gruelling task, (which was ironically enough far more difficult for Sora then fighting heartless), to integrate themselves back into everyday teenage life. School, grades, girls, boys. All of it, added on the family drama from disappearing for so long. Riku was handling it well, at least as far as Kairi and Sora could tell and was excelling in his classes even having the free classes that allowed him to already be at their ‘Play Island’. Sora was far more used to a nearly sarcastic sharp witted Riku to the silently observant one he had returned with, but that did not bother him. Riku was Riku and he would just learn about his friend all over again.

Sora had been trying to get time to speak to Riku one on one when it wasn’t school related, no homework, or studying for tests. Mrs. Hayato had died the night of the attack on the Islands, and Riku had not spoken up about this yet. Kairi had found Riku at his mothers grave kneeling before it silently and had stayed with him. Sora knew Riku blamed himself in part for what had happened and wanted the older boy to talk about it. But the hope for that actually occurring was sparse.

“Riku!” Sora smiled tieing his boat to the dock on their little play isle, which seemed abandoned sense their return. All to old to go back their and play at what they had done for real in those two years. Fighting.
The older boy he spoke to waved him down, he was not standing on what was always claimed as his own spot elevated with the paopu tree. He was standing half in the shadows of the entrance to their once hidden secret place where the door was found. Half in shadows, half in the light of the shinning sun. It had been a few months sense they had returned, did the light still hurt him? But the next thing Sora noticed was the fact that ultra pale Riku was in swim trunks only, navy blue swim trunks with white down the sides. Sora had not seen his friend that ‘disrobed’ sense before they had left the Islands, and with the constant fighting Riku had found himself in, he certainly had nothing to be ashamed of showing. It was amazing a guy so pale could be outdoors so long in the beating sun all these years and yet remain just that pale.
After tying the small boat Sora ran to the others side, “So what brought this on? Nostalgia?”
Riku shrugged, “Do I need a reason to want to do this?” Beckoning over to a large white sheet which was spread over the sand, food spread upon it.
“Wow! You planned this all out, this is great Riku. Really, we never get to spend time together outside of school stuff sense we returned.”
“I know.”
Sora pulled off his white T-shirt and toed off his shoes sitting on the blanket in just his black and grey shorts, Riku sitting down as well on the other side of the food.

It was silence on Riku’s end that brought Sora back from eating, trying out things on the sheet being ravenous after school. Riku’s silver hair used to shield his bright aqua eyes as he did a lot these days. Not letting anyone inside. Stopping Sora ****ed his head to his friend who met his blues with aqua. Bright aqua. Eyes that seemed to shine nearly un-naturally, though they had always done that.
“Sora,” Riku finally spoke up from behind his silver curtain, giving up on how to word things in a subtle fashion.
“I’m moving, and no. I don’t mean to the mainland’s.”
The sandwich that was half finished in his hands was put down, “Sometimes I swear your from another world Riku.”
Riku’s eyes shifted as silver hair parted, a stiffening of Riku’s spine.
“Kairi has more here she wanted to come home to then you did.”
Riku frowned aqua eyes glowing brighter as they looked off toward the ocean seeming endless, “I thought you should know.”
Sora blinked, wait, did that mean he was the only one to know?
“Riku…” Sora spoke up for more sombrely then his usual and Riku shook his head standing.
“Let’s make this day count Sora. Like the old days.”
Turning his back Riku walked toward the waves as Sora stood quickly, “Uhhh…” taking off after Riku who sped into the waves.

It had been to long sense Sora had heard Riku’s laughter, and he seemed to miss it even more as he heard it fill the air as Riku crashed into the waves. Something was different. Horsing around in the water, trying to tackle Sora who managed to barely evade, he had not seen his best friend act this way in a long time. Was it leaving, the idea of; that allowed Riku to be this way again? It it was could he really be so selfish about this? Begrudglying he realised no, what he wanted was Riku happy and if this world was not making that possible then hopefully somewhere else could.



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Title- To see Another Side - Pretend

Artist- NathanialRoyale
Character(s)/Pairings- Unrequited (Both) Sora/Riku
Spoilers- KH1, KH2, Possible Crisis Core (FF7)
Beta: Mommy It’s Beta’d!
Rating- PG
Comments: To Understand You must See Both Sides.
Explanations: This is a few months after their return after KH2. Continuation of Unknown Seas.
Prequel: Subtle

“Do you trust me Sora?”

Spread starfish, floating in the blue ocean not that far from shore Sora blinked open his eyes in the afternoon sun. He knew if he moved too quickly or too much he would end up flailing, though he was not out that far from shore thankfully. Riku was no where in sight after the question and Sora’s brows furrowed a moment but not for that long, the look unnatural on his usually vibrant and joyful face.
Where had that question come from?
They had spoken so little on all that had transpired in The Castle That Never Was, of Mrs. Hayato’s death the night of the Attack on Destiny Islands. Nothing. Riku brought up nothing, Sora had come to understand through Kairi that this was just Riku’s way of dealing with pain and everything that had happened to them. But it worried the usually buoyant teenager, Riku was far more silent and reserved then he had ever been before any of this. The nearly sarcastic confidence gone.

Finally the silver haired teenager was in his view, standing beside him in the sea that much more tall than him. The water up to the Silver haired boy’s elbows.
“Of course I do.”
Why do you even need to ask, going unsaid from the brunet, although it was clear in wide blue eyes that for a moment did not hide the apparent sting at even needing to be asked.
What brought this on? Was it that Riku was leaving?
There was no move from the other, silver hair long and straight, obscuring brilliant bright aqua eyes.

“Then trust me.”

A hand was placed on Sora’s chest, another under his head to cradle his skull, his spiky hair tamer, nearly flat under the water. Sora blinked up at his companion.
“Take a deep breath,” Riku instructed and behind the silver screen of hair there was a sad smile.
“Don’t panic.”
Hands pushing, able to push down enough that Sora was just below a thin filter of water. This filter of ocean over his open eyes, making things appear a little blurry, the sunlight even brighter on his eyes. His eyes even began to burn from the natural salt of the ocean.

Sora’s first instinct was panic and thrash, but he had promised he trusted the other and he had taken a deep breath which he was still holding beneath the water.
Riku’s voice he could hear, but it seemed far off, “Your vision is obscured by the water and light, you’re able to hear me. But I sound far away even though I am touching you. By your side. You feel sluggish, blinded and slow.”
Why was Riku doing this, what was the point?

The sun shone so brilliantly off the water did nearly blind him, but past that everything did seem slower. Bright and sluggish beneath the water.
“You’re seeing and hearing things differently.”
Unsure if Sora could accomplish holding his breath for much longer, Riku let his hands up so Sora could come up.

Still Riku made no sense as Sora surged up from the ocean, it up to his shoulders as he coughed and took in a deep breath and squinted his burning eyes.
“Another perspective, so maybe you can understand another’s choices.”
Sora peered at Riku for a moment still blinking hard at the burn as Riku continued, his aqua eyes still not looking at Sora, but back to the play island as if he was trying to memorise the details.
“I know you don’t understand why I want to go, but I have to. I know I have to. When you said it seems like Kairi had more to return to here then I did…That’s true. My mother is dead, father won’t speak to me. I want to know who that is Sora. Why is my middle name Zackery?”
Sora had not heard Riku talk like this, just speaking from the…heart in quite sometime, since they were on the End of the Worlds before coming home. It made Sora smile. He may not understand fully, but it was good to hear Riku talk like this. Really good.
“I need to know.”
“Where will you stay or will you just travel?”
Riku looked back, “I don’t know yet. I want sometime on my own though.”
Faintly pouting, Sora shrugged, “Okay, but I am coming out sooner rather then later to find you again!”
Riku’s lips dipped, a little smile blossoming.
“I’d expect nothing less.”
Sora grinned but his hands grabbed Riku’s upper arms, “You’re telling Kairi right? If you don’t she will never forgive you! And I won’t hear the end of it!”
Riku nodded absentmindedly, “I’ll tell Kairi. Leave a note for my father too.”
So it was settled.
No, Sora still really didn't understand, but Riku needed to do this and that... that Sora understood. Not knowing things about yourself must be horrible.
“Good luck.”



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Title:  The Aftermath of the Undying
Author: NathanialRoyale
Rating: M
Disclaimer: The plot is mine, as are my original characters
Warnings:  Past slash, mpreg, torture, rape, gore and blood.
Genre: Fantasy, angst, drama
Comments: Un beta'ed completely. I had a thought and wrote it. So it may be choppy, but I really wanted to write this for a while. What if Nathanial had not killed Drefan when he took back the throne? What if he had not had the strength and let the Necromancer live?
Summary:  Was it a Dream? Or a Warning? What could be if the boy did not heed the Gods destiny.

The pale hand reached up to touch the stormy skies, black long nails seeking to feel the sky.

His petite form was shaking, the screams would not end. And that part of him that knew he had lost the last of his humanity thought he could still hear his own mingled with the rest. But he was alive again. Would the Gods give him no rest? Drefan had found out about the God’s ‘gift’ given, that he could come back from the dead. But it was only a certain amount of times before he finally did meet his ends. The King had hoped with the last death, that last 9th death after days of torture, rape and more that his mind would not look back upon that he would have peace. But what was peace to him? He could not have peace, un-allowed it. His destiny was left unfulfilled.

Nathanial had failed. His icy blues laid upon the city in ruins beneath him, the angry souls of those thousands upon thousands who had died gruesome deaths. If they had not been risen as undead to further bloat Drefan’s army they now could not rest. Ghosts that wandered the streets of their once home, the capitol of Cam’ara. He had failed all of them, he had failed his world. The tears would not stop, he had thought they would by now. He had no tears left to cry but yet they kept falling down, caressing and meandering their way down to drop to the stone of the balcony. The city was afire and had been for days. Corpses littered the streets, and he could smell and he had seen, they littered behind him. The throne room was like a battle field, but yet worse was the Dungeons.

The last stand had been made in the Dungeons, everyone the 16 year old had ever cared about, loved, or known had died for him. Was this what it was like for Papa? Mama? When they died by Drefan’s hands with their most loyal surrounding them? Papa watching Sir Atricious, his consort and lover fall, taking the killing blow. Yet only moments later King Peter had taken much the same blow for his wife who he had loved just as much. It left the Queen and her ten year old child with no one to protect them. Drefan’s sadistic grin ate away any sense of what he had once been as he cut down the Queen. Nathan had been out cold by then and gravely injured, and for a reason the boy had not understood then, Drefan had kept him alive.

“To everyone else you are useless rag doll, little thing, useless and worthless except to be ****ed and used, left to be tossed to another. But you do know…to me, you’re my little china doll. My tarnished, broken china doll. Your hardly precious, or pure, but your still worth something none the less.”
Whispers again and again that degraded and made you believe. Rag doll.

Why could he not just use the powers entrusted in him, why had he been so foolish. If he had delivered the first blow he knew he could have…but yet what ifs were useless. He had once again believed Drefan could be redeemed when he knew he could not. The man was lost. Lost beyond anything, and the only one left alive that new why the man was hurting was Nathan. Was it any wonder the boy did not wish to harm the man? He understood the man’s pain! But he had let it go to far…His world was nearly dead because of him. Nathan could feel life on the eastern coast, life in the far western mountains, but nothing in-between. Drefan had slaughtered with thought any in his path, and his greatest hate was the Elven kin. The Forests were destroyed. His lands called out in anguish and the boy knew what he had to do. No excuses could be made this time. Drefan had to die, to redeem the man’s soul and to save the last of his world.
“Your s-strength shall be y-your gift. Come to me…”
The words were broken from a parched throat, but the hand that still touched the sky trailed before him, drawing the clouds.

The whispy forms began to drift through the air, all different sizes, ages, and races. The smile that was upon the King’s lips was a bitter, broken thing. But his fingers gently touched the fingers of a four year old. A four year old who had claw marks puncturing his stomach, the blood still visible of the gore-y death wound.
“I will br-bring you all pe-peace. This I promise y-you.”

The ghostly figures in the thousands were in the sky now moving closer to the balcony where the King stood.  

Embrace the powers within and end what should have ended three years ago.  Banish your preconceptions of violence and guilt. Give into your anger and your pains, bring peace to your world. Taking on the pain of others is no longer the answer, Altruistic King. Create your army, these people are willing to follow you.  In exchange for peace of their wandering souls, they will follow you into battle. For the incorporeal, those who are not of our world, spirits, can not be touched by the living. Corporal can not harm a spirit. But a spirit, can harm the living.

Eyes closed, head tilted up to the sky, “The pe-perfect army,” the words were filled with sadness. It had been a dream to end the blood shed and hate without more violence. He knew this now, a useless dream that could never come true. The Gods were even telling him now. Eyes opening he regarded the spirits hovering.
“Fight f-for me! F-For your world, a-and for yourself! L-let this heartbreak end s-so we may all be at peace.”
The spirits moved in the sky and for a few moments, it seemed their screams muted. They would fight for him, in return for their peace.

But yet would he gain peace? Eyes fluttered closed.
“I a-am so tired, I have l-lost two husbands, a s-son, a family a-and a Kingdom. I w-will bring peace to our w-world but please, let me be laid to r-rest. That is all I wish. No more p-pain, just peace.”
The incorporeal fingertips caressed his cheek, “P-please, I have done e-everything you have asked of m-me for 16 years. I have been y-your servant. You’re a-avatar. I have died and come back countless t-times…”

This is our last wish of you. Fulfill your destiny Little King, as you were meant to do. That is all the Gods ask of you. Peace shall be yours.

Tears fill heavier as peace made a place in his heart, he was content. War it would be, but he would die once it ended. When he took Drefan’s life with his own hands his soul would die with the man. The last person who understood him. They both would die, and finally this world would have it’s peace, and so would they.

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