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Flare & Nero

Sorry for any spelling and Grammar mistakes. i don't have word so I had to check over it myself and may have missed some mistakes since it took a good two hours to write this profile.

Answer These Questions FIRST:

Have you Beaten Kingdom Hearts 1, 2? Both? KH2

Which Final Fantasies Have you Played/Beaten? Playing FFX and FFX-2

Have you read any of the Kingdom Hearts Manga? The chain of memories.

Character Creation

Note: Nero and Flare are the same person but diffrent personalities. It may help to read the history first then all the rest.

Name: (What their birth name is) Nero Falcar

Known Name: (What they are known as) Nero Falcar / Flare Benyo

(How old they are in Kingdom Hearts) 27

Race: (Nobody, Heartless, Human. Anything else ASK Admin) human with elemental powers

Gender: (Male, Female) Male

Sexuality: (As this is a a mature rated board, I would like sexuality. Gay, Straight. Bi) Bisexual

Path: (What they follow with their heart (Light, Dark, Twilight/Neutral) This is not as easily known by others as Alliance) Light

: (What you are known to follow, what you fight for (Light, Dark, Twilight) This could be a front, while your Path could be true) Light

Home World:
(Your homeworld, Final Fantasy Worlds do exist. Any made up world ASK the Admin) Made up world: Veyrel (destroyed)

Weapon or Weapons: (Basic weaponry of your characters) Nero - Samurai sword. Flare - Katana

(Three of your characters powers. Remember this is not a hack and slash role playing game!) both: fire. Nero - Mind reading. (He can only do this if he knows who the person is and is close to them. It also takes up a lot of energy so it's rare for him to use it.) Flare - Possession. Flare can possess another's body. (He can only do this with Nero's help so it is rare for him to do it because the energy it takes and he can only stay in another's body for about ten minutes). Flare and Nero can only use their fire powers if there is some sort of fuel or access to an already lit fire. They can start a fire if there is oil around using the heat of their skin.

Any Known Contacts:
(Family and friends, if possible three.)

Character Personality: (How your character reactions, their convictions and beliefs. Three paragraphs)
Nero - Nero is an optimist, he never thinks about how wrong something might go instead focusing on how well it could end for him. For tweleve years Nero never allowed himself to think negavtivly, this led him to having trouble handeling negative emotions. Even after three years he is still having trouble with his emotions and will often have the wrong response to negative situation. Nero is a very easy going person, it is hard to anger him and he easily forgives those who do him wrong. Nero is described by Flare as "A bundle of red love and joy"

Flare - Flare is a more aggressive personality then Nero, but not overly so. Flare is more likely to react violently to a threat rather then thinking his actions through, though he will never go into a full attack until he knows what the threat is. Flare is more realistic then Nero, he sizes up all options before acting and knows when it's time to retreat and re-think a plan. Flare is very good at keeping his emotions hidden and makes a good spy because lying is easy for him, while Nero has a lot of trouble with it. Flare doesn't believe in being beaten, he sees losses as a sign to keep training until he can over come the problem. Nero describes Flare as "The logic behind my brains"

Both - Flare and Nero have a lot in common. They both love fire as part of their nature, they also enjoy lying out in the sun and been as alone as they can be for long periods of time. They like to leave civilization for weeks on end so they can have time to think through their lives and so on. Flare and Nero are both good natured people who love children and love to spend time with them just to hear the innocence that they possess.

Character History: (Place at least at least 5 paragraphs of a history here. Your Birth, Your Past Friends, Family, How you got to where you currently are etc. For Canon Characters, NO copying. If I see information has been copied straight from Wikipedia I will reject your Profile. Instantly! Include Final Fantasy background as well as Kingdom Hearts background, your homeworlds did exist!)

Flare and Nero's story starts with Nero. Nero lived in a family of nobles who had taken the place of the royal family after their death. Nero was the eldest son of 'Lord Falcar' (the head of the family) and as such was trained to be a lord and leader as a boy. Nero had a happy child hood, he was always the centre of attention and treated with great respect. Nero had a lot of friends, he didn't mind that most of them just stuck around to look good because he had a few true friends who really cared for him and kept him going when things got tough. Nero was a well trained fighter and would often battle children who dared to insult him or his family. As the next 'Lord Falcar' Nero became a well trained diplomat and politician.

Nero's life changed drastically when he was nine. His mother gave birth to twins who were named Seltex ( Cell-tex) and Leamarden (Lee-a-mar-den). Though he was going to be the next 'Lord Falcar' Nero found his parents paying less attention to him. At first Nero made enemies with his siblings but before they were a year old he had become protective of them and started to spend hours with them. When they were three (Nero was tweleve) the family held a huge celebration for them. They were so wrapped up in the party that they did not know that the doors out had been locked and their rival family. The rivial family set the house alit and to their knowledge killed all inside. What they didn't know is that because of Nero's fire abilites he was able to escape. Nero in despair ran from his home town and into the forest, for days he hid himself under the roots of a large tree. he cried wishing he could just die as well. On his fifth day he dragged himself from under the tree and to a small creek where he washed his face and drank. As he sat watching the river flow a voice said to him, "Now, now why are you so sad?" Nero looked around but found no one. He called but there was no answer, he finally decided he had imagined it and went back to watching the creek. Then the voice said, "Lets talk". Nero blacked out and woke up in a black abyss where he could hear water dripping. Standing infront of him was a black haired boy who looked identicle to Nero (with the exception of the hair).

Nero asked the boy who is was and asked why he was with him. The other boy called himself Flare and said that he knew nothing about what had happened to him before he first spoke to Nero. Despite been confused Nero didn't see any other option but to befriend the stranger. Flare and Nero became quick friends and Flare was able to help him live in the forest with his natural knowledge. Nero Travelled with Flare as company for four weeks. Flare was always happy to talk to Nero and comfort him when times were hard. Nero often found himself in the black abyss where he first met Flare, Flare explained to him that the abyss was his world and that he would have to learn to rebuild his world. During the fourth week Nero was attacked by a pack of wolves, before the wolves had a chance to attack Nero found he was unable to control his body. He felt something in his hand and discovered a Katana instead of his usual Samurai sword. The Sword like his own had holes in it and comming out of those holes was fire. Still out of control Nero found his body running towards the pack, he watched himself kill the pack.

When they were dead Nero found himself in control of his body again, "What happened?" He asked. Flare told him to find somewhere safe to hide then he could explain everything. Flare took Nero into the black world again and explained to him; Elementals have spirits in them, as a Fire elemental Nero had a fire spirit. After the death of his familiy Nero had felt so upset and alone that he had unconsciously created a second personality and when he had done so he also split his fire spirit in half which resulted in the creation of two seperate entities living in one body. Flare also explained that he was the locked half of Nero's fire spirit, the half he wasn't able to use before now. The down side to the bargain of being stronger was that Nero would never be able to rid himself of Flare and the fact that in times of great stress Flare would automatically take over their body.

For several months the two moved through the country side swtiching between who controlled the body. They finally came to a small town called Benyo where the stopped for the night. The inn keeper was a kind man called Peter who they ended up telling him the story of what happened to them. Peter felt for the boys and offered to let them stay for free, though one of them would have to become the permenent face of the body since it would raise too many questions for the boys if people noticed the fact there were two people living in one body. They finally agreed on it been Flare since Nero didn't want to risk someone recognizing him. Flare did chores around the Inn during the day and at night he would go out into the forest and allow Nero to take control. The two lived happily with Peter in the Inn. After two weeks Flare met a boy his own age called Lethario. Lethario was the to-be-lord of the town. Lethario and Flare made friends quickly and before long Flare found himself living with Lethario as his younger brother.

Flare and Nero agreed never to tell Lethario the truth about who they were. For the next tweleve years Flare lived as Lethario's brother. Flare got on well with Lethario as he was also an elemental. Since the Falcar's were killed Alagor from the Falcar's rival family had ruled, now he saw Elementals as a threat to his hold over the people and ordered his army to find all Elementals and kill them. Lethario and Flare were forced to flee their home. They were quickly captured by the army and taken prisoner. In the metal carraige they were kept in they met Troy, who was an earth elemental. For weeks they travelled in the carraige and all became friends. As the travelled Nero began to talk to Flare more often, for the past tweleve years Nero had said little. He kept talking about how he could sense something was off. It was soon after that Flare met another fire elemental. he was a young boy with black hair who Flare and his companions fondly named 'Angel face'. the boy would bring them food and water every night.

One evening the men gaurding Flare, Lethario and Troy grew bored. They pulled Flare from the carraige and doused his body in water. Since he was a fire elemental this made Flare feel weak and sick. When they were done they carelessly threw him back into the carraige, in the cold metal carraige Flare was left unable to reheat his body and for the next several days fell in and out of consciousness. For those days he lay in the black abyss with Nero tending to his mental wounds. Nero spoke to him sweet nothings for the whole time.

Troy and Lethario watched over Flare constantly, both of them hoping desperately for him to wake up and show them he was alright. Finally 'Angel face' came to them with another boy, the two broke the three elementals out of the carraige. They took them as far as they could that night before finding a clearing to stay in until morning. In the morning the boys introduced themselves. 'Angel face' called Seltex and his companion Leamarden. Despite his joy at finding his brother's alive Nero would not allow Flare to say anything. The boys led the elementals to a house where they lived with the heads of a rebellion. The Rebellion's goal was to destroy the Warper family (the rivals of the Falcar). Among the rebellion was a water elemental called Aleyah, with all four elements the Rebellion became stronger. The rebellion grew in size under the Warper's nose and finally they decided it was time to move out and make a camp far away from the large towns where they may be noticed. Before the year was out the Rebellion had reached five-thousand. Flare had met a young woman by the name of Amy and they had arranged to marry when the war was over.

Nero had being talking to Flare a lot more often since the start of the rebellion and guided him in many militairy decisions. The two almost always agreed, but when Flare refused to go to the desert to find the lost half of the Falcar family, Nero became anrgy. Nero spent every waking moment pestering and annoying Flare up to the point where Flare began to physically break down. the leaders of the rebellion were worried that Flare was unable to handle the pressures of war. The four elementals along with the heads of the rebellions (they called themselves the Zanders) headed away form the main camp going west to find more men. They came to a small town that Lethario and Flare knew well. Their home town of Benyo lay before them, but it was just a pile of rubbel and smoking wood. Flare raced straight to the inn where he found Peter lying on the floor close to death. Peter toldhim how good he was and he believed that if Flare and Nero worked together they could end this war. Peter died in Flare's arms after saying goodbye to Nero.

Waiting in the main hall of the town was the son of the Warper "king". He knew that Leamarden would be king if the Warpers were defeated. The two agreed to a duel, and if Leamarden was to lose Seltex would battle the prince so there was no Falcars left. Leamarden and the prince dueled for close to an hour before the prince threw him aside and moved on to Seltex. The prince got lucky and quickly disarmed Seltex, he prepared to land the final blow but as he did Flare put himself between the two and was stabbed in the back. His hair became a birlliant red, as Nero took over the body, he begged Seltex to tell him he was alright but Nero was unconscious before Seltex could reply. Leamarden had witnessed the whole thing from where he was lying. Berelio, who had raised the boys and was also their god father recognised Nero right away. He shouted out to the younger boys and they quickly defeated the prince.

Nero lay in the black abyss for days, Flare sat with him tending to all mental wounds. Meanwhile healers worked tirelesly to save Nero and Flare's body. Lethario went into shock when Berelio explained his theory to Lethario of how there were two people living in one body (for the record he was correct). Finally after three days Flare opened his eyes. Nero refused to talk to Berelio as he was too scared that he may be scolded. Nothing anyone said would change his mind. Amy came to visit Flare, when she came he told her that they could not be together because it would be wierd having two husbands in the end. Amy left soon after.

Two weeks after they woke back up Nero agreed to come out and talk to everyone. Nero told them about his plans to try and find the Falcars in the desert and after many hours he managed to get premission to go. With him went Troy, Aleyah and Lethario. Nero spent many hours trying to reason with his distant cousin and almost convinced him to help out in the rebellion, but by that time the stress of the situation got too much and Flare took over ruining all chances Nero had of getting the other Falcars to help. Defeated the elementals returned to tell the Zanders that the Falcars could not help them.

So the Zanders prepared for war, Leamarden acting as the head of the army even though the older Zanders were the brains behind the rebellion. As the rebellion moved Nero found himself getting more and more annoyed at Flare and finally he used a powerful spell to seal Flare away ignoring the fact that he would now be weaker. The battles proved easy for the rebellion, and when the Desert Falcars came to help it made it all the more easier.But the Warper "king" finally stepped foward and challanged Leamarden to a duel. Leamarden was going to accept but Nero decided it was his battle. After all these years there was one thing he had to do to put himself at peace; destroy the one who destroyed his life. Nero started to battle the Warper "king" but without his extra powers was weak against his enemy. As he lay waiting for the final blow, he felt himself lose control of his body and realised that somehow Flare had broken out of the seal he had been locked in. With the help of Flare, Nero was able to finish of the man who destroyed his life.

Shorty after the end of the war Leamarden was named king, Nero set his mind to rebuilding the Falcar family and returning them to their rightful place as the royal families personal gaurd. Seltex became the royal documentor, keeping records of the rebellion and all that happened afterwards. As the months passed Nero found Flare's power getting weaker. Flare explained that Nero didn't need him anymore and it was time for Nero to stand on his own two feet. And so Flare was gone. Nero married Aleyah and life went on.

Two years later strange things started to happen. These odd black creatures came to the world and started killing people, Seltex and Leamarden disappeared in black smoke and Flare returned. He told Nero that he had been acting as a gaurdian angel and it was time for them to leave this world and find the twins. Only moments after Flare took Nero away their home was destroyed. Flare returned to Nero's body.

*Note. As a fire elemental Flare and Nero have to keep their tempreture up, if they get wet and it's cold it make it difficult for them. that is why Flare got ill when he was taken prisoner.

Sorry about spelling mistakes, my computer doesn't have microsoft word.

Character's Physical Description: (You may place a picture of how your character looks, but you must also write a paragraph on how they look.)

Nero - Nero is tall, about 6ft6 with dull green eyes. he is lanky and slightly built. His hair is a pale red.
Flare - Flare is about 6ft6, dull green eyes, lanky and slightly built. His hair is black.
(picture comming shortly)

Roleplaying Sample:
(A Role playing sample to read. May be from a past role play, beginning post or in the middle of. Remember you are trying to impress. You must post at least four full paragraphs. It ALSO must be writing of the Character you are signing Up For. *Note*- Five Sentences per paragraph.)

Nero sat down in the grass sighing happily as he looked up at the sun which shined brightly down on him. Nero removed his heavy black cloak that Flare had dressed him in. With the weight gone Nero was able to fully appreciate the warmth of the sun. Out here and away from civilization Nero was able to think more deeply then usual, he pondered all kinds of things with little or no disturbances.
"Morning Nero"

Accept for when Flare became talketive.
"Morning Flare" Nero replied mentally to his other half.
"It's a bit early to be out here don't you think?" Flare yawned.
Nero chuckled "Well you can go back to sleep until I am done, Can't you?"
"You know I don't like being asleep when we are out in the open"
Flare growled in annoyance.
Nero's chuckle died to a small smile as he stood up, "How about a walk then? That way we keep moving."
Flare replied in agreement.
Nero grabbed the black cloak and began to walk through the medow, happily he watched the birds fly out from the long grass as he moved.

"How long has it being since we left?" Nero asked quietly
Flare let out a breath and his sadness was obvious, "We have being gone a month."
Nero nodded knowing Flare would be able to still pick up his reply, the two then fell back into silence as they each thought deeply about the month since they had left their homworld. though Flare had tried to hide it Nero knew that his home was gone and his last hope was to at least find his brothers in one of the many worlds that still existed. Flare had studied the worlds during his time as Nero's gaurdian angel. Though he had to watch over Nero there were times when he was free to go and research information. As things turned ugly in their homeworld Flare had spent all his time researching heartless and the other worlds. This was now proving helpful to them as they moved in search of the twins, Leamarden and Seltex.

After a good hour Nero stopped to take a rest, he lay himself down in the long grass and closed his eyes. He wasn't expecting it when Flare pulled him in to what they use to refer to as the abyss. After the end of the war it had become much more inviting with trees growing and birds singing, though since the destruction of their home it was now a silent and empty plain of grass. Flare stood infront of Nero smirking.
"Hey Nero, you were looking kind of sad" The black haired man smirked.
Nero glared at Flare "I thought you didn't like us unconcious and in the open" He growled.
Flare just shrugged walking over to him "A few minutes won't hurt." He stopped in front of Nero "Now why don't you rest while I take over for a bit?"
Nero suddenly understood what Flare was up to "So this was your master plan. Get me comfortable then steal control?"
Flare sighed in defeat but a smile still played on his pink lips "Yeah, pretty much."
"Did you ever consider the fact that it is better for a peaceful person like me to be in control rather then someone like you who is a true fire mage."
Nero questioned.
"You mean handsome and a woman magnent?"
Nero let out an annoyed growl "No I meant a totally unpredictable force of nature."
Flare clicked his tongue pulling Nero into the grass with him, "But Nero, you need to rest" All mirth had left Flare's eyes , "You have being incontrol for too long and I can feel your mind starting to lag, it's time for me to have a go and keep us moving. Please?"
Nero yawned loudly, "I see your point. Alright, but keep away from civilization."
Flare nodded, "Gotcha!" With that he left Nero in the grass plain and returned to the real world.

Flare moved faster then Nero did, he walked with purpose even when there was no reason. Flare put the large black cloak onto his body as he went, he liked it, only because it was what he wore during the war and it had helped him stay wam. Even though Nero hated the cloak the red head didn't get rid of it after Flare left, instead he thought of it as a reminder of how he had never being alone even in his darkest moments. Nero no doubt regretted not destroying the cloak because Flare insisted on them wearing it almost all the time. Since they weren't affected by the heat they would be walking around in the black cloak in the middle of summer. Sighing Flare looked out into the town that accompanied this world.
"Hold on Seltex, Lee. Nero and I are comming" He whispered.


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Just a few things to keep in mind.

As they do share a body, they can only be on a world in one post, it makes logical sense just like everyone else.

If they are talking to each other and no one can hear make certain you put a note saying the italics or whatever of their speaking is unheard by anyone but them. If it's not then that's fine. But if it is unheard make certain to state that point.

You can not be in more then 4 posts with the same character still just like everyone else.

But beyond that.


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