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Date: Jan 15, 2009

Have you Beaten Kingdom Hearts 1, 2? Both?

Have beaten both. But, sadly, I got stuck on Sephiroth on both games.

Which Final Fantasies Have you Played/Beaten?

Played FFII, FFIII, but never finished it, I lost the games. Have completed FFVII: Dirge of Cerberus. Currently playing FFVII: Crisis Core, but again, I am stuck on Sephiroth. Why, why must you be so hard to defeat?

Have you read any of the Kingdom Hearts Manga?

I have read part of it, but it didn't really hold my interest for long.

||Name|| Roxas

||Known Names|| Roxas, Rox, Roxie, Number XIII

||Age|| 18

||Race|| Nobody

||Gender|| Male

||Sexuality|| Bisexual

||Path|| Light

||Alliance|| Twilight

||Home World||

Somebody| Destiny Islands

Nobody| The World that Never Was, Twilight Town

||Weapon or Weapons||

Roxas utilizes twoKeyblades.

Oath Keeper| A white keyblade with an intricate design for a blade, in the shape of a star. Has wings for hand guards and what appears to be either a paoupu fruit or a thalassa shell star for a keychain.

Oblivion| A black keyblade, again with an intricately designed blade, although the shape is unclear, but it appears to be crown shaped. The handle is made of two black bat-like wings that meet up at the tip, the space taken by a blue-ish jewel. The key chain is an ebony version of Sora's crown necklace.


Roxas has your standard Nobody abilities, such as the teleportation portal. He also utilizes materia, which he found on his adventures through the Corridors of Darkness (Lord knows how those things ended up there), but he still doesn’t know how to properly wield it, opting to use his trusty Keyblades instead. Roxas’s magical techniques are limited solely to a mastered Cura materia.Unlike the other Nobodies, Roxas lacks an Element that he can manipulate.

||Any Known Contacts||

Sora| Roxas’ Somebody. They were once united in the same body, and he could talk to Sora’s consciousness, much to his annoyance. They are now separate entities.

Namine| Kairi’s Nobody, she helps Roxas remember his Somebody and leads him to Sora.

Axel| Roxas’s best friend from the Organization, and one of the only keys to his past memories of his Somebody, Axel tried to bring him back, but didn’t succeed, even when Roxas did remember.

Pence, Olette, Hayner| Roxas’s closest friends in the Digital Twilight Town, he lived his days thinking that they all grew up together, only to have that reality ripped away when his memories started interfering with the program.

Organization XIII| A group of non-beings whose main goal is to get back their hearts. Roxas is the youngest and lowest ranking member.

||Character Personality||

Roxas is a very open person when talking to friends. His eyes hold his entire expression, thus anyone could tell if he was lying, for example, because the truth would show through. Roxas is a very sweet, very forgiving person who loves to help out the wider community. His friendliness makes him good with younger kids and he often helps with charity runs. Roxas loves his friends and will absolutely anything to help them. He hates not knowing any gossip at all, this habit gets him in trouble often. He is a bit of a cheek, coming up with quirks every now and again, but sometimes end up saying things he didn't really mean. Roxas is a very clumsy person, tripping on thin air on his good days, people on his bad ones. But everyone loves him for his goofy and lax attitude to life.

In battle or with strangers, Roxas clams up. Not because he's nervous, just suspicious of people. Roxas also has his own beliefs, which he stands up for strongly, placing him in situations which put him at odds with the enemy. Being stubborn, Roxas would most likely fight until he died, or until a friend came and knocked him out for the sake of keeping him alive. Roxas is loyal would never run away from a battle, making him an invaluable, if not entirely stupid, member in any army.

||Character History||

Sora had finally found Kairi, motionless, heartless, lying in Hallow Bastion. Ansem stood over her, sneering and explained that her heart resided within his own. So, in a selfless act, Sora plunged a sword into his heart, releasing both his and Kairi’s heart. In effect, Sora became a Heartless.

Thus a Nobody was also created.

Sora awoke in front of the gates of the Twilight Town Mansion, a deserted old house in the outskirts of town. Standing over him was a strange man in a black coat. He introduced himself as Xemnas, Number I of the Organization. He explained to Sora what he was, but soon found out, when he was about to tell him about his Somebody, that he didn’t even remember anything about his past. Christening him with his new name, Roxas, The Key of Destiny, without telling him his true name, he was inducted into the Organization XIII as the youngest member.

The whole orientation day was remembered by Roxas as a blur.

The next day, after being issued the standard uniform, he began to wander the white pristine halls of the Castle That Never Was (a rather stupid name, he thinks), trying to get this bearings. Turning a corner, he was promptly tackled by a red blur who called himself The Flurry of Dancing Flames.

“Or you can just call me Axel.” Came the hasty amendment. And so began a beautiful friendship, although many claim that they were more than simply just friends.

Soon, Roxas (and Axel), was sent on countless missions, checking the status of Heartless movement, looking for more potential members or something of the sort. During battle one day, Roxas discovered his weapon, a ‘Keyblade’, he was told. Soon, he was wielding two. Slicing through Heartless became a breeze. But it also brought on the question of ‘Why?’

Why did he have them?

What link did it have to the past that forever eluded him?

Knowing that the answers he sought wouldn’t be where his current position was, he left.

Axel tried countless times to persuade him otherwise, but was unsuccessful.

“No one would miss me.”

“That’s not true! I would.”

Soon, Roxas was confronted by Riku, who challenged him to a fight. After being beaten, he was blindfolded and taken to DiZ, who put him into a digital version of Twilight Town, the place where he was first found. Along with that, he change his memories.

Roxas of the Organization, was now Roxas of Twilight Town.

Roxas continued to live as though he had been there forever. He had his best friends, Pence, Hayner and Olette, and his rival was Seifer and co. It was the summer holidays, and all he wanted to do was lounge around and go to the beach. But he began to notice some strange things around him. It was at a struggle match, when he had just won, that Axel decided to make his first appearance. Of course, Roxas didn’t recognize him. But it didn’t stop him from trying. Eventually, his strange happenings ended up with this friends not noticing him, himself disappearing from a picture they took as a group, and it all led him to the old manor in the woods.

Namine appeared, and began to tell him everything, what he is, his past and his inevitable future. Afterwards, Roxas went downstairs, where he recovered the rest of his forgotten memories and smashed up a computer holding those memories. After a rematch with Axel, he discovered Sora. With a mournful tune, he merged with Sora, influencing a few of his decisions and aiding Kairi in remembering Sora.

Roxas made one last appearance when Namine was present. They explained to both Kairi and Sora that they would live on in both of them. With that, they returned to their respective Somebodies, making them both whole.

Roxas happily sat most of his time within Sora, making obscene comments whenever he did something wrong, which sadly, Sora could actually hear. He was enjoying his time sitting in the back of Sora’s consciousness until one day everything went black.

When he next awoke, Roxas was Roxas, a separate entity once again. Blinking and disorientated, he began to discover where he was.

||Character's Physical Description||

Roxas is short for his age. He has a lithe build, but is by no means lanky. He has muscles to suit his build. His hair, the colour of molten toffee, no matter how hard you try to brush it, always stands up in stubborn spikes that curve slightly to the right. His skin is a sun-kissed tan, especially his face, which is adorned with dainty facial features. Big baby blue eyes complement these features, giving one the impression of immaturity.

Roxas's clothes often vary from his standard Organization uniform consisting of a long, sweeping cloak, knee-high boots, pants, an undershirt and gloves, all of them items black. When simply wandering around, his perference turns to light coloured shirts, dark baggy pants and his favourite pair of sneakers; black with red laces. He also wears his wrist band and matching rings.

||Role-playing Sample||

(Note: I ‘borrowed’ Raine for this sample. Just a side character.)

“Oh... urgh.” A hand reached up to touch his sore head. “Ooooh... where am I?”

Well, wasn’t that so cliché?

Blue eyes opened and looked about. He jumped to a start, effectively slamming his head on the ceiling of the very, very small cavern he was resting in. Actually it was more like a small cave. In front of him was a boulder. Oh great. How on earth was he supposed to get out of here. He was in a small, cramped space. Like Sora’s min-

Wait, rewind there.

Roxas proceeded to grip his arms, his legs and body.

What in the world is going on here? He continued to rub his head. He could also feel the sand that stuck to his ever-so-stubborn hair. Did Sora eat dirt again? Reaching out, he touched the boulder blocking his escape path. It was real, just like the sand in his hair, and the air he was breathing.

He... He was whole again. Well not ‘whole’ per say, but in his own body. Speaking of which, he hastily looked down and was relieved to see himself clad appropriately in his everyday wear. Sighing, he turned his attention to the object obstructing his way. Leaning against it, he heaved. The giant rock wouldn’t budge. Heaving in another breath, Roxas braced his shoulder and slammed his whole body weight against it. The only outcome he got was a sore shoulder.

Rubbing furiously at the throbbing limb, Roxas gritted his teeth against the pain and grabbed the edge. Pulling with an almighty force, the blond soon found himself on the sand, inhaling said ground covering. Coughing out the offending substance, he rolled over to discover a groove in the ground, indicating the path of the rock. Wow. That was stupid. Shaking the excess sand from his clothes, he got up with what little dignity he had and proceeded to make his way up the beach.

“Oh. I’m still on Destiny Islands.” He noted with relief. Maybe he could find Sora and see if he knows what is going on. Trudging over to the dock where all the kids left their boats, Roxas moodily kicked the sand. Well, there goes all the fun. No more teasing Sora no-

“Oof!” And he once again found himself sprawled in the sand. Spitting out the contents of his mouth, and maybe a crab too, he turned his head to see what he had tripped on.

“What in the-“

A young girl with bright green eyes stared back in shock.


“Do you frequently trip over things?” Came the soft tinkling voice from pale lips. Roxas gaped for a moment, before his brain caught up with his body.

“Excuse me?!” The girl seemed to ponder his response.

“Oh. I guess so then.” Then before he could say anymore, “Hi, I’m Raine Alistaire. I seem to be lost.”

“You don’t say.” Roxas said with a venomous voice. Getting up, he grudgingly helped the girl up, Marluxia’s influence, no doubt, and stomped over to the boats.

“Come on; let’s see if you can find your way back.”





Uhm. I hope that the history wasn't too long.

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Heh to long they say.

Length is something this board owner loves. (Plus) The old requirements was 5 paragraphs for History not three. I lightened it in hopes of more members which sadly has not worked.
But I digress.

The materia thing was Genius biggrin As Roxas never shows any magical abilities he needs someway other then potions to heal himself!

Accepted! (Rp with me! *gives puppy dog eyes*)

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