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Date: Feb 21, 2009
Profile: Zexion

[I hope I'm putting this in the right area! I didn't see any other profile posts here, so just let me know if I need to move this somewhere else!]

Have you Beaten Kingdom Hearts 1, 2? Both?
I’ve beaten KH2, played part-way through KH1 and CoM (currently working on beating Re: CoM), and have watched videos of cut-scenes/gameplay for all three.

Which Final Fantasies Have you Played/Beaten?
Played FFVII, VIII, XII. And yes, I played VIII when it originally came out… I think I was in 7th or 8th grade.

Have you read any of the Kingdom Hearts Manga?
Yes indeed. I own all that’s been translated except for vol. 4 of KH1, although I have read it.

Character Creation

Name: Ienzo

Known Name: Zexion, VI

Age: Nineteen

Race: Nobody, formerly human

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Gay, although he’d tell you he prefers books/knowledge

Path: Twilight – the pursuit of ultimate knowledge

Alliance: Dark – at least as far as our Heroes are concerned

Home World: Radiant Garden

Weapon or Weapons: The Lexicon, and his mind obviously. The Lexicon allows him to not only summon and control illusions, but he can also trap his enemies within it, forcing them to relive their worst fears/memories.

Powers: Illusion – Zexion is a master of illusion, able to not only change his own appearance at will, but also able to prey upon the minds of others. This ties in with his power as a master schemer, and his ability to manipulate others in order to achieve his goals. Then of course, there is his nose; he has an extremely sensitive nose that allows him to detect the presence of another being long before most being would be aware.

Any Known Contacts:
Ansem the Wise – Former mentor, leader of Radiant Garden
Organization XIII – allies in name, barely tolerated partners in crime in most cases.

Character Personality:
Ienzo was an extremely intelligent young man and was quickly made a member of Ansem’s apprentices. This intelligence transferred to the Nobody known as Zexion. Number VI of the Organization, Zexion does not gladly suffer fools, and does not hide his very obvious disdain. He places a great deal of importance on proper behaviour and manners, finding the implied slights against him unbearable.

Dedicated to Organization XIII’s common goal, he takes his missions and assignments with the utmost of seriousness. As such, he often finds himself barely able to tolerate many of the Neophytes, many of whom would much rather goof off.
As Ienzo, he stared into the abyss in search of knowledge. It is this drive that he later turned towards the goal of Kingdom Hearts, hoping to eventually restore his heart.

Zexion is driven. At times sarcastic, he is sometimes even a little caustic towards those he feels are beneath him. He would much rather work behind the scenes, using machinations to destroy his enemies, rather than actually dirtying his hands with “real” combat.

He does not appear to be overly upset by the loss of his Heart, using this as an opportunity to further his studies along with fellow former apprentices Lexaeus and Vexen. The scientific method, after all, does not require you to have a heart in order to pursue further knowledge and research.

Oh yes, it would be best not to call him “emo” or make any remarks about his height or his appearance as “shota-bait.” It generally ends in the guilty party making a trip to the inside of Zexion’s lexicon.

Character History:
Well, you know how it is often said that if you stare into the Abyss long enough, the Abyss will stare back? This is precisely what happened to Ienzo and the rest of Ansem’s Apprentices. Ienzo, along with Even and Xehanort not only urged their master to build an extensive laboratory for their research and experimentations on the Heart, but they went above and beyond the older man’s wildest dreams. They reached out to touch Darkness, and found out that it doesn’t take kindly to impetuous scholars impeding on its territory. 

As the youngest of the apprentices, Ienzo made a great precedent when he joined them at the tender age of fifteen, having already completed his education years ahead of his peers. Even back then, he was more likely to seek out the company of books, rather than other humans unless it came to his experiments. He was the one who, along with Xehanort, spear-headed their proposition to discover the Darkness within Hearts.

Ienzo quickly formed a friendship and alliance with fellow apprentice Aeleus, a bond that would follow the loss of their Hearts. Much speculation has been made as to the exact nature of their relationship, but both Nobodies refuse to dignify such improper and personal questions with any sort of satisfying answer. As apprentices, Aeleus and Ienzo often visited the various museums and libraries of Radiant Garden, occasionally frequenting the random café in search of good tea and better conversation. Weekends were often spent attending lectures, sometimes accompanied by Even and Xehanort; these young men were whole-heartedly dedicated to the search for knowledge.

After the loss of his Heart, Ienzo disappeared in the memories of the few who had known him, leaving behind a being that came to be known as Zexion. Like his Somebody, Zexion was dedicated to his new cause; that of the formation of Kingdom Hearts and the return of his Heart. Aside from the occasional pang of loss, Zexion doesn’t outwardly appear to really miss his Heart all that very much. On the inside, however, he often feels incomplete and as something of a failure. It was his urgings that led him and the rest of Ansem’s apprentices to the ultimate loss of their own Hearts, as well as the destruction of their home world of Radiant Garden. It is for this reason that Zexion requested that Xemnas never send him to Hollow Bastion; he cannot stomach seeing the shadow his once beloved home has become. There is also a part of him that remains somewhat insecure when it comes to not only his youth, but also his position as the youngest, and thereby lowest ranked of the Elders.

Lexaeus remained Zexion’s closest companion and confidant, and it was his loss that led Zexion to actually confront Riku in person. Sadly, it also led to his demise at the hands of Axel and the Riku Replica he had worked with Vexen to create. When he awoke in the very same room he had been destroyed in, he quickly discovered he was alone in the echoing halls of the once pristine Castle Oblivion. Upon further exploration, he found signs of struggle, but little else. He also eventually discovered that his voice now fades in and out after relatively little use; he writes this off as a side-effect of his supposed death by strangulation.

Character's Physical Description:
Zexion is rather short for his age, leading many observers to mistakenly take him for being much younger than his chronological age. His build is slender and typical to his position as a scholar; what need have he of muscles when he can manipulate others into fighting his battles for him? 

His hair is rather long in the front, part of it falling forward to cover his right eye most of the time, and tapering back to shorter, razor-cut spikes on the back of his skull. It’s a strange colour that depending on lighting can appear as slate, silver or even tinged lavender; it’s also possible that part of this is due to his power over illusions. Dark cobalt eyes are often glaring at those around him, although a certain light will appear if he is presented with a new book or when complimented in a particularly gratifying fashion.

When on duty, Zexion wears the issued black leather hooded coat, knee-high boots, gloves, pants and undershirt, everything in deepest, darkest black of course. Otherwise, he tends towards trousers or dark washed jeans with button-ups and the occasional sweater if the weather calls for it. After years of working as a scholar, old habits die hard.

Role-playing Sample:
Coughing harshly, Zexion opened eyes that were bleary and rather disoriented. Ugh, what happened? Did I… die? Reaching up to rub his throat, he flinched and gave voice to a small sound of pain when his fingers brushed against still-vibrant bruises. Oh right… that bastard Axel got that damn clone to kill me. Slowly sitting up, he glanced around the room he was in, quickly realizing it was the very same room he had breathed his last breath.

Well then.

Sniffing the air carefully, Zexion found no recent traces of either VIII or the replica. He also noticed how eerily quiet everything was. Am I the only one left? How did I survive that? I should have died. Instead, he carefully climbed to his feet with the intent to look for any other survivors, although at this point he highly doubted that anyone had been able to stand up to the keyblade master. After all, with traitors in the midst, there was no way they could have presented a united front.

It was almost as if he could see all of his plans, all of his schemes disintegrating before his very eyes. He had known XI was little but a figure-head, there had been whisperings of a revolution among their ranks long before Xemnas assigned Marluxia as the leader of Castle Oblivion. But what had proved to a kink in his plans was the girl, Naminé turning against them, along with Axel working against both sides of their internal war. Sighing and rubbing his forehead, Zexion wished for the familiar presence of Lexaeus; the often silent man seemed to know without asking exactly what he needed. He was genuinely shocked to realize he missed his friend, that he felt remorse and sadness for his actions that had sent the big man to his death.

Gone. They’re all gone. Shaking his head to rid it of these melancholy thoughts, Zexion scoffed out loud to the silent hallway he now found himself slowly traversing. “I don’t have feelings. How can I feel anything without a Heart? I lost that luxury long ago.” 

He stopped in his tracks, eyes widening when the fell upon the signs of what had obviously been a rather violent struggle. Quietly investigating the discarded weapons, the broken bits of plaster and what might have once been part of a cape, he realized that these remains were not that old. A few hours at the very least, and no more than a day at the most. What happened here? Zexion sniffed the air again, detecting the faintest trace of Darkness and a hint of something vaguely floral.

Had that pouf of a Nobody actually managed to survive?

Zexion has a bit of a temper, especially now that he doesn’t have his usual cohorts to back him up. While once loyal to Xemnas, he is admittedly relieved to be acting on his own. The only way the situation would be better would to be reunited with Vexen and Lexaeus.

MSN: (Yes I gave in and downloaded it!)
AIM: helegdae
YIM: sapphiregryphon – yes I know it’s not on the original form, but I thought I’d throw it in for good measure, since I’m almost always available on both YIM and AIM at work and home. ^_^

[I'd also like to apologize for any major ramblings - I blame the cold medicine I'm living on! Also - sorry if any of this seems exceedingly long!]

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Together we shall walk the dusty paths until we reach our ends.


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Your profile made me chuckle with the shota bait, Poor Zexion, shota bait can be good! ^_~



Cloaked Scheming KeyBlade Master

Status: Offline
Posts: 265
Date: Feb 22, 2009

Awesome sauce! I look forward to joining the fun times!


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Together we shall walk the dusty paths until we reach our ends.

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