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Ice Ice baby!

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Date: Mar 1, 2009
Profile: Vexen

And now I simply hope I did this right...

Have you Beaten Kingdom Hearts 1, 2? Both?

Beaten 2, played and seen the scenes from 1 and CoM

Which Final Fantasies Have you Played/Beaten?
FF1, FF4 (both the SNES FF2 released in the US and the GBA and DS re-releases under the FF4 title), FF6, FF7, FF8, FFx-2, FF12, FF12: Revenant Wings, FF Mystic Quest, FF Adventure, FF Legend, FF Legend 2, and watched FF7: Advent Children

Have you read any of the Kingdom Hearts Manga?
Read all of those that have been released in English so far

Character Creation

Name: Even

Known Name: Vexen, Number IV, The Chilly Academic

Age: 29 (though doesn't recall any birthdays after his 25th, and thus becomes very confused when people refer to him as "old man")

Race: Nobody

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Refuses to admit to such unscientific distractions (though when pressed, must confess to a crush on two of his fellow Apprentices in the past)

Path: Twilight   (Knowledge for knowledge's sake gives a sense of amorality--often and unfortunately confused for immorality, though Vexen has neither the skill nor inclination for intentional cruelty)

Alliance: Dark (as most denizens of Light perceive those non-Light)

Home World: Radiant Garden

Weapon or Weapons: Primary- Ice Shield ('Freeze Pride'), Secondary- Ice Sword

Powers: Cryokenisis (Scientific name for Ice/Cold magic); Basic control of Darkness; Ability to exert will over lesser Nobodies and Heartless; Mad science skillz

Any Known Contacts: Organization XIII (though he often wishes he didn't know many of them), Riku, Sora, Naminé, Ansem the Wise (former mentor), the Riku Replica

Character Personality: As a person studying under Ansem the Wise, Even's passion was Forensic Developmental Psychology--the study of memories, how they form and can be changed, and how they create a personality. With psychology often not considered a 'true' science, his profession did not win Even any points within the scientific community, especially within such a newly developed branch of it. Thus has Even fought an ever-uphill battle for the respect of his peers, and he clings to his pride with all the tenacity of a death-grip.

Following the loss of his Heart, Vexen has held on to those personality traits of his memories, knowing what a fleeting, mutable thing a memory is. It is his firm belief that memory of one's Other is all that keeps an advanced Nobody like him and the rest of the Organization XIII from becoming simply another Dusk.

Although a brilliant scientist capable of creating fully functional clones and implanting personalities crafted from observational data, Vexen shows a propensity for some startlingly 'Blond' moments (it is likely he will never live down the time he suggested that Riku and the Superior smelled alike because they wore the same cologne). Perhaps in an effort to compensate, he tends to be concerned with how others see him and makes attempts to be 'cool'. Without a concrete gauge to measure such a thing, however, Vexen honestly doesn't know how well he has succeeded in such ventures.

Character History: The only son of a hermetic devotee of the Eidolon Shiva, Even grew up on the outskirts of Radiant Garden, near the Crystal Fissure. From his mother, he learned the magic of Ice and advanced quickly, even mastering the Diamond Dust spell. Following his 13th birthday, his mother died. From there, his desire to simply know the why of things grew rapidly. He wanted nothing more than to deconstruct the World he lived in, to see how it worked and the reason it worked that way. He excelled in his schooling much the way he had in magic, burying himself in things that made sense, for which there always was a reason if one were willing to dig deeply enough.

Coming to study under Ansem the Wise was a testament to all the work he'd done, and he basked in the pride such a lofty position carried with it. Until he learned he wasn't the only one, and that there is always someone better. It was impossible to beat the other Apprentices at everything, so he turned his attentions back to what he'd always wanted to know: Why. Choosing the most complicated puzzle that existed was a simple way to prove his expertise--if he could solve it. Thus Even began studying people. The way they worked, and more importantly, why they did the things they did.

Xehanort's amnesia seemed like a gift from the gods themselves, and he became obsessed with unlocking the secrets of a mind that could not remember anything that had formed the person who stood before him. So focused on Ansem's star pupil, Even required little convincing to see the potential with studying the Darkness within a person's Heart. Specifically Xehanort's, which Ansem had been fostering as part of his own experiment until their Mentor had recognized the dangers of it.

Because he had been studying Xehanort so closely, Even was present when their study of Darkness passed the point of no return. As witness to the first of the six Apprentices falling to the Darkness, Vexen knows exactly what Xemnas and Xehanort's Heartless are capable of. And knows he would never be a match against either. His fear (whether a real, animalistic survival-instinct or simply the memory thereof) of Xemnas is well-known and has been used by other members of the Organization as a bargaining chip to get Vexen to cooperate with things he normally wouldn't.

Character's Physical Description: At six and a half feet, Vexen never really gave it much thought how Zexion would have him, along with Lexaeus, fetch things down from high shelves. Occasionally, if unwittingly, reinforcing the stereo-type, he is a natural blond with his hair down to the middle of his back, worn in a tail or pinned at his nape with a pair of pencils while working. A narrow waist and disproportionally flared hips have, on unfortunate occasion, gotten him confused for a woman when seen from behind.

His features are austere, high cheek bones and a sharp chin emphasized by a spare frame that could stand to see a few extra cheeseburgers added to his diet. When embroiled in a project Vexen tends to forget to both eat and sleep, which gives him a perpetual heavy-lidded, sleepy expression.

Having little creativity in the realm of fashion, Vexen sticks to his uniform--black coat brushing the floor and hiding his feet and with sweeping sleeves over standard-issued black boots, black pants, black shirt, and black gloves. Privately, Vexen has wondered if perhaps the color was chosen as much for symbolically mourning their own deaths as Somebodies, as it was for versatility in any World.

Role-playing Sample: When he opened his eyes (after wrapping his mind around the fact that he had eyes to open), Vexen had been certain that he would be looking at the dreary, somewhat creepy walls of the Cave of the Dead. Or even the dismal shores of the Realm of Darkness. But certainly not the blindingly white walls of Castle Oblivion. Though from his vantage point of the polished floor he had only a view of the ceiling, something seemed slightly off about the room he was in... Shouldn't it have looked like Twilight Town?

Did I dream it..? The first, fleeting thought was squashed the moment Vexen tried to sit up. His entire body ached horribly, and he fell back to the floor with a hiss. He burned me! his mind screamed, That bastard... he burned me!

It was likely sheer stubborn will and fury that helped the Chilly Academic roll to his side enough to lever himself into a seated position. Arms trembling as he held himself up, he glared at the room, taking in the faint evidence of battle--mainly a scotch mark along the step and the lingering scent of smoke. He had no idea why he was alive right at this minute... perhaps even death had no room for Nobodies. But Zexion and Lexaeus needed to be warned.

"Damn... traitor," Vexen forced himself to his feet. He needed to find Zexion and Lexaeus before Marluxia turned Axel or Larxene on them as well. There was the possibility of the card he'd made granting him this second chance (Or would this be the third?) at living; although checking his pockets revealed not a single useful thing. "How does leather even make lint?" he grumbled, dusting off his hands and making his slow, painful way toward the door leading down.

First thing was first. Find his companions. Then... then they would deal with the traitors.

Extras: Vexen is somewhat addicted to both coffee and chocolate. Anything combining the two is, in his professional opinion, pure genius.

Email: ithilgwath [at] yahoo [dot] com (though I don't check it regularly..)
AIM: ravenserpent (also not checked regularly)
YIM: ebonykain

-- Edited by Frozen Scholar at 07:44, 2009-03-01

Vexen: Freaks of Fatality
I carry a dungeon within me; within me is the chill of winter, the chill of despair; darkness enwraps my soul.

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Date: Mar 1, 2009

Weeee it's my Vexen! ^__^ *snuggles*


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Together we shall walk the dusty paths until we reach our ends.


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Date: Mar 1, 2009

You are epic my friend. Epic.

That profile made me chortle and grin. Chortle and grin.

Accepted and welcome ^_^


Ice Ice baby!

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Date: Mar 1, 2009

Epic?  I'm epic?  
*feels shocked and loved*


Vexen: Freaks of Fatality
I carry a dungeon within me; within me is the chill of winter, the chill of despair; darkness enwraps my soul.


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Posts: 308
Date: Mar 1, 2009

Yup you ish Epic ^_^ And feel the love. *huggles*

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