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Date: Mar 10, 2009
Camar'a (Plot and History)


European Style Medievel/Fantasy world.

Their are many different races in this world, Drow, Elves of three different types beyond Drow. Fae. Many races that come straight from fairytales including Vampires.

Two countries have been at war for centuries, they have finally come to a peace agreement through a marriage contract.


In Cama'ra their are two lines of Royal Family, the line that has divine blood from the 'light' Gods, and one from the line of the 'dark' Gods. The Royales were sprung from the 'dark' Gods. Through their lines has been the forbidden and banished art of necromancy and many through this line became liches and Lich Kings. The Queles being healers and protectors, the light to the darkness. Though even with these great powers at their disposal neither family could keep the heartless at bay. The two families agreed that their heirs would marry and then through the child begot between the heirs of both families, with the powers of both perhaps the child could stop the onslaught of the heartless.

The Kings and Queens  were murdered in mysterious events, a carriage incident and a brigand attack. With their deaths the land was shoved into chaos as by the mandates of the world only those with the blood of the Gods in their veins could rule. Civil war irrupted. With the death of their rulers, the last heir who was only 10 at the time was written off to be dead.

The Royale Prince Drefan had fallen into darkness and lost his heart becoming a heartless and lost his soul to the God of Death becoming a liche. Drefan found Nathan alive the night Prince Nathanial's parents were killed by brigands. He decided he would see if he could bring the 'child' to the side of darkness so he did not need to kill him. He experiemented on the boy, torturing and abusing him trying to plunge him deeper into the darkness until he snapped.

Nilec, Nathans step sister Queen of the North deserts nearly found where Drefan was doing all of this and he had to flee with the boy his plans not quite ready yet. The last three years both Drefan and Nathan have been gone from Camar'a and because of the civil war and heartless the country of Camar'a is close to destruction. James King of the north is poised to attack and take over by force the south his forces far more ruthless and better trained then the souths. Nathan must somehow make it home and have the courage and will to take back his throne. But to do this he must also have the strength to fight and take Drefans life.


Nathanial with the help of two Guardians, a Half Angelic Paladin and a Vampire found his way back to the throne. It is now 20 years later, but the fight against Drefan still effects this world. A Drow Vampire still lives who controls the undead and the world is in a state of cease fire. But both countries know the marriage contract could fail and war could break out at anytime.

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