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Date: May 22, 2009


Known Name: Vincent Valentine

Age: Physically he is 27. Chronologically he is 60

Race:  Wutain (human)

Sexuality: Bi-Sexual. Mostly asexual

Path: Twilight

Alliance:  Many years ago it had been to Twilight since Vincent held morals and a heart despite being a Turk. Now, after suffering his tragic past and being befriended by Avalanche Vincent Valentine follows the light (reluctantly - he doesn't really want to be invovled in either case.)

Home World:  Gaia (FFVII)

Weapon(s): Golden Metal Claw Gauntlet covering left hand; Cerberus - triple barrelled gun, his preferred weapon; Death Penalty - long range rifle.

Powers: bInhuman speed, agility and hearing; able to change into monsters at will - used as Limit break normally - Hellmasker, Death Gigas and Galient Beast. Able to take a newly revealed form of a morphing cloak; Stealth/information collecting etc. Extremely advept at popping out of nowhere especially when needed.

Any known contacts:  Avalanche - Cloud Strife, Tifa Lockheart, Cid Highwind, Yuffie Kisiragi, Barret Wallace, Aerith Gaisonbourgh, Red XIII or Nanaki. The Turks - Rufus ShinRa, Reno, Tseng, Elena and Rude. Shelke. Reeve.
Character Personality : to be intimidating, dark and dangerous. However the cloak most likely covers his mouth because he wishes to hide behind it.
Vincent is surprisingly a shy person who hates being the centre of attention. He will tolerate this for short periods of time because it is either necessary, or to appease friends, especially Yuffie who will pers
Vincent is a naturally quiet reserved man who rarely speaks. Mostly he speaks only when necessary - someone is talking to him or he has to impart important information. Generally Vincent feels comfortable only when he has instigated the conversation but has grown out of his shell a bit and his able to speak more openly with Avalanche.
Vincent’s cloak covers the lower have of his face, specifically his mouth. Seen in long profile Vincent is an impressive figure, appearing ist until he has a headache.
Vincent is forwards and straight to the point. He doesn’t believe in sugar coating anything, as this will in the long run hurt the person more as it provides false hope and comfort which only makes the inevitable so much worse. He, therefore, is reliable for an honest answer, although he may be reluctant to provide one at first, withholding information isn’t his style.

Vincent’s hesitance to speak means he is perceived to be calm, cool, collected and perhaps a little bit icy. His silence makes him a good listener able to soak in information which can be stored for future reference. Also despite appearances, and lack of facial expression, Vincent does have a heart. He cares for his friends deeply since they managed to worm their way in during Crisis. An example is Vincent’s presence at the healing pool in Aerith’s church when Cloud was set back. If Vincent hadn’t cared, he simply would not have been present.


Character History:


Vincent Valentine’s father Grimoire was a research scientist working alongside Lucrecia Crescent who was his assistant. She was studying the Omega WEAPON and Chaos before meeting Vincent with only one solitary Cetra text as reference. Her theories inspired her to write a thesis on it which was highly ridiculed by the science world. Following a lead on Chaos Lucrecia and Grimoire discovered a strange almost black gaseous substance which would later become violent and kill Grimoire. This substance would be called G-substance. Lucrecia is shocked to find it is Vincent Valentine - Grimoirse’s son - who has been assigned to protect her. Still feeling guilty and responsible over his death, she was unsure who to act around him but eventually both form a comfortable easy friendship.


However Vincent’s feelings move past friendship but his romantic inclinations were never reciprocated by Lucrecia. Although Lucrecia - and eventually Hojo - become aware of his emotions Vincent was work to keep them hidden as possible for a Turk is meant to be cold hearted and mechanical. For his superiors to find out he had fallen for charge would be disastrous. His naturally reserved nature with his extreme control over his facial features allows this to be possible.


Vincent is disappointed and hurt over Lucrecia’s rejection of him and acceptance of superior scientist Hojo. Even so he nobly refuses to interfere believing her happiness was more important than his fidelity. Here Vincent again demonstrates a heart and principles Turks are supposed to lack.


Hojo develops an obsession with Jenova determined to utilise her cells and sees the perfect opportunity in his unborn child. Vincent becomes increasingly angry and distressed at being forced to watch his love suffer and worry over her pain and the health of her unborn child. Believing the experiments should cease and it wrong to use and alter an unborn child like that Vincent eventually works up enough steam to confront Hojo. This proves to be fatal as Hojo, who cares for nothing but successful experiments, did not hesitate to shoot Vincent in the stomach. Vincent however does not die like Hojo intended. A determined Lucrecia saves his life…at a price. Growing frustrated at being unable to stop the tissue decay Lucrecia injects him with G Substance making him host to Chaos. Despairing over being unable to control the monster Vincent has become the Protomateria appears which she uses to calm Chaos and restore Vincent’s control. Unfortunately he is left unprotected and unconscious and quickly falls into Hojo’s slippery hands. Grievous experiments are conducted up on, making him immortal - looking like the same heartbroken 27 year old some 30 years later - allowing him to survive Hojo’s manipulations. When waking up Vincent reacts in horror to Galient Beast shutting himself away in a coffin in the basement of ShinRa Mansion to sleep away forever.


Vincent is next seen some time before Crisis being awoken by the Turks and Zack. Verdot who had worked alongside Vincent years before solves numerous riddles to locating him and instantly recognises him. Despite being interrupted by Avalanche Vincent assists them in looking for a special materia they had been searching for and getting them out the building. This was shortly after Zack and Cloud made their escape after their four year imprisonment.


Vincent is next discovered by Cloud and demands to know what Sephiroth has become, recognising him to be Lucrecia’s child. Feeling guilty and responsible over doing nothing and not stopping the outcome of the experiment he strives to sleep once more but is stopped by Cloud. After explaining Vincent shuts himself in the coffin again before changing his mind, catching Cloud just before he leaves the vincinity.


Vincent alongside Yuffie at the conclusion of FFVII (this is revealed in the cut scene introducing Dirge of Cerberus) were assisting in the evacuation of Midgar. He requests Yuffie check the Mako cannon for life signs, rushing up when one shows up. What he sees is the slumped defenceless body of Hojo and although he intended to kill him, he never got the chance when an explosion blows hojo’s body away and threatens to kill Vincent. He Narrowly escapes with Yuffie’s assistance.


Vincent is pretty much incontestable but shows up every now and then to prevent his new - and protective - friends from worrying too much. Deeply haunted by his past, feeling its weight on his shoulders, Vincent keeps himself secluded - something that proves beneficial as it allows him to save Tseng and Elena from gruesome deaths and tail Kadaj and his brothers. The information he gathers is relayed to Cloud after he saves him using his morphing ability from Kadaj and his brothers. Here Vincent says he has made no effort to attone for his sis but will end up doing so in DOC when he is forced to save the world from Omega and DeepGround. During the two years after Meteor Vincent shows up in Edge asking Tifa where he might purchase a phone and helping to defeat Bahamut SIN summoned by Kadaj. He is also on SHERA, Cid’s ship where they intended to help Cloud but he prevents them from doing so telling them it’s Cloud’s battle now.


Vincent a year later is seen in Kalm apparently living there, during the time of the Meteor celebrations, when a mysterious force attacks by air. Vincent doesn’t hesitate in assisting the town’s people and the WRO members in this matter. The force is revealed by Reeve - head of the World Regenesis Organisation (WRO) to protect Gaia from further harm and to heal it’s present wounds - to be Deep Ground, a secret force of stronger SOLDIERS created by President ShinRa. It is not thought that his son Rufus had known about them, during the time of the transition from Vice, to President, there was so much chaos and ShinRa was destroyed shortly after. The elite force of DG SOILDIERS are the Tsviets who approach Vincent on many occasions about a Protomateria which he has no idea he possesses inside his body. Reeve pleads for Vincent’s help although he is reluctant to do so, over time it becomes clear DG aren’t giving him any choice in the matter.


When it appears that Reeve has been shot Vincent panics, revealing that he cares for the man. Despite being aloof and cold Vincent genuinely cares for all his friends even if some of them or annoying. He is irritated to discover ‘Reeve’ was merely a costume for Cait Sith, Reeve’s robotic robot who had infiltrated Avalanche three years ago.


In edge Vincent meets Shalua Rui, a scientist for the WRO, who claims to be searching for her reason to live (later revealed to be her lost younger sister Shelke, a Tsviet) and that the city has long since been abandoned. Here our reluctant hero encounters Rosso, unknowingly revealing the location of the Protomateria when he transforms into Chaos to defend himself.


Vincent is cared for by Shalua who believes DG has something to do with the Omega WEAPON but the Tsviets attack WRO headquarters before anything can be done about it. Jumping into action Vincent strives to assist the WRO members as much as possible before encounter in Shelke, a seemingly 10 year old girl, who reveals to be 19 despite her appearance. Her reliance on Mako however means she cannot often leave the compound where Deep Ground resides and tires easily. Shelke tries to attack her sister Shalua but is stopped by Vincent who had been supplied by sedative darts by Reeve. Vincent encounters Azul.  When Shalua is attacked by Azul, Vincent is distressed at being forced to leave her behind.


Another encounter with Rosso proves to be less successful when the Protomateria is ripped from his body when she plunges her hand into his chest. He is rescued by none other than Yuffie Kisiragi, but without the Protomateria, Vincent slowly struggles to control chaos who begins to overwhelm him. On a few occasions Chaos manages partial changes before Vincent forces him back, but can only keep him at bay for so long.


Vincent is eventually successful in tracking down Lucrecia’s thesis on Chaos revealing Chaos to be ‘Omega’s squire to the lofty heavans’. Omega only activates of Gaia itself senses a grave fatal pearl, ordering it to take the life stream and take it to a new planet and start afresh. Deep Ground had been hoping to awake Omega early by killing all souls consisting of pure life stream therefore confusing the planet. Chaos was meant to gather souls into the life stream.


Shelke who has been abandoned by Deep Ground is eventually convinced to join the WRO and conducts a Synaptic Net Dive to try to find the Protomateria. Vincent faces the rest of the Tsviets, deafeating Nero and then Weiss, who is revealed to be taken over by the digital form of Hojo, who three years ago and downloaded himself into a network. Hojo had entered him during SND and infused him with Omega. Only with the power of Chaos was Vincent able to defeat Weiss but this activates Omega and therefore Chaos. Shelke tries her best to comminicate with those in the Life Stream eventually finding Lucrecia in Omega with the Protomateria who is successful in returning it to Vincent.


In control of Chaos Vincent is able to defeat Omega and save Shelke. Both Omega and Chaos return to the life stream until they are actually needed.


Lucrecia is seen in a dream sequence, saying she’s glad Vincent survived. In Waterfall Cavern, where she sealed herself she is heard apologizing for Vincent who in the past had visited her and heard the same thing. Only now does he understand why he had to survive, and the reason why she kept apologizing. Vincent thanks her, telling her there is nothing to forgive before leaving, lighter than before, some of the darkness lifted from his soul. Now, although still loving Lucrercia, Vincent feels he is able to let go.


Physical Description:

Vincent Valentine is Wutain in appearance, with creamy pale skin and long dark messy hair. He wears a red bandana across his forehead where some hair protrudes. His long dark tresses frame his face and a heavy red cloak on his shoulders covers the lower half of his face.  The cloak has 6 black buckles across it. The cloak flows down his back terminating somewhere around his knees and is jagged at the bottom.


The rest of Vincent is black, his legs adorning various buckles and pointed metal shoes and a sharp clawed metal gauntlet with a normal gloved hand.


Vincent is 6 feet and was born on the 13 of October with Blood type A. His appearance is quite intimidating.


  His natural eye colour is a deep red, just like his father.

Role Playing Sample:  Vincent couldn't quite believe he was going through with this as he faced the store working up the courage to step in.  The only people he had interacted with since awaking had mainly been Avalanche and the Turks so it was a little daunting, to be faced with this store.  Vincent knew he needed to go in.  He knew the worry Cloud had caused by going on long trips and never answering his phone.  It would reassure them all if he had one on him.  And he'd be reachable in case of an emergency.  The incident with Kadaj, Yazoo and Loz opened his eyes.  Avalanche may very well be needed again.  It seemed this world just couldn't say out of trouble.

Taking a breath Vincent stepped through the threshold of the store, overwhelmed by choice.  Subtly he shook his head, not caring  for the plethora of different models, styles, contracts, colours, sizes.  All he wanted was a modern phone that would work for a few years.  Nothing fancy was required.

"Sir?  Anything you need help with Sir?"  Said the squeaky assistant who caused Vincent to raise his eyebrow.  Perhaps he should have picked a different store.  The woman before him looked a little shaky, her posture folded as if in surrdender but vincent hadn't done any threatening at all.

"A phone,"  He stated bluntly.

The woman blinked.  "W-Well yes Sir, we do sell plenty of those,"  She laughed nervously despite her cheekiness.  "Why don't you take a look around,"

It took Vincent all of two mintues to find a phone similar to Cloud's.  Cloud was young but sensible and if he liked that one that woudl do.  He didn't want to stay longer than necessary. 

Vincent pointed a clawed finger at the phone indicating that would be the one he'd like to purchase.  The woman scurried to collect a model before speaking.  "Excellent choice Sir, the Motorola Razor black.  Very popular.  This model actually has...."  she trailed off seenig Vincent's inpenetrable expression.   He stared at her stonily with red eyes.  "But..."

"I'll read the contract and the instructions,"  Vincent stated making the woman feel like she was being shooed.  She did so, moving quickly to the counter and selling the product to him, if only to get him out of the shop as quickly as possible.

With a small nod, Vincent left the shop, the other customers breathing a sigh of relief as the comfortable atmosphere returned.



Reno Vincent



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