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Post Info TOPIC: Forum FAQ! (Answers To Your Questions Inside!)


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Date: May 22, 2009
Forum FAQ! (Answers To Your Questions Inside!)

Forum FAQ

Section 1: General Information

Where Are The Rules?

Board Rules

(Read Them All!)

What Do The Symbols Under Account Names Mean?

They are for Moderators/Admin/Special Members
- Information Here

Where is the General Forum Chat?

You Can Always Find it In 'Oh The Life'
It is the best way to keep up with the board updates and other members. Please do stop in and say Hi! Admin is much more lenient on activity if you stop in and tell us life is really busy right now.

Can I Help Advertise?/How Do I Advertise?

Yes! Please do help Advertise! If you wish to link someone to an advertisement about the Board LionHeart has one on his LiveJournal - Board Advertisement

Section 2: Character Creation

Where Does My Profile Go?

This Section - Creation

What Canon Characters are Available?

This Information is - Characters (Availability)

Where is The Template?

Right Here - Character Profile (Template)

Can I post Unfinished Profiles?

No! Just tell us if you require more time before posting your profile in PM, we are pretty understanding as long as you keep us updated. But do not post unfinished profiles in the Creation Section!

Do I have to Write Exactly as Much as is stated in sections in the Character Template?

Yes! Though the amount stated is a minimum - more is fantastic, but we want at least the amount stated. So if you can write more go right ahead!

If you are having difficulties with hitting the minimum lengths specified contact Admin, LionHeart will ask you to personally, One on One role play with him. If you do well enough in this the profile is not as important. But only in those circumstances!

Are Made Ups Allowed?

Yes! They are. But Mary/Gary Stues are not accepted here! Think long and hard on your character, well it work in a Kingdom Hearts/ Final Fantasy setting? If you need help with this contact Admin, Lionheart.

Section 3: General Role Playing Information

Can I control NPCs/Monsters?

Yes, Monsters as in Nobodies and Heartless can be controlled by players. In The plot threads when Hollows are introduced you will be controlling your character and the Hollow you face in combat at the same time!

Yes, NPCs as in shopkeepers, bartenders, random joes on the street can be controlled by players. The only rule about this is no controlling canon characters that we either do already have or don't already have. If in Radiant Garden do not write as Yuffie if your not Yuffie!

Section 4: The Plot!

What is This Plot I keep Hearing About?

All Information is linked from in
(Please Read Everything Before Asking Questions!)

Must we participate in the Board Plot?

If you wish to just casual role play on this forum please do so! The Plot is simply for those who wish among their casual rps, to have serious one as well. If you wish in on the plot contact Admin, LionHeart and he will see what he can do!

If a World Has Fallen In Plot has it outside of Plot?

No! It has not. If a world has fallen in plot, it is still completely fine outside of plot! A stickied thread will be posted in worlds that have fallen in plot so those who are participating in plot will know. So Repeat- Worlds that have fallen in Plot are fine out of plot!

If I participate in the plot can I still casually Rp?

Yes! You can and please do! Remember 3 thread limit per character. Remember though, out of plot and in plot do not mix. If you know someone in the plot thread that doesn't mean you know them outside of the plot thread. (That is of course if you have not meet them in game!)

This FAQ Will be added to when more questions are asked! So Please contact Admin, LionHeart with your questions. If you ask about it, that probably means others will eventually to!

-- Edited by LionHeart on Friday 19th of June 2009 04:33:41 AM

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