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Sephiroth Application

Answer These Questions FIRST:

Q: Have you Beaten Kingdom Hearts 1, 2 and Chain of Memories? (State which or All!)
A: Kingdom Hearts I and II, I have played most of Chain of Memories, up until the world before Marluxia.

Q: Which Final Fantasies Have you Played/Beaten?
A: Final Fantasy I, II, IV, V, VI, VII (Original, Crisis Core, and Dirge of Cerberus), VIII, IX, X, X-2, XII, Tactics, Dissidia, and Crystal Chronicles, most of which I have beaten with the exception of X-2 and IX which I could not finish.  I am currently working on Dissidia.

Q: Have you read any of the Kingdom Hearts Manga?
A: I have read a little of Chain of Memories and II.

Character Creation

Name: Sephiroth

Known Name: Sephiroth

Age: Around 25-30

Race: Human, with a little Jenova mixed in

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Gender Apathetic, but prefers males because they can withstand his harshness.

Path: Neutral, he has no issues hurting others to gain his means, however, this does not mean buried with his memories isn't a time when he would fight for those he respected.

Alliance: Dark, since most of his intentions involve harming others to get his way this always appears to be his path. 

Home World: Gaia

Weapon or Weapons: Masamune, the immensely long Odachi

Powers: Above average strength, intellect, speed, and a highly proficient use of materia.

Any Known Contacts: Almost anyone in the FFVII world would know him.

Character Personality:
Quiet and reserved in his mannerisms he is far from socially awkward, but rather chooses to not deal with humanity.  His exterior is that of cold and complete professionalism. He will only give his respect to those whom he has deemed worthy.  His is confident to the point it could be read as arrogance on his part.  He often speaks like the know it all book worm and tactful in his choice of wording.  He will rarely lose his cool, remaining calm and collected.  He is very vengeful and ruthless in his ways if he deems it so.  He is quite calculating in that he will analyze a situation and try to adapt it so it is beneficial to him.
Sephiroth will go along with any scheme so long as it is beneficial to himself, however, if the situation turns sour on his end, he will cut off ties.  He has no problem manipulating people or a situation to get the goal he desires.  He would sooner trust himself than anyone outside of his person due to an extreme distrust of humanity. 

Character History:
Sephiroth was born out of the Jenova Project, originally headed by Dr. Gast.  The objective was to recreate a hybrid of the organism Jenova (thought to be a Cetra) in hopes of finding the Promise Land. Jenova, however, was proven by Ifalna to not be a Cetra, but rather a Great Calamity upon Gaia. Gast would leave the Project due to this fact.  Professor Hojo, who fathered Sephiroth with Lucrecia Crescent, would take the helm over the project. 
As a fetus he was injected with Jenova's cells, which merged with his own DNA almost flawlessly.  His birthplace is believed to be Nibelheim, however, he is moved to Midgar shortly after his birth.   He never knew his real mother and was only told that his mother, Jenova, died during childbirth. As a child he respected Gast a great deal, but saw Hojo as an incompetent scientist.  He knew from the beginning that he was different from everyone else, but never thought deeper into the subject.

His childhood was spent being raised by Shinra Corporation to be a solider.  He was placed in intense training since a child to perfect his use in magic and combat on the battlefield. As a result, he was the first member of SOLDIER, and started the program.   All went according to plan, he was instilled as the General of SOLDIER.  He was incredibly strong and effective earning himself fame all over the sphere of Shinra's influence.  He was well trusted to the point President Shinra would call upon him to complete the tasks that threatened Shinra's livelihood.
Under the command of Director Lazard he led the campaign against Wutai to expand Shinra's empire.  His power was unprecedented and his tactics in battle landed numerous victories to the Shinra Army.   He became the poster boy for SOLDIER, enticing many young boys to join the program in attempts to become another Sephiroth.  Despite being the top of his class he did have friends within the program.

His two main friends were Angeal and Genesis.  They were close to Sephiroth often found joking around with him when the other soldiers weren't around. Although Genesis was rather jealous of the fame Sephiroth received they still got along well enough.  He would constantly look for some edge in his power to take away the hero status from his friend. Angeal would act as the seemingly older peace keeper making sure nothing got out of hand between his hot headed friend and the reserved General.
All this began to change however when Genesis was inflicted a wound during a routine training session.  The wound did not heal as planned.  Genesis was taken to Deep Ground to undergo special treatment. Sephiroth and Angeal were deeply concerned and tried to help their friend.  Sephiroth became disheartened when he was told he could not be used as a blood donor.  His blood was not viable.  He did not take this in stride and began to wonder why he was not suitable to help his friend.  As time passed he and Genesis grew further apart from each other. 
Genesis eventually defects from Shinra and goes MIA.  His defection causes numerous 3rd and 2nd ranks to follow him.  Orders are given out that he must be stopped. Angeal along with his pupil, Zack Fair,  got to Fort Tamblin to stop Genesis's army from complicating matters.  When fighting against the strange soldier copies of Genesis, Angeal goes missing.  Sephiroth leads himself to believe Angeal took off with Genesis and has now defected from the army as well.
He is now placed within a tough position with orders to eliminate his friends.  He bypasses some of these missions by sending out Zack Fair in his place.  His hopes are that Zack's young spirit and friendship will eventually bring Angeal back to them. This does not happen as Sephiroth believes Genesis to have died in Modeoheim along with Angeal.  Lazard would also disappear due to Hollander's tricks.  Sephiroth along with Zack would chase the man to find answers to what happened to their friends. Along the way Sephiroth learns more about the mysterious Project G, which took his friends away from him.  As time goes on this takes a toll on him.  He begins to doubt how useful he is to Shinra and hints to Zack that the upcoming mission to Nibelheim will be his last before he resigns from SOLDIER.  

Nibelheim, a routine mission, was an eye opener to Sephiroth's past revealing the nature of his creation and birth to him.  As a child he was only told the name of his mother, Jenova, even if it was false.  Finding a room labelled Jenova in the Mako Reactor along with the creatures being created there, Sephiroth started to question his own existence branding himself as a monster.  Genesis made a reappearance in his life stating he was part of Project S.  He explained that Sephiroth was a perfect monster born from Jenova's cells and perfected compared to Project G.
Sephiroth torn by the truth that was revealed to him, locked himself in the basement of the mansion in Nibelheim.  He spent days underground reading and mulling through accounts on Jenova, Project S, and the Cetra.  Through the twisted accounts of Hojo, he conceived himself and Jenova as the rightful heirs to the Planet stolen from him eons ago.  Feeling vengeful against Shinra for doing such a thing to him, he opted to make them pay for what they have done.  This hatred soon manifested itself as a hatred for all of humanity. 
When he exited the basement he set fire to the town of Nibelheim and killed almost all of the inhabitants.  Zack went out to try to prevent him from continuing this but found his friend was long gone and his sanity lost to him.  Determined to give the Planet back to his mother, Sephiroth attacked Zack and injured him severely.  He turned his attention back to Jenova, but by letting his guard down, he gave Cloud, an MP, the chance to mortally injure him with Zack's sword.  However, he was not about to give off.  Severing off Jenova's head he stepped back out of the room in an attempt to complete what he started.  Cloud rushed at him, but was stabbed in the process and lifted off the ground. 
In a strange turn of fate, Cloud would find the strength in himself to impale himself further on Masamune to have a chance to throw a weakened Sephiroth off the platform into the mako below.  Shinra reports would state their beloved General as killed in action, but he was far from dead.

Normally a soul in the Lifestream or more importantly a human body, would be driven to the point of insanity and lose all sight of who they were.  Sephiroth's immense and powerful will prevented this from happening.  Using the Jenova cells inside of him, he absorbed the information contained within the Lifestream and devised a way to accomplish taking back the Planet.  He would use the Black Materia as a means to injure the Planet. The Planet in defense would gather all its energy at the wound where Sephiroth would take over and merge himself with the Planet.  In essence he would become God and have the power to exact revenge on a massive scale. 
His body he placed frozen in Mako at the Northern Crater where Jenova originally landed.  It was a high concentration of the Lifestream and made his plans coming to fruition a lot simpler.  His will and spirit could transcend the boundaries of death and life by using the Jenova cells there were outside of the Lifestream.  He manipulated her form and clones of himself to do his biding above ground while his spirit gathered energy in the Lifestream by absorbing the souls of the corrupt. He would also incorporate the unique ability of Jenova to call upon her cells to reunite with her.  He would use himself at the center piece of this Reunion calling all the cells to himself and not the main body.
His plans went opposed by Cloud and his group of friends bent on saving the Planet from the atrocities of Shinra.  Using Jenova's body as a toy he would manipulate her form to be his own as a way to stop Cloud from disrupting his plans.  Cloud was exposed to Jenova cells during his imprisonment in the Shinra manor but was thought of as a failed puppet.  Sephiroth used this to his advantage influencing Cloud through his Jenova cells to participate in the Reunion and bring him the Black Materia.    
Aerith, the last Cetra, realized his plans and went about to summon the ultimate white magic of Holy to stop Sephiroth's plans.  He reacted to this by suing Jenova's body to kill Aerith in the Forgotten Capital, however he could not prevent her prayers from being heard by Gaia.  To counteract this he used his immense power and will to plug the Lifestream and prevent the Planet from harming himself or his body in the Northern Crater.  With Meteor summoned it appeared that he would win.
Cloud and his friends put a stop to his plans by meeting him in the Northern Crater and defeating both Jenova and his spirit within the Lifestream.  With his soul scattered all seemed to be lost and once again he seemed to be down for the count. 

The Lifestream would rip apart his spirit and destroy his being.  Sephiroth would give up his memories of his friends and his appearance to keep a hold of his core.  He devised that by keeping a hold of his memories and hatred for Cloud, he could use the boy to always bring himself back.  He used the remainder of his memories to create three remnants of himself, Kadaj, Yazoo, and Loz.  Their appearance was merely because of fragments of how he remembered himself.  Each he instilled with a different part of his powers in order to accomplish the job.  He understood as a spirit entity he got more accomplished and would thusly need more than one body to complete his mission as fast as he wanted.
He would also use the remnant cells of himself and Jenova in the Lifestream to infect and choke the Lifestream and the Planet.  Since he and Jenova were composed of alien matter the Planet did not know how to dissolve it into its own system.  The infected Lifestream would manifest itself in the form of Geostigma.  The infected Lifestream would in turn be his to control.  On the living plane he manipulated Kadaj and his brothers to do his bidding in reclaiming a boy suitable enough for him to inhabit.  Kadaj became such a vessel when he absorbed the Jenova cells Shinra had recovered. This allowed Sephiroth to manifest himself through Kadaj's form and forcefully pull himself out of the Lifestream. 
He wanted to exact his revenge on Cloud.  He held back to toy with him in hopes of breaking his spirit making his revenge complete.  His arrogance and confidence got the best of him allowing Cloud the opportunity to send him back to the Lifestream once more.  However he would never become a memory.

As time passed on, Sephiroth floated among the souls in the Lifestream forcing himself to keep together and not be diluted.  Even as Omega was summoned prematurely he watched and waited for his time to come. Even if Omega was subdued back into the Planet, strange occurrences happened on the world above him.  Strange creatures known as Heartless began to infect Gaia and disrupt the order of things.  It was not long before his world was swallowed into the darkness.

He would awake in a new world by a new face of a man calling himself Hades.  Upon the destruction of Gaia, Hades had pulled his spirit from the realm of the dead in hopes of his cooperation in return.  Outfitted with a new body he could now unleash his wrath upon Cloud.  He seemed to follow Hades's will for a bit attacking Sora during a tournament in the hopes of eliminating the keyblade wielder.  It would have gone to Hades's wishes if Cloud had not shown up to protect the young boy. 
Sephiroth had no interest in the squabble over the keyblade followed Cloud to his new home of Hollow Bastion, disregarding Hades.  Advertising himself as the darkness in Cloud's heart, his true intent is to stay outside the war of the Keyblade and Heartless.  His plans from before will remain the same as they have always been.... exacting revenge on those who have wronged him.

Character's Physical Description:
He is easily recognizable by his long silver hair and glowing green eyes with a cat-like pupils.  Standing at six foot, one he is hard to miss in a crowd.  He wears a modified black leather trenchcoat with red trim.  The edging of the back cut into a jagged pattern and bat wing like structures extending from his sleeves.  He carries his SOLDIER belt and insignia from his past life on Gaia.  He is never seen without his leather pants and thigh high boots secured by multiple belts.  He completes the ensemble with a set of pauldrons and silver bangles on his wrists that double as places to join Materia.  Extending from his right shoulder is a single blue black wing. 

Image for your reference: 

Role-playing Sample:

He could feel the world shifting around him once more.  The light had burst out from the world and consumed him in it.  He could not help but to smirk to himself. One moment he was engaged in battle with Cloud and the next he was here on this empty plan leading to what appeared to be nowhere.    He gathered his thoughts and glanced around at the new environment.  The space around him was moving even if he felt himself standing in one point.  Before he could put much thought into it he found himself landing on new soil. 
It was a sharp contrast from the previous world where Hades had brought him to.  The ground here was an ashen blue.  Around him were cliff sides scaling to great heights and making seeing beyond them an impossibility.  In front of him stood a vast canyon swarming with those heartless creatures.  In the middle stood an ancient structure worn by time and twisted by evil. 

“Right now that is the least of my concerns,” He thought to himself.  Priorities first where was he? Only after he established that could he put his plans back into motion. 

That is when he saw it three tiny women coming towards him.  That was new.  There were many strange things in the worlds he had been in but this was new the top of the list.  All three looked overjoyed to see a new pretty face in their Bastion.  They floated around him whispering to themselves and giggling occasionally.  Sephiroth kept a straight face.  He was not going to allow himself to be perturbed by gossiping fairies. Finally the smallest of the three and the most energetic spoke up.

“You must be the new guy our leader was talking about!” The blonde exclaimed in an overly bubbly voice, “On behalf of her we would like to welcome you to Hollow Bastion!”

So that is where this place was.  Deciding he had procured enough information from this small encounter he turned on his heel to walk away.  The three fairies seemed irritated by this and followed him as he walked off.  All three stopping in front of him impeding his progress. 

“Don't be rude!  We came here to welcome you and this is how you treat us?” The brunette said with a frown on her face. 

“I do not have time for your games.  Tell Maleficent and Hades I am not interested in  their cause.” He stated simply, walking around the three and continuing on his way. 

The three floated there in slight shock, wondering how he knew who there leader was.  What a strange man indeed.


AIM: blckenedicekaj

As a side note: Nathan that was the longest history paper I have had to write in years.

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And I read it all and it was beautiful!

We has a Sephy *Bounces*

Welcome to the crazy show love!


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Very nicely done! I would have liked to see more in the character personality section, but what that was lacking was more than made up for by the character history. Fantastic! We have a literate Sephiroth! Welcome!


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