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Roxas, His Indecent Obsession.

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Date: Jun 16, 2009
Axel Profile/Application

Answer These Questions FIRST: Okay! :D

Have you Beaten Kingdom Hearts 1, 2 and Chain of Memories?
...Erm. I've PLAYED them all, not exactly beaten, but I've watched all of the cutscenes? :D?

Which Final Fantasies Have you Played/Beaten?
I've played FFX and FFXII.. more of the latter, I guess I'm pretty close to beating it.

Have you read any of the Kingdom Hearts Manga?
Er.. I've read CoM and about half of KH1.. I own CoM, so I've pretty much got it memorized - oh **** unintentinal character reference, I'm awesome like that.

Character Creation

Name: Lea~ (damn 356/2 - I was holding out for Ale..)

Known Name: Axel, Number 8, "The Flurry of Dancing Flames~*~*," that flaming bastard, A-X-E-L-GOT-IT-****ING-MEMORIZED

Age: between 17 and 21, depending on who's asking - in actuality, somewhere around 19

Race: Nobody

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Pan-sexual. Hell yes he'll do Goofy, if he's drunk enough.

Path: is Roxas a path?

Alliance: Eh, he's kind of "whatever" about all that right now.

Home World: The World that Never Was? Before that.. he's pretty sure it was Port Royal.

Weapon or Weapons: CHAKRAMS ON FIRE

Powers: FIRE, FIRE, MOTHER****ING FIRE oh and Assassin Nobodies - he isn't entirely sure they'll follow him, though, now that he defected..

Any Known Contacts: Do they have to be friends? Man, that makes for a slim list. How about I just give his opinions on certain people, and you can figure out which ones count as friends. (Hint: The answer is "only Roxas")

Roxas: Best friend, inspiration, reason for living, reason for dying, "he made me feel like I had a heart" ... you get the picture.

Sora: Took Roxas, but on the other hand, kind of is Roxas, so uh.. yeah. That's a puzzler. Doesn't hate him, because who could really hate Sora, but does kind of hold a grudge. Smiley little Roxas-stealing bastard.

Kairi: Not as annoying as expected. Also smarter, and surprisingly hard to kidnap. Not to say it was actually a challenge, just not as easy as he anticipated.

Namine: Spineless little mouse that grew a spine and RUINED EVERYTHING.

Organization XII: LOL PWNED.

Character Personality: 

Axel would like to state for the record that he doesn't have a heart, and thus shouldn't have a personality because he doesn't have any feelings.

THAT SAID, Axel is suprisingly multi-faceted for someone who isn't supposed to have any feelings. Cunning, unpredictable, and inexplicably driven, Axel will sacrifice anything he deems less important to acheive a greater goal. Despite this ruthlessness, he can be funny, he can be charming, and maybe he doesn't really know where to draw the line, but if a few people get offended - or you know, killed - along the way, who cares, as long as he's entertained.

As clever and manipulative as he may be, Axel isn't exactly a scientist. He leaves the postulating and hypothesizing to the higher-ups, and himself sticks with gut-instinct and a knack for reading people. It worked out pretty well for him, until the one person he couldn't control did the one thing he couldn't predict.

Character History:

Born in Port Royal to a handsome fisherman and his hastily-made-honest-wife, Lea was a brazen enough boy to overcome his gender-ambiguous name and charm the pants off all the ladies on the block long before he knew what to do with said pantslessness. Though he doesn't remember much of his Other's life, Axel knows that Lea was quick on the rigging and deft with a net, and quite set to follow in his father's footsteps when a storm the likes of which Port Royal had never and would never again see crossed the skies on a day that had before been bright and clear. Axel was tossed overboard, and as the sea swallowed him faster than his sailor's legs could save him, he was overcome by a sudden fear of the water he had not before known. He was certain death was upon him - but then, a dark shape emerged in his fading vision, and something quite different happened.

Port Royal fell to the Heartless that day, and from among the Nobodies that were born, Lea became Axel became Number Eight, the Flurry of Dancing Flames.

Yeah, he thinks it's pretty gay, too.

Life as a Nobody was kind of dull, Axel found, even in Organization XIII, even with the day-in and day-out world-wide destruction and slaying of innocents. Sure, there was the occasional adrenaline rush, but at the end of the day.. his heart just wasn't in it. Okay, yes, that one was intentional. Axel loves him some heartless puns.

He didn't always have a purpose, as a Nobody. Sure, get the hearts, maybe find our own - whatever, Xemnas, like that's going to work. But then.. something came up. Or rather, stumbled in, sharp-eyed and sullen and wielding two funky-looking weapons that turned out to be a lot more lethal than they looked. Finding a best friend in Roxas turned out to be a much bigger commitment than Axel had anticipated. Unfortunately, he didn't discover this until it was far too late for him to back out.

Marluxia tried to capture Sora and take over the Organization, which wouldn't do at all, because if Roxas found out his Somebody was running around alive, he'd leave, and Axel doesn't care if that was selfish because he doesn't care about anything, he doesn't have a heart. Ha.

So Marluxia died, and Larxene died, and Vexen and Zexion and Lexaus and - ****, that's kind of a lot of people, but it was okay because Roxas was still alive and still - wait... wait, where are you-

Then Roxas left.

Suddenly, Axel was left with absolutely nothing to do but get Roxas back right now. Really, that was even his assignment from The Superior. So he searched world after world and then, suddenly, nearly tripped over him in a virtual reality courtesy of some freak named DiZ and that traitor, Namine, he'd freed her and she turned on him like this? He would have been impressed, if he hadn't been so furious.

And Roxas.. Roxas just looked at him with his big blue eyes blank and confused, without even the spark they'd held when he first met him. "Axel?" Like he'd never heard his name before.

It didn't take long for Axel to figure out that it was already too late for him to get his friend back. It took a little time to get over the should-haves and could-haves and would-haves, but hey, not feeling is what Nobodies do best. And Axel had had enough feeling to last the rest of his nonexistance - which, it turns out, wasn't very long. He put aside his regret and decided that if the Organization was going to go down, he didn't want to be on the losing side. He didn't have anything to live for, so he didn't have anything to lose.

Really, his purpose didn't change. Just.. shifted. From Roxas, to.. this other person that Roxas had become. Axel found Sora to be not nearly as interesting, but if he was Roxas, then Axel would fight for him regardless. And fight he did. Right to the very end, and damned if he didn't go out with a bang.

Character's Physical Description:

Axel kind of looks like he stuck his head on the wrong side of a jet engine and the result hasn't quite cooled off yet. The two tattoos - upside-down teardrops or triangles or whatever you choose to call them - have been there ever since he became a Nobody, and he can't remember whether or not he had them as an Other, which is a secret point of frustration to him. As are the hips. It's best if you just don't mention the hips.

So we went a-googling and there was some dissension about which image would be used.

I picked this one:


Whereas Axel was partial to this one:


Role-playing Sample: 

Axel woke up to water in his ears.

Sputtering and flailing a great deal more than was probably necessary, the young man sat up quickly enough to make his head spin more than it already had been as he pounded at his temples, trying to clear his ears of the uncomfortable ring-buzz combination often incurred by those in his situation.

That situation being having water in one's ears, not having just survived fading out of existance.

The flailing slowed as the Nobody realized the implications of his having ears to get water in, let alone the consciousness to realize it.

He was supposed to be dead. More than dead, he was supposed to be gone, nonexistant - that is, more than he already had been. Still was.

Axel had been ready to die. He'd done pretty much everything on his checklist, save a few muck-ups (so much for "get Roxas back," huh?), and when the opportunity presented itself to go out, ironically, like a hero - Axel had taken it with something akin to gratitude. He had been ready to die.

So why the **** was he still here?

Well, here, he supposed, was relative - and where was he, anyway? The Nobody finally took a moment to look around, and the realization that he was on a gloomy beach that was unmistakeably in Port Royal made him snort at fate's twisted sense of humor. Right. His Other's home world. Funny.

With that, he stood up and shook some of the water out of his hair, the rest already steaming away with a quick elevation of his body temperature. Axel grimaced at the steam, regardless, and stormed out of the surf. He hated water, as much as he could hate anything.

It was later, settled in a dark corner of a grimy tavern with the strongest form of alcohol he could find, that Axel allowed himself to contemplate the near future. He certainly couldn't go back to the Organization - he was pretty sure they were all under orders to kill him on sight.

...If they were still alive, themselves. Axel allowed himself a smirk, a small twist of lips that was hardly discernable as a pleased expression. For what he'd given up - thought he'd given up; he wasn't sure what to think, now - that fresh-faced little brat Sora had better have taken his former colleagues down. If anyone was going to do it, it'd be Roxas's Other.

Axel was abruptly more aware of the hollowness in his chest. How long had he been gone? Minutes? Days? Years? Was the battle over, or still going strong? Should he be looking for the Keybearer, trying to help him further? Hadn't he done enough?

As much disgust as Axel experienced at the thought, he knew that if Roxas's Other still needed his help, he would give it without a second thought. There was nothing to stop him, not any more than there had been the first time he'd tried to be a martyr.

But he'd deal with that tomorrow. Right now.. he was going to get absolutely smashed.


AIM: popcornkitten1

Aaand I think that's it!


Roxas, His Indecent Obsession.

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Date: Jun 16, 2009

...Hahaha, I didn't realize it would ****-out the swear words, or maybe I would have left them out. That looks kind of dumb XD


Cloaked Scheming KeyBlade Master

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Date: Jun 17, 2009

Ahaha how refreshingly in character! And very conversational in style to boot. You get my vote in favour!

As for the ***-ing out of cuss words, what you can do is go back and edit them to have an * in the middle... such as sh*t - that way which curse word you're using is obvious, but it tricks the filter thing. I forgot to mention that to you earlier. ;)


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Together we shall walk the dusty paths until we reach our ends.


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Date: Jun 17, 2009

You talk to your inner Axel, I think that is awesome.

Yes, until I am willing to pay 14$ to start up and 8$ a month their after this place will remain with alot of the kinks that comes with it being free, which is the cussing and other things. But board leader is poor so we shall have to do.

That was made of epic win = Wheee we has an Axel!

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