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Date: Jun 29, 2009
Mixing Up the Fray
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(Plot Premise: A new tournament is being held in Olympus but with a twist this year.  Phil wants to test the strength of the warriors this year by placing them in partnered teams based on abilities among other criteria.  However the tournament does not go as planned as Hades has to play a dirty hand in this. 

I do not have a post length limit, but please give enough for your fellow players to reply to.  I also need someone to help me with Hades as an NPC.  PM or Instant Message me for details )


Sephiroth entered the world he had tried to avoid for a while now.  He remembered all too well how Hades gave him a body once more, but he resented the man to no end.  The god had used him as a summon and he did not appreciate that in the least.  He still technically owed a contract to him, but he chose to ignore that. He was not going to bend to anyone's will but his own.  Even now he only came here in his personal quest to find a good fight and to sort out the jumble of memories in his head.

He hoped being here would solve such an issue in his cluttered mind. The place seemed to be teeming with activity this day.  People were walking back and forth preparing for some event.  He could only guess it was another tournament.  He brushed past numerous people and attendants; most of which moved out of fear of the man.  He went over to the large billboards between the Greek statues to read what it had in store. 

He raised his eyebrow only slightly at the details of the newest one.  It was a tournament that Phil was sponsoring himself to encourage the potential in warriors as the flyer put it.  The orientation for it would be held later in the day today.  Sephiroth had good timing it seemed and the prize seemed decent enough of 10,000 munny for the winner.  There had to be a catch he knew, but he looked forward for a good fight.  He was born to fight and he enjoyed it immensely when he thought about it.

Sephiroth turned on his heel with a military precision as he went to find the goat man.  He knew who Phil was from Hades.  The god made sure he knew everyone in this world.  Maybe if he was lucky Hades would be in the tournament and he could hack away at the blue skinned god as much as his heart desired.

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Date: Jun 29, 2009
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(Does Phil count as an NPC? If not, I can redo the post.)

Roxas strolled through the portal without really noticing he had exited the Corridors of Darkness. He soon found out after running straight into a cement pillar.

"Ow! What the...?" Looking up, he gauged the pillar to be at, at least, a good fifty or so feet high. Gawking, he looked around the pillar to find similar ones running along the wall. Turning to get a good look at the new World, he noted with dismay that the small dusty courtyard was filled with people. They were all wearing armor and carrying weapons, so Roxas decided to make an educated guess and sighed.

"Coliseum world... What was it called?" It hadn't been the first time Roxas cursed his lack of paying attention to Sora's adventures a little bit more closely, and this most certainly wouldn't be the last. He promptly made up his mind and began to explore, in an attempt to find out what was going on. The hustle and bustle was making the Nobody curious and, being as stubborn as he was, Roxas did not deny his desire to find out.

Heading across the packed square towards the doors on the other side, he studied everything around him, the people mainly. They all seemed to be hyped about something, probably a tournament. The big blue doors to the lobby were open, so Roxas simply strolled in. As soon as he had taken a few steps inside, a small, furry hand caught his and pulled him down.
"Hey you!"

Roxas glared at whoever had pulled him down, then scrambled back until he hit the wall.
"What? Never seen a satyr before?" Demanded the small goat man. Roxas could only shook his head. The goat man sighed in exasperation.
"Well, anyway. I'm Phil, you must be here for the Tournament right? Great!" Roxas spluttered as Phil dug around behind him for something.
"Wait, what?!"
Phil popped up again jovially, and handed the confused Nobody a pen and a scroll.
"Just sign here... here... initial here, and there... sign here... and you're done! Good luck kid."
Dazed, Roxas sat back on the ground and blinked. Okay, what just happened?

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Date: Jul 4, 2009
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(He does count as NPC and he is, I do believe going to be passed around like a pony)

The temperature here reminded her far to much of Dire Cry, and she really detested it. The sun beating harshly down onto her fair skin as she looked about. What the heck was this place? She had wanted some time on her own away from her troupe, but this place was very odd indeed. Reminded her to much of her home country which she never wished to return to. Wanting out of the sun she brought down the black parasol and entered the main entry way of the Coliseum. It was cooler in here but darker and it took a second for her eyes to adjust.

The goat man made her black brow raise over an emerald green eye, her eyes surrounded by black eye shadow. The teenage boy caught her attention for a moment on the floor, and her head laid to the side in confusion. Pale theatre white skin, deep red lips and black eye shadow around her emerald eyes made her quite the image in a red silk dress. The white lace cuffs and red silk dress made her appear as if she had just walked off a live stage.

"Well hello there," Phil grinned and with the name signed from the other boy he scooted over to the new person. Now she was a beauty!
The girl's lips cracked a small smile with practise of acting,” Hello."
"What would your name be?" the Goat was starring up at her hand on her arm.
Lips twitching the smile into an amused one, "Mallie, what is this place?"
"The Coliseum and I'm Phil, nice to meet one as beautiful as yourself."
Laughing, "Ah Coliseum you say? Any fighting happening?"
Pursing his lips Phil looked her over, "You can fight?"

A twinkle entered her eyes, "Better then you would know Phil," her fingers reached down plucking the pen and scroll from his hands.
"Hey, Hey!"
Writing her name down she smiled again to Phil leaning down to press a red lipstick kiss to his forehead, "Thank you."
Frozen still and gushing the Goat nodded, "Sure!"

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If you can't destroy it, might as well enjoy it.

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Date: Jul 20, 2009
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(I am going to go ahead and close this thread until more people take notice in it. Since I can not get it to work without a few people (more than 3) playing... >.>)

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