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Miku Tetsuya (OC)

Answer These Questions FIRST:
Have you Beaten Kingdom Hearts 1, 2 and Chain of Memories? (State which or All!)
Kingdom Hearts 1 & 2

Which Final Fantasies Have you Played/Beaten?

Have you read any of the Kingdom Hearts Manga?
One Volume, wasn’t sure which one.

Character Creation
Name: Karrin Issac James
Known Name: Miku Tetsuya  
Age: 20, though he stopped counting a long time ago
Race: Heartless
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight like spaghetti until you heat it up 
Path: Dark
Alliance: Dark
Home World: Radiant Garden 

Weapon or Weapons:
Miku utilizes a pair of kunai as his physical weapon. About a foot long and as black as midnight, the blade handles are intricate in detail, like the tendrils of Darkness are crawling up them.  The blade itself is slim and sharp, and, for some unknown reason, unable to retain scratches upon it’s surface. He does not need this to channel his secondary power.

Miku is a Necromancer, his strange and dark ability gained after he was turned into a Heartless.

Undead March| Miku, like most traditional Necromancers, can raise the dead. But there must first be corpses around him, or he kills someone for their corpse. They are only as effective as their creator, Miku is a competent fighter. Darkness keeps the animated corpse alive, but only for a certain amount of time (3 posts max.).

Ghost Possession| Miku is able to mess with an opponents head, angering them into attacking him or placing them into a spiral of depression that renders them useless. The control is iffy and often depends on the mind of an individual. People with steady minds and a strong willpower are harder to enchant than those who are low in their self-esteem.

Control over Darkness| Miku can turn the Darkness into a tool, using it as a weapon eg. throwing dark spheres at someone, or as a means of escape eg. portals. He can use it to quite an effectiveness.

Any Known Contacts:
Takuya| His lover from before he became a Heartless. Miku isn’t quite sure what has happened to him, but wants to find out.

Sally, Toki, James| His old friends. All had moved away at some point before Miku’s transformation.

Character Personality: Miku has a very childlike mind. He enjoys playing games, and often challenges people to games like Naughts and Crosses, Chess and on the occasion, Battleships. He enjoys winning, and revels in it. He is also a sore loser, and that proves to be disastrous, as his temper tantrums often tend to end in the destruction of something, whether it be a building or a life. Death and destruction don’t bother him, as he causes both and enjoys it. He loves the power that only killing can give to him. Despite the state of his mind, he executes his kills with scarily well-planned accuracy, a brutal fighter. If he spies a window of opportunity, no matter how small, he’ll take it. Granted, it doesn’t always work, but he gets the job done eventually.

Miku’s transformation caused him to lose majority of his humanity. He currently lacks empathy and compassion, something he was once full of. He harbors only feelings of great resentment to the worlds and everyone in them. He doesn’t go out to destroy them, but he has fun torturing people that irritate him, which happens often. Miku has a low tolerance for pretty much anything except alcohol. He has a rather low attention span as well, but it never bothers him. Charismatic to his core, Miku enjoys reeling people into death’s open jaws and watch as they scream in agony, cursing his name with such venom, he has to laugh at it all.

Miku’s greatest fears are the things he can’t understand or comprehend at all, his blurred past, the Keyblade and crabs. Don’t ask about the crabs thing. It’s a long story.

Character History:
Miku was born Karrin Issac James in a hospital dedicated for young mums. His own mother, being only 17 at the time of his birth, had not wanted him and had instead, willing given her first and only child off one of the many orphanages around Radiant Gardens. The first and last time the staff of Twinkle Town Orphanage heard from Karrin’s mother was the few minutes she spent signing the paperwork to hand over her son to them… for good. She was never seen or heard of ever again.

Miku lived a normal childhood, learning to use the potty and how to eat and drink on his own. He had plenty of friends, being a naturally charismatic child, but the ones he held close were Sally, Toki and James. Sally and James were siblings, twins, and very pretty. Both had the potential to be beautiful people when they grew up, that much Kerrin was sure of. Toki was, on the other hand, impaired. He couldn’t speak, which was why his parents had left him here. He said he didn’t mind, he was happier here, in the orphanage. Kerrin suspected that abandonment wasn’t the real reason Toki was here, but he said nothing.


All was well for Kerrin, until he started high school.


Takuya was the new kid on the block, and absolutely gorgeous in Kerrin’s opinion, which confused him. No guy was supposed to be feeling this way for another guy right? Curious, Kerrin had asked Toki, who had given him a negative reaction.
”Gay? Kerr, god smites the homosexuals. You don’t wanna end up like that, now do ya?”
Scared, Kerrin shook his head and smiled, saying that he was only joking. He hoped that Toki would believe it, he couldn’t lie to save his life. Amazingly, Toki did eat up his excuse, but Kerrin later on thought it was simply because his friend was desperate enough to want to believe he was straight.

Unfortunately, Kerrin couldn’t help but gravitate towards Takuya automatically and the two became fast friends. Takuya was everything Kerrin had wanted in a girl, he was smart, had a sense of humor, and a great one at that, was sarcastic and serious or light like a rainbow bubble when the situation called for it, and overall just nice to hang out with. But as time passed, Kerrin began to realize that there wasn’t going to be another girl like Takuya. It was him or nothing. And that scared him.


It was the final day of Senior year, Kerrin and Takuya were finally graduating. The Graduation Ceremony went well, as did the dinner. No, it was the after party that royally screwed him over. It wasn’t until after that he found the change was for the better. Takuya had never really had a tolerance for alcohol, and both boys knew this. Tonight, a mildly wasted Takuya was looking rather tempting to poor Kerrin. A little sloshed himself, he figured one little kiss wouldn’t hurt anyone. So he leaned over and gently pecked his friend on the cheek. Takuya blinked and immediately sobered, much to Kerrin’s surprise, and mumbled, “You waited till I was drunk to only do that?” And he reached over for, in his opinion, a much better kiss. The night for them both after that was spent in each other’s company.


They came out openly as a couple a few months afterwards, which drew mixed reactions from Kerrin’s old group of friends. Sally was ecstatic that Kerrin had finally come out of the closet, apparently she had known he was gay for quite some time now. Her brother simply nodded and congratulated him and Takuya. Toki, on the other hand, was disgusted. He told him off for it, and warned him that no good was going to come of this, before taking his leave. Nobody saw him after that. Deeply unsettled by his reaction, Kerrin had decided to go for a walk to try and clear his mind. Saying a soft sweet farewell to Takuya, he headed off down the main streets. Little did he know the finality of that goodbye.

Kerrin never really gave a thought about the dark alleyways that were absolutely everywhere in Radiant Gardens until that day. Passing a particularly dark alley, the set of eyes watching him as he passed went unnoticed to the contemplating male. Completely unaware, Kerrin soon found himself in a sack of sorts, and the bizarre feeling of being upside down. Then something smashed into his head and he knew no more.


When he came to, Kerrin found himself in a big tube of sorts, with wires connected to him spreading in every which-way. Blinking, he also realized that he was floating in a substance of sorts. Looking around, he could see the outside world, but it was blurry. Squinting he made out white shapes moving around. One of them talked.
"Well, at least the subject is conscious."
"Is that supposed to be some sort of miracle?"

Everything faded to black before Kerrin could really work out where he was and what the hell was was happening. It felt like he was drifting in space or something. It gave him time to think about things. His main concern was Takuya. How was he? Was he worrying where he was? Were their people out looking for him? How long had he been gone? In between the flickering thoughts, Kerrin sometimes felt that he was conscious to a degree, but all he could feel was a searing pain all over his body. The pain gradually decreased, concentrating on different areas each time he ‘woke’. First his whole body, then his torso, his chest, his heart. Then, nothing.

He had become a Heartless, and he didn’t even know it.

After being discovered by Maleficent, after the incident where the five scientist also lost their hearts - something he had found out a little later down the track, but he was never too sure if it was just merely a coincidence - he was forced into years of servitude, in which he used to build up his newfound powers.

That didn’t mean that he liked it. Now dubbed as Miku, he had taken off after Maleficent fell to the Keyblade the first time. Happy with his new freedom, Miku travelled the universe as a hired hand for anyone with a dirty job.

Life was great.


Character's Physical Description: Miku has a lithe build. Short, at a mere 5”, he is build for speed and agility, not strength, something that he obviously lacks, his slender limbs hide nothing, no hidden strength beneath them. Miku’s facial features are small and delicate, childlike even. His eyes are large, with strangely yellow irises. Even his pupil seems a little yellow. Miku smiles with his lips closed, nobody seems to like his fangs. In addition to his fangs, another distinctive feature of his is his bubblegum pink hair.
Miku tends to wear very modern clothing, jeans with chains hanging off them, wife beater shirts of varying colors and jackets with hoods or button up long sleeves. He always has some sort of accessory with him, be it a wrist band or watch and his favorite reading glasses, either perched on his head or nestled on the bridge of his nose. He doesn’t really need the glasses, but they look nice on him, so he wears them. The lenses are plain glass. 

Role-playing Sample:

Miku groaned as he felt his last soldier hit the pavement beside him. He was tired now, and had spent most of his energy creating a small army of the undead to attack with so he didn’t have to get in there himself. What the hell did that crazy old bat lady want here anyway? The whole place was friggen barren, for gods sake! Looking around, all Miku could really see were rocks, rocks and more rocks. He didn’t even know where the hell he was. Smashing down a stray arrow, he gritted his teeth and brought out his kunai.
”Time to do this the old fashioned way.”


Rushing towards his opponents, he danced gracefully among them, slashing at every bit of flesh he could get at. Most of the time, it was vital points, like the jugular for example. It looked, to an outsider, like complete luck, but Miku was a skilled assassin, and hacking at his opponents was his kind of fun, if it was a little messy. But the scent of the blood, warm and thick over his hands, was slowly driving the Heartless into a frenzy.


Far too soon, the game was over and all the outlaws he was supposed to kill were dead, plus a couple of others, but wasn’t important, they were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. Miku pouted like a child and huffed as he began to pickpocket the dead for anything useful.
”Bah! That wasn’t any fun. Shouldn’t ever accept jobs from ancient ladies. Don’t even comprehend the meaning of danger…” Grumbling, continued to look, but his search turned up nothing but a few cigars and a packet of smokes. No lighter.


“Jeeze. And they call themselves cowboys.” Picking up the packet of smokes, he stuffed them into his bloodstained jeans and he began the long walk back to town. There was no other way back, he had rode to his current destination, only to have his Tomas run off on him.
”Guess I’m not animal friendly.” He mused, before laughing. Who was he kidding? He wasn’t anything friendly! His laugh turned into a blackened cackled.
”Wish Takuya could see me now…” His thoughts kept straying to his bronze haired lover. He wondered idly where he was now, if the Darkness had claimed him, like it had to so many that night, five months after he was kidnapped and turned into a Heartless due to the scientist’s carelessness. Shuddering, the Heartless stopped that train of thought all together. Wherever Takuya was, he was safe. Safer than he’ll ever be. Which reminded him.

“I gots me a reward to collect.”



Is the history okay? I sorta thought I got a little off track so I shortened it a little. If you need more clarification, then please say so. I can re-edit it... when I'm actually awake. ^_^

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