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Date: Jul 3, 2009
Mallie Quele Ty'aro

Have you Beaten Kingdom Hearts 1, 2? Both?

Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2, Not Chain.

Which Final Fantasies Have you Played/Beaten?

Beaten: VIII, X, VII (Crisis Core), VII (Dirge of Cerberus)
Played: VI, XII

Have you read any of the Kingdom Hearts Manga?

All Of KH1, Chain of Memories, First two of KH2

Name: Mallie Quele Dor'hiss Dsion Tyaro

Known Name: Mallie Quele Ty'aro (Mallie)

Age: 18

Race: Full Sere’th (Elve)

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bisexual (Leans toward Lesbian)

Path: Neutral

Alliance: Light

Home World: Camar'a Sere'th

Weapon or Weapons: Rapier


Time Travel: She can teleport using time, time slowing so she can get to another destination, wither a few feet away or across a city. It also allows her to move faster as well.

Regeneration: Her skin and tissue will fuse back together, bones will take longer and be far more painful, but skin and muscle will form back far quicker then humanly possible. This leaves her with great scarring where the wound was if this regeneration must occur. She does not scar if healed with magic before her skin regenerates fully.

Any Known Contacts: Her family and her acting troupe.

Character Personality:

Mallie is a mix of confidence and insecurity. Most do not get close enough to her to find that she is insecure, she comes across as a light soul that spins into your life and leaves moments later. She’s always laughing and has a twinkling shine to her eyes that she never answers exactly why is there. She never allows things to get her down when she is around others and will never cry before other people. If she does cry it is on her own away from any one else who could see her weakness. Lesser emotions like that were considered womanly and disdainful in the desert she grew up in. She wishes to make men think again when they say women are weak and to be only wives and mothers.

Mallie loves to dance, to sing, to play her violin and especially to act. Her greatest joy is the stage and she is the most vibrant when she is on it. Off the stage she still carries herself highly and it can come across as if she is better then others. She does not wish to seem this way but it is a shield so she will not get hurt. She has had issues with men in the past treating her as nothing and does not trust men easily. She may find men beautiful but she does not trust. She sees them as those who only crave sex before anything else.

Her clothing and way she carries herself does come across as to many who do not know better, as ‘whorish’. The girl is in fact a virgin and laughs whenever she hears a slur of ‘slut’ when she is walking down the street. It amuses her, peoples ignorance. This is yet another show that she is confident in herself and cares not what others say. Her insecurities stem from her past and she wont speak easily of it, or of anyone from it.

Character History:

Born Mallie Quele Ty'aro. Daughter to Queen Nilec and a wondering stage performer Dorhiss Dsion Ty'aro, he was a world traveler though he did not let any know this of the worlds he traveled to. Her mother knew only because of her knowledge that Nathanial had traveled worlds before his return to take back his throne. She was born out of wedlock and to one night of passion of her mother with a man she could respect unlike her step father James. Her brother Jay was 4 when she was born and Nathanial was already on the throne and had a three year old son. She grew up as a princess only because of her mothers abilities in prophecy, James had yelled and raved that he would disown the girl that was not his, her mother threatened to never tell James any of her 'dreams' ever again. Needing his seer wife on his side James relented. Brought up to be a bargaining tool and to be married for the power it would give James she learned quickly the laws and the 'rules' of Dire Cry.

She knew as a female in the desert lands she was no better then property used only to conceive children and not for any intelligence or strength she might posses. Watching as the heartless got stronger under the command of the Vampire Drow Laucious, it was becoming nightly that she would huddle in the blankets of her bed alone as she saw in the distance through her windows, fire and hearts pluming into the sky. At 12 their was little she could do as she had not been trained to defend herself, no women were. They were easy targets for bandits, slavers and heartless alike. She knew her brother, step father and mother were out their fighting against the waves that threatened their world. She felt helpless and it was a feeling she would come to hate. At fourteen her mother told her about Dorhiss and world traveling, it was the night when another group of world travelers had come into the capitol, a carnival. She ran, leaving a note for her mother apologizing and ran with this carnival beginning to travel.

She had been born with the ability for her skin to miraculously heal on it's own, for mortal wounds to heal and gashes to stitch back together. She had not known this until she was part of this carnival, starting as the one that the knives were thrown at and around. An accident and a wayward throw should have killed her, but she was alright and because of this began hell. The carnival owner found out and wanting quick money began to run a living 'torture show', doing horrible experiments and torture on the young woman seeing how far her abilities would go, from world to world. Finally her body was unable to take fire, her shoulders up drenched in flames. Able to get away she did not know how in her agony, she lost the skin from shoulders up to third degree charred mess including, her nose. Only left was around her eyes she had shielded with her hands which were also burnt. She had not known that she had with powers unknown of pushed herself to another world through time manipulation.

Being found by Mortimer Tyson Ryer, or better known to his Theatre Troupe as 'Mort', he unlike many others who would have been so disgusted and horrified by her injuries carried her to a witch's hut, paying far to much, the actual amount Mallie never knew. for the witch to make a cream, a make up of white to cover all of her burns, it was magical this. Covering and 'fixing' all of the skin on her face, shoulders and hands to appear perfectly pristine. It could not be wiped away, only by tears and was endless in this little container. Bringing her back to his troupe after fixing her up so no one else in the troupe ever knew what happened she found a home. She learned how to dance, acrobatics, acting, singing, playing of instruments, and most importantly the ability to laugh. She learned to live again with the troupe as she traveled world to world trying to find her father. With all of her abilities she learned how to use a blade as well, Mort clearly stating that it was idiotic for a woman not to fight to protect herself and those she loves.

She has still not found her father and continues to travel with the theatre troupe. Part of her wishes to return home if only because of seeing Kallion again, he was what gave her child any light at all. A shinning radiant light that she does miss. But she wants to find her father before she returns, it's a driving need to do so.So she pushes on.

Character's Physical Description:

She must wear the white makeup that is the magical concealer that hides her horrible disfigurement. Every bit of skin that is shown to the world has the same gothic pale white quality to it from the cream. Her arms, shoulders, hands, face, even her cleavage. She wears dark red lipstick and black eye shadow around her emerald green eyes. The white, red and black makes her very distinguishable in a crowd. Cabaret make up. Her hair is thick and wavy black around her shoulders that covers his Elven ears from view. Black screening covers her face to her lips, a small black hat holding it in place to her head. She is lithe and tall at 5’11 appearing a very tall and majestic human woman to untrained eyes. She wears normally a red silk dress with white lace cuffs. Her stage dress is red crushed velvet with black silk. She carries around with her a black lace parasol.


Stage Dress


Black Lace Parasol


Roleplaying Sample:

She picked up her skirts as they exited the gummi ship and took in the surroundings. Was this really Tor'tar's homeworld? Even with the reconstruction it looked so barren and dead. Her elven genes cried out for trees and wild grasses but here she was surrounded by stone yet again. A hand laid on her shoulder certain to not touch her bare pale white powdered skin, it stayed on the white lace cuffs about her shoulders.
"It may not be home but it will do for a few a days."
She nodded her head and made her way down the ramp before adjusting the hat and screening over her face.
"Home sweet home," called the blonde elven man beside her his small harp strapped across his lean shoulders.
"I wasn't born here but it was the closest to home I ever had."

Mallie gave her nearest to best friend in the theatre group a smile of her red painted lips. If he was happy here she would suffer through and it did look like the folks here could use some entertainment. Everything here seemed so dull..and lifeless.
"Come on folks, lets get to the hotel we need to get rooms before we begin to practise." Again.
But she did not regret it.
Acting, singing..tumbling, stilt walking, it was all her life. It was her way of making her life worth while and following the years old trail of her father. Dor'hiss Dsion.

"Ahh come on Quele," the blonde elven man tried again; two black laced gloved hands in his, the elven man dropped to a knee before her, "I'll write you another solo..a sonnet. Anything you want.." he pleaded blue eyes looking up to the one he spoke to. They were not that far from the Gummi, a large woman in the same white face make up and stark red lipstick exiting. The men were all in period clothing as they exited, laughter from the four men as they were carrying things they would need.

Finally one of the hands drawing out from within his grasp it waved it's self in a manner of helpless frustration.
"Alright Tor'tar, I will walk with you and take a look at your world. But you are writing me a solo on that harp of yours."
With a laughter the man stood grinning from ear to ear, "Anything for you Quele!"
He looked like he wished to pick her up and spin her but he was physically by his frame unable to and her **** of black brow over emereld greens said clearly, 'No touching'.
"Please..Tor'tar you know I have no right to that name. It's Mallie now, just Mallie. No father, no mother. No homeworld, I'm a wandorer like my father was before me."

AIM: NathanialRoyale

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