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De Nam

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Have you read any of the Kingdom Hearts Manga?

Name: De Nam

Known Name: De Nam, no last name to protect his family as Turk.

Age: 23

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Bisexual, but he likes the ladies a bit more

Path: Twilight, he will fight for whoever pays him.

Alliance: Dark, most of time his missions involve murder or other sketchy behavior.

Home World: Gaia

Weapon or Weapons:  Twin Guns

Powers: Deadly accuracy with his guns,  Ability to fuse his magic with his bullets, Extraordinary sense of hearing.

Any Known Contacts: He would know most everyone who used to work for Shinra.

Character Personality:
De Nam is a very quiet man since he lost his voice.  His manners could be seen as quirky and skeptical because he sees everyone as a potential enemy.  If he could he would prefer to do things on his own without the help of others.  This often gets him into trouble and forces him to then rely on another to step in and help him.
He would rather not get involved in most situations since he hates being in the middle of politics.  When possible he will divert to going through the sneaky methods to get the job done.  He holds no alliance to anyone in particular so long as they can pay him.  He is usually sarcastic to everyone, but mostly its true.  His history as a slum dweller makes it hard for him to follow protocol and he is often caught breaking the rules. 

Character History:
De Nam was born and raised in the slums of Midgar, so his street smarts are highly tuned.  His parents both died when he was young.  They were killed off by a gang who they owed money to.  He was forced to wonder the streets of the slums and learn the harsh ways of life.  De Nam took up his guns at an early age in order to protect himself. He had a living doing odd jobs no matter if it entailed killing a man.

He was eventually taken in by Don Corneo and acted as his bodyguard.  Within his time there he perfected the use of his guns.  Since the Don had money he was able to use his pay to buy materia and develop his personal technique of channeling the magic into his bullets.  He, however, does not use this ability often since it drains him considerably to concentrate on the act for too long.

His duties with Don often forced him to commit crimes such as murder, thieving, and robbery.  For a while he dealt with this since he had a place to stay and food to eat, but he bored of it. Among the slum dwellers he was feared since his presence often meant their death.  It was said that as soon as you looked at the barrel of his guns, you were dead.  His aim is both accurate and quick. 

De Nam left Don Corneo; he did not want to be involved with the petty politics of the underworld anymore.  His abilities did not bypass Verdot, the leader of the Turks, who had received word of his skills.  Verdot offered De Nam a position in the Turk and he accepted.  This allowed him to escape the pursuit of Don's men who were not pleased with his defection at all.  It was protection for him and another way to earn money. 

He was immensely involved in the taking down of the original Avalanche group with his fellow Turks.  He was sent on data recovery missions and espionage since those were his specialties within the group. He did disappear on a routine search mission for Genesis.  He was captured by Don Corneo because of his reckless behavior and lack of following protocol.  He was tortured by the Don for leaving his organization.  He was brutally strangled which resulted in the loss of his voice before he was able to escape.

This was a liability for him to be on the field which converted his duties as a Turk to more of a background position.  He is able to produce sounds, but his speech is too garbled to make any sense of.  He has to rely on his body language and a whiteboard he carries around to get his point across.  For the past few years after the fall of Shinra he has acted as a bodyguard in the shadows, gathering information and other necessary tools for the group.  When the heartless started to appear on Gaia he took up a more prominent role once more.  However, their efforts were in vain and he could watch as his world was scattered to the four corners.

When he awoke from this nightmare he found himself in the world of Twilight Town.  He came to realize here that his world was gone and that he would have to make a new walk of life here.  Currently he is trapped on this world since he has no means to go to another.  He, however, is in the process of creating a gummi ship from parts in the scrapyard.  He stole the blueprints from a small creature in a black robe.  Now he seeks to find his comrades and find a way to restore Gaia.

Character's Physical Description:
De Nam wears the typical Turk attire and sometimes is found without his shirt tucked in for various reasons.  His belt to his pants bears two gun holsters for a quick draw and an attached whiteboard in case he needs to 'talk'.  His two guns feature a single materia slot each to enable his magic bullet shots.  On hand he carries fire, ice, and lighting materia.

He is rather medium heights man but with broad shoulders and a slightly more muscular build from his life in the slums.  His eyes are a grey violet color and his hair is black.  His hair is always styled with right side bangs being teased and covering his right eye.  His left is drawn back slick exposing scars (patches where no hair grows) from his violent past. He often wears one silver earring in on his right ear. 

I based his appearance off of Turk Revolver from BC, picture below:

Role-playing Sample:

De Nam ran as far as his legs could carry him from that mansion, his eyes wide with something akin to fear and panic.  For the past few days he had been beaten, whipped, and tortured beyond what cruelty even some of his fellow Turks gave. It was why he left the Don in the first place, but his own lack of authority issued him right back in the piglet man's hands.  It was by luck one of the guards was stupid enough to get close to him so he could beat him out of the keys to his cell. 

He did not stop running to assess his injuries until he was within reach of the train station.  Only then did he allow himself to drop to his knees and rest.  His throat stung the worst, covered in hand shaped bruises it was difficult for him to breathe.  During one of the sessions he knew his windpipe had been crushed.  He was lucky he could even still breathe.  He had to phone in to Tseng.  He was stubborn, but he knew when he needed to call for help.

De Nam drew the phone out of his coat pocket and dialed his leader.  Tseng, being the punctual man he was answered on the second ring; his familiar voice through the receiver was almost Goddess sent after what De Nam had just been through.

“Tseng.” came the voice over the phone which drew relief to De Nam's features.

“Ennnggg,” came the crock from his mouth.  This was discerning, maybe it was from the lack of oxygen.  De Nam took a deep breath and tried again, “Nnnng!” Something was not right.  He grabbed onto his throat, his eyes wide with disbelief.  He couldn't speak!  His voice refused to work with him to create something more intelligent than grunts and garbled words. 

Now he realized the extent the Don had broken him.  His vocal cords were damaged and he now knew it.  They were not trying to kill him by strangling, no, it was not as merciful as that.  They had robbed him of his primal difference as a human, his voice.  He screamed into the air out of frustration.  He would kill the pig-headed bastard!


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Accepted. Of course ^_~

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