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Date: Jul 9, 2009
Kallion ap'Eibhlhin

Have you Beaten Kingdom Hearts 1, 2? Both?

Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2, Not Chain.

Which Final Fantasies Have you Played/Beaten?

Beaten: VIII, X, VII (Crisis Core), VII (Dirge of Cerberus)
Played: VI, XII

Have you read any of the Kingdom Hearts Manga?

All Of KH1, Chain of Memories, First two of KH2

Character Creation

Name: Kallion ap'Eibhlhin - (Son of Light)

Known Name: Kallion

Age: 18

Race: Half (High Guardian)Arch Angel/Human

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Asexual because of his Vows but truly he is Bi-sexual.


Alliance: Light

Home World: Camar'a Sere'th

Weapon or Weapons: Two Elven Sabres, longer then Elven daggers but tradionally curved like both a human saber and Elven weaponry. The handle is red with gold, two pink stones set in the pommel.

(The larger, x2)


Angelic Vigor: Able to heal fully himself through the powers of light, if he wishes to heal others he must us the powers of light and also some of his energy. This will fatigue him regardless of healing himself or others. He must be able to touch the target/person he wishes to heal. If he is immobile or unable to reach them he can not heal them. He has no other way of healing. Also this is like using Cure on Undead, if this is used on a dark aligned target they take the damage that would otherwise be healed to a light target.

Celestial Radiance: Kallion's limit break of sorts, when having taken heavy damage or the morale of his comrades is failing Kallion can call his own light to cover his blades. His blades covered in this light can then be thrown cleaving a path through many enemies, or both hitting one enemy of his choosing. His blades will then appear normal once more in his hands once the attack is finished. This damage is light based and if any allies are near him that walk a dark path, they will take damage from this attack as well.

Eternal Sacrifise: If Kallion has given a vow to protect another person of light or neutral alignment he is able to cast a protective shield over them if they are out numbered or greatly injured. Kallion will go into full defense to protect his charge and if unable to do so, will call all of his light to him using Celestial Radiance one last time. This will hopefully kill those that are harming his charge, but will Kill Kallion in the process.

(These above powers come at a price. If Kallion ever falls from the Path of Light he loses all of them and Falls from Grace.)

Any Known Contacts: The Arch Angel Tie'iel who is his father, Reinn Anon God of  Life, Angels and the Skies. Kallion knows his family on Camar'a, and Mallie who he loves but will not allow himself to show this to.

Character Personality:

Kallion is made the young man he is by the hallowed order of paladins (Empyrean Order) he is part of. He will not allow himself to see that without the vows he cherishes and lives for, he is nothing. A shell of a broken young man with no path. His vows and the order are his life. He will do anything to stay within their folds. His views of the worlds are very simplistic, taught by the order. Black and white. No grey. He believes completely that if you are born a certain race, or are a certain type (Demons, vampires, nobodies, heartless) you are inately evil. There is nothing to be done about this, you are wicked as his God deems you.

The code of his order is as follows:

Hold your honor always.
Condemn and destroy the wicked.
Protect the innocent until death.
Never lie to the good. (This does mean Kallion can lie to those he deems evil or wicked.)
Do not hide your Celestial blood. (All in this order are part Angel, he can not hide this.)

Their are things the order completely disallow:

No drugs.
No drink.
No politics.
No sex.
No love.

Beneath the Paladin, Kallion is a man who needs to think for himself. He because of his past believes love leads to agony, that sex is only a perversion of love. That altruism will destroy you, and violence is unfortunatly the only way to bring peace. He believes because of his Angelic blood he was born onto this path and can not change it even though, in moments of doubt he wishes he was back home. That he was no Paladin and could be with his family he misses and perhaps tell Mallie he loves her.  He has a 'Guardian Complex', something that Angels and Arch Angels seem to have where they when they meet one person very special to them will protect that person to the death. Kallion would die for someone in such a situation with no regrets.

Character History:

Kallion is the child of Tie'iel, Arch Angel, Messenger of the Gods/Angel of the Skies. His Birth father (Mpreg) was a Half Angel Paladin by the name of Kael ap'Eibhlhin. Kael when Nathanial managed to get back to Camar'a met him and traveled with him vowing before Reinn Anon to protect the Boy King until death. On these travels Kael fell in love with Nathan and protected him to the best of his ability. But Nathanial married a vampire by the name of Damion Ante. Tie'iel had watched Kael in his willingness to protect the Prince and found great respect for him. Kael shortly after Nathanial manages to take the throne dies of his wounds. He never told the King he died protecting, he had a son. Tie'iel because of the harsh laws set down upon him by his Creator Reinn Anon, God of Life, Angels and the Sky could not go down to his child.

Kallion became an orphaned at a very young age, he stayed in an orphanage which he can hardly remember until he was 5 years old. The orphanage was destroyed and many of the children, himself included forced into slave labour. Kallion is eight years old when he manages one night to use his light to send out a message beseeching help. Tie'iel in these years watched in horror as his child was abused and unable to do anything. He finally pleaded for help to save his son, and Riq'ua Nathan's advisor has a dream of a horrible basement where children are in forced labour. He goes on a mission to save these children. Kallion is saved, but the Lord who was using them for labour found out that Riq'ua was coming. Kallion had watch as he could not help, bound in shackles as all of his friends and over thirty children were killed before his eyes. Riq'ua avenged these children as best as he could and took the survivors back to the castle.

Nathan upon seeing the boy saw his pink mercury eyes and he knew, this boy was Kael's, his sad guardian. Nathan took in the boy as his step son and tried to help him get past the horrors of that night. Joscelin his elder step brother by 2 years played with him and taught him to live again. He learned how to fight from Riq'ua and Joscelin, but he was still bitter inside about what had happened to him. Tie'iel had not helped him and people were terrible. He had a hard time trusting again, but he found out from a visit in his dreams from Tie'iel that Mallie had been watched over by Tie'iel and he became curious. He fell in love with her at a young age and wanted to be with her. But she ran away...Kallion had to be told of other worlds by Nathan after her disappearance and with her gone he turned to the only other thing he thought could lead him. The Empyrean Order. Taken under their wing at 14 he is taught their vows, their way of life and feels an acceptance he never had elsewhere.

An initiate into the order until he was 18, he became a Paladin at last and wished to search for Mallie. He knew he could not love her but he wished to know if she was alright, she still was his friend. So able to use his light like Nathan used his darkness to create portals to travel through, he travels worlds now. Really not much has changed, he is still punishing and killing the wicked, hunting heartless and judging. But he has only two years to find her so he is searching wanting to know if she is alright, because he does not know what Reinn wants of him. But in two years Reinn has asked him to return, Kallion has a destiny on Camar'a and it must come to fruit. From the way Reinn has spoken, Kallion has no choice, or so he believes. This is a destiny he must live.

Character's Physical Description:

Silver/white wavy hair to his shoulders with pink mercury eyes. His white wings are a span of ten feet if he were to let them fully unfurl, and he can use them to block attacks though of course, this shreds and destroys the feathers, muscle and cartiledge in his wings. He wears silver robes tied with a lavender sash, his sabres are through this sash. His boots are white suede. He has elven ears because of his Angelic ancestry as Angels have the same pointed ears, and androgenous features.


Role-playing Sample:

Reaching, longing toward, trying to grasp long slender fingers of palest white but he could not. They were masculine fingers, he knew that. They were his father's fingers! “Papa!” Kallion ap'Eibhlhin screamed up toward the clouds that had swallowed the only connection he had ever had with Tie’iel, High Guardian of Reinn Anon. His father. Kallion’s voice was hoarse from his cries as tears fell down puffy cheeks with still to much baby fat. Why wasn’t Tie’iel their to save him? Why wasn’t it him? Why had he been imprisoned for so long…Darkness. Only darkness. The 8 year old did not understand. “Tie'iel! Kael!"

Abruptly waking to a sheen of sweat covering his skin, a shiver passed up his spine. That damn dream. A reoccurring dream of his past which was now over. Leave me be. The past is over, dealt with and swallowed. Mercury pink eyes starred at the far blank stone wall as his heart beat began to slow, the jolting of it inside his chest causing him to gasp in breaths. The sun was beginning to rise through the curtained window. The meeting would be soon. Forcing his legs over the side of the Queen sized bed his toes touched the bare cold stone floor. Kallion forced the dream aside in favour of getting on with this new day to come. The past was the past and it was gone. He was a Prince now. At least…for now. Fifty six days until his 18th.

Robotic motions to pull the brush through his shoulder length silver curls he tied his hair back with a leather cord and splashed his face with water. Wake up Kallion.
Pulling on the velvet silver robes he wore when he was in the castle, he did the lavender sash about his waist pushing through both of his Elven sabres. He and his Joscelin were trained the same way in the arts of war. On his boots of soft white suede and finally he was ready.

Out the door into the hall he walked toward the council room knowing Nathanial must already be their sitting in the throne that looked far to large for him as he was so petite and fragile. Though anyone who thought that really were morons. The King had more power in his body then any Mage. But that was the Gods powers. The God of Rebirth and souls Sjel N’nharma used Nathanial, King, as his avatar.
“Didn’t sleep well again brother?”
Mercury pink eyes looked to the left to lavender as Joscelin moved instep with him from a side hall. I am out of it have allowed another so close without realising their presence. Though it is Joscelin…He is trained in silence being a ranger and an Elf.
“Yes, I did not sleep well once again. The dream keeps reoccurring before my eyes.”
The council room a few hallways down they walked step inline to each other fairly easily.


AIM: NathanialRoyale

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