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Date: Jul 23, 2009
A Very Happy Un-Birthday

|Plot of this thread is that Miku is lost and trying to find a way out of the forest. Anyone is welcome, although OCs are muchly loved.|


Free from captivity at last. After a few long years as a Heartless slave, one would, supposedly, be rather happy to have their liberty back. Miku, on such an occasion, was not very happy about his situation at all. Sure, the first two days were absolutely splendid, wandering around the various worlds, killing some bay guys, then 'accidentally' killing the nice people that had hired him. He even spent a little time in the Underworld, working for that dead God, Hades.

But then, Miku supposed his karma would come and bite him from behind sometime soon. After all, all good things come to an end, eventually.

Miku had stumbled into yet another world, looking for some prey when he had found himself in a world where everything seemed to be upside-down, inside-out or back to front. This confused and irritated him greatly. The worst part was when he had found that strange jar of liquid. Foolishly he had swallowed it when the small talking door had asked him to, turning him into quite a small being.

Which is how he found himself here. Stuck in the middle of this damn forest, with singing flowers and bugs of epic sizes. He was starting to feel a little queasy, the Heartless really wasn't too fond of anything that crawled, crabs especially. That one red crab in that mermaid world scared him half to death.

Curling up under a rather large leaf, he wondered if there was anyone sane here. He surely hoped so. The singing flower opposite was giving him a rather strange grin.

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