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Locke Cole

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Locke Cole
Known Name: Locke Cole
Age: 27
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bi-curious
Path: Neutral
Alliance: Light
Home World: ??? (There is no canon name for the world except for the two time periods, The World of Balance and The World of Ruin)
Weapon or Weapons: Dirk, Short and Long Swords
Powers: Expert thief (re: TREASURE HUNTER)
Any Known Contacts: Celes, Tina, Edgar, Sabin, Mog, Strago, Relm, Cyan, Gau, Setzer, Shadow, Gogo and Umaro

Character Personality:

Locke is first and foremost, adventurous. He is almost always up for a challenge and to explore whatever is around, and then a little further then that, which often gets him into trouble. The only exception to this is when there is someone of the female persuasion around, and one  who he feels a connection to, as he doesn't want to risk their safety or livelyhood, due to previous events in his life.

He is also a bit of a flirt, and a tease, though not to the extent of a certain lecherous young king who shall remain nameless. At the same time though, he jokes because he cares, and to try and lighten the mood in a situation,at times leading him to build up a bit more bravery and courage, not only in himself but also in his companions and friends. Although he certainly has the charisma to lead, he'd much prefer to work on the side or to simply follow and assist, just in case something goes wrong, to try and prevent himself from getting as emotionally attached as he perhaps would otherwise.

Character History:

Growing up in Kohlingen, there wasn't a whole lot to do for Locke Cole. It was such a small town, and there was never any real excitement. So, he'd walk around outside the town, exploring the area, encountering different creatures and checking out some of the tunnels and caves. There was one person in the town however, this girl named Rachel, who Locke absolutely loved and adored, though her father, the village elder, always felt he was trouble, and wanted him to stay away from her. He ignored it however, and went exploring with Rachael, partly to explore more of the caverns, and partly to have naughty fun time, as all flirty, red-blooded males tend to, though he did genuinely love and care for the girl, and she for him.

It was during one of the adventures together, however, where tragedy struck. They were crossing a very old and rickity bridge, when it started to crumble underneath Locke. Not wanting anything to happen to her beloved, Rachel dived towards him, pushing towards safety, though falling with the bridge herself. Locke rushed down to her, expecting her dead, though found her unconcious. He spent many weeks nursing her back to health, only to find out she had developped a case of amnesia, and couldn't remember anything, least of all who he was.

Her father threw Locke out of the house, telling him it'd be best if he never returned. The young man tried to argue, telling him he cared for her and wanted to help, but not remembering their past, she agreed with her father. Feeling guilty for what happened, Locke set out, albeit reluctantly, with only the clothes on his back, to fend for himself, making himself a promise that he would never let that happen to anyone else he were to meet. One day, during his travels, Kohlingen was attacked by the Empire, and destroyed. Hearing of this, Locke rushed back as quickly as he could, only to discover Rachel had been killed in the attack, but not before finally remembering the past, and calling out for him.

Heartbroken, and wracked with anger and guilt, Locke set out to join the Returners, an underground organization seeking to destroy the Empire and the tyrant, Gestahl, who led it. This led to him being asked, at one point to protect a former Imperial soldier, by the name of Tina, who, like his beloved, couldn't remember who she was or what had happened.

It was during the protection of her, he was asked to investigate South Figaro. During the investigation, he met Celes Chere, a former Imperial general, turned traitor, who's hatred for the Empire, as well as her adventurous spirit reminded him greatly of Rachel. Other people started to join the cause, a gambler named Setzer who owned the world's only airship, and Strago, the village elder of Thamasa, a city entirely of magic users, amongst others. Setting out, they sought to destroy the Empire, and it's leader, only to watch the truly chaotic mind of Cefka Palazzo not only kill the Emporer, but alsos manage to destroy and reshape the world in the form he wanted.

A year passed since that day, and Locke and the rest of the group were seperated. Rumors had been floating around of a phoenix, who if found and summoned, could raise the dead. Locke sought it out, hoping to bring back Rachel. During his search, he was reunited with his former party, and they helped him search for it. Eventually, it was found and Rachel was revived briefly, telling Locke to move on, even though she knew he still loved her, and to find Cefka and make him pay for all the wrongs he committed.

Full of purpose once more, Locke, alongside the rest of his companions, made their way through Cefka's treacherious tower, and eventually defeated the self-titled "God of Magic" only to find the tower collapsing underneath their very feet. Hastily, they made their escape back down towards safety. Along the way however, Locke's bandana fell off, and Celes rushed to grab it. Fearing a repeat of his own past would happen again, Locke dived to grab Celes and pull her from the ledge to safety, promising to never let go. Eventually, they found their way out, and they all went their seperate ways, each helping to restore the world in their own way. Locke and Celes settled down as they did what they could to build the towns anew, starting with Kohlingen, finally clearing his name with those who still remembered him, and the town elder accepted him back in finally.

Even this though, was not enough for Locke, and he started to feel the tug of his previous life once more. Despite the connection he had to the town, as well as the commitment he had to Celes, he very reluctantly told her he was leaving to continue to explore this and other worlds, and set off. As he started to travel once more, he began hearing rumors of a magical relic, known as the Keyblade. Not knowing what this item was exactly, he could know nothing, except for that it must be extremely valuable, and hence would be worth procuring.

His journey eventually led him back to Thamasa, and as he was asking around and exploring, he found a hidden doorway in one of the houses. Imprinted on the top of the door was a blacked out window, in the shape of a keyhole. Though cautious as to where the door might lead, he was also quite curious, and decided to open the doorway, immediately to be blinded by a brilliant yet strangely relaxing and peaceful flash of white light.

As his vision restored itself, he looked around, only to find he was no longer in Thamasa, but rather in a strange new city, unlike any he'd ever seen before. In front of him, stood a taller building, with a sign "Hollow Basion Restoration Committee". Confused and unsure of where he was, he started to slowly explore the city, eventually finding out at least somewhat of it's history, where places were, the basics.Once he got accustomed to the area, he found himself rather enjoying the city, constantly finding new areas to explore and hide, and a whole new life to have, as well as new people who's munny he would be introduced to.

Character's Physical Description:
A skinny young man of slightly average , who doesn’t look to be overly intimidating nor anything special. He dresses in a skin-tight white t-shirt with slight black skuffs almost in a zebra print pattern covering the front of it Overtop, he wears a blue vest, the middle edges trimmed in yellow, almost golden thread. Matching blue pants accompany the vest, with several hidden pockets throughout the sides, which if one listens just carefully enough, they can hear a slight jingle from, possibly the sound of their missing gold. His eyes are a deep blue, almost the same mesmerizing color of the ocean water, or the uncovered evening sky. Hair is a dirty blonde, closer to a light brown, coming down his neck but not quite to his shoulders. It looks unkempt but not matted. Covering most of his hair is a slightly washed out, multi-colored bandana.


Role-playing Sample:
The woman's parasol was still over her shoulder as her head laid to the side regarding the lithe tall Elven blonde male before her. "How long are we staying here Tor'tar?" The Elven male shrugged, "As long as Mort wants, though can't be more then two or three days. Come on, please let me show you this world. My parents are living here." The smile was small but the woman nodded hiding her head beneath the parasol from the harsh Radiant Garden sun. "Alright Tor'tar." "Thanks!" Taking one of her hands in his, he gently kissed it. Two of the men walked past them both and one whistled at Mallie and Tor'tar's interactions. "Pence!" She gave a soft hearted glare at the orange haired human male, his hair thick like a main of curls to his shoulders, freckles dominating sun beaten cheeks. "What? I'm just commenting on what I'm seeing Ty'aro!" She stuck out her tongue childishly at Pence who laughed when he saw it and grinned at her carrying the large traveling case on his shoulder.

The troupe was moving into the hotel here to stay for a few days. They would perform and make some revenue before moving, then do the same thing on another world. It was what they did. Entertained and moved on. Mallie finally turned away from the Gummi toward Radiant Garden, her first sight of the town had the Elven woman sighing. The whisper was almost morbid, "What do humans see so beautiful in rock and stone?" She would never understand them, this place felt barren, her soul cried out for trees and nature. But their was only stone, and more rock in sight. Ah well, she would live, this place was nicer then Traverse Town at the very least. That place sent shivers up her spine. Tor'tar leading the way she walked with him, green eyes looking about curious.

His eyes still not quite adjusted to the bright flash that'd envelopped him, the young man stood in the street, rubbing his eyes, and slowly letting them adjust once more to the light, slowly starting to look around. As his vision started to come back to him, he turned slowly, realizing he was no longer in that hollowed out, worn house, nor was he in the town of Thamasa. Looking around, the architecture looked foreign to him, like nothing he'd ever seen. At the same time however, it looked strangely inviting. Still, slowly collecting himself, he continued to look around, coming to his senses before long, though curious as to what this place was. He started exploring the streets, trying to find some sign of where he was; a name of a town, a pub, something to serve as a landmark, or even just some distinguishing feature, that he might've heard mention of, though nothing was popping out to him. He checked his bandana and his dirk, making sure he hadn't lost either, and as he felt both still attached, he let out a sigh of relief, muttering to himself softly "Well, I wanted an adventure, and this already seems to be more then I could've imagined." Cautiously, he continued to wander.

Mallie sighed shifting into the shadows of a building, it was getting hot on this world. Beginning of summer perhaps? It mattered not that she had been born and raised in a desert, her people were not meant for the climate. She still felt whoosy from being in the sun to long and so she leaned against a wall in the shadows. Tor'tar had gone off to find his parents and then would come back for her to introduce her to them. She needed something to drink, her fingers settled in the cleveage of her dress, a few munny down there for safety's sake. If no one saw a pouch less chance of being mauled.

A few people passed and she could hear the word already passing from a few lips, she shook her head vibrant green eyes watching those who said it. 'Whore'. Ignorance would never cease to amaze her. Picking herself up she stepped back out into the sun beneath her parasol, trying to find her way to a cafe. She needed to sit, to drink some tea. Her head was beginning to swim, the red silk corset dress was not making things easier for her breathing either

Continuing to explore the streets wasn't solving any questions as to his whereabouts. Each building, though looking subtly different, still seemed to run together, the same patterns used, an almost cookie-cutter layout to the town. It was rare that Locke would find himself uncomfortable in a town, however the lack of any real sign of what this place was, was starting to wear thin on him. Add the disorientating flash, and he was starting to feel a little out of his element. Needing to find somewhere to sit down, he asked a couple people on the street where the nearest cafe was. After simply being ignored, or stared at and hearing the muttering of people underbreathe, wondering about his attire, and where this strange man hailed from, a young man finally pointed him in the right direction. He politely shook his hand, while just as quickly and effortlessly, slipping the young man's coin pouch off his side and into his own pocket, before heading towards the cafe.

As he started to approach, he saw the young woman, parasol drapped over her shoulder, heading towards the same building, though finding annoyed at the continued mockery of her, the calls of "whore" towards her. Hurrying himself a little quicker, and shooting a couple of those calling out to the woman looks that seemed to pierce the soul, he politely though in a somewhat urgent manner, tapped her on her other shoulder, trying to get her attention.

Her throat bobbed as she swallowed, heat did not usually effect her this badly, though she had not eaten sense last night. That could be why she was feeling a bit faint. Last thing she needed was to collapse, she would have the entire troupe in a freak out about it. They were so over protective for her, she was eighteen now! Even though she was the youngest in the troupe she was an adult by human standards!

The tap took her by surprise and a sharp breath was drawn in her hand tightening on the parasol defensively before looking back. She had not heard this person approuch? By Rina'Lin she really was off today, she was going to get herself killed if this kept up! His clothes were quite different, something she would see as a costume worn on stage not something seen everyday, that was for certain. Her hand found a column before the cafe, long pale fingers grasping onto it.

Well this was wonderful, just show how weak you are right now to a complete stranger, and a man at that! "Ahh yes?" she asked her voice softer right then as she concentrated. Though it had a musical lilt to it that spoke of her singing, she was meant to sing not speak.

As he tapped her shoulder, he felt the young woman tense up and heard her sharp exhale. He watched as she turned around, and her beauty caught him offguard, if but for a moment. From what he'd seen of other people on the streets, her clothes and parasol were clearly not of someone from around here, though at the same time, they didn't look like anything worn by anyone back home, except for performers at the opera house. He kinda eyed her over, admiring the fine lace pattern of the parasol, as well as what he could see of her eyes through the veil, and felt a smile naturally form on his face. As she spoke, he noticed the soft, almost singsong tone of her voice, reminding him for a moment of his dear friend Edgar, a similar sounding tone used by him, to almost tease Locke, with his slight flamboyantness at times, particularly with the way he dressed. More then a few people had often questioned just why exactly he had so many accessories on at one time, especially if he was trying to remain inconspicuious as he snuck along the streets, looking for his next pay.

Realizing he was daydreaming for a moment, as he remininced inside his head, he looked at the young woman once more and smiled politely. "I'm sorry to bother you, Miss, but I couldn't help but notice you seemed a bit lost out here as well. Perhaps I could buy you something to eat, and we could chat for a moment. I'm sure such a lovely young woman like you could use the company." He smiled once more, behind darting his look behind her, as another one of the men was about to yell something out again.

Her lips had risen into a soft smile while she waited, the shadows of the balcony that over hung the column she was currently leaning a little against helped her clear her head a little bit. Though food and drink were going to be required to keep her going much longer. If she had known the man standing by her, who seemed to be in the same, reminiscing and admiring her, she would have teased him. But Mallie did not and so she kept silent until he spoke.

Her pitch black brow rose a little at his request but her lips stayed in that smile. Well, this one had grace in his words. And he was awfully pretty, though not in a way like her own people. There were not many elves who found there own kind physically revolting, but she did. Mallie could not stand a man who did not at least look like he could look after himself in battle. "I'd..appreciate that vanima'aer." She dropped a quick courtsy, the movement elegant, graceful with far to much practise. The parasol out behind her and her smile widened to him. She could hear the man muttering behind her and she rolled her shoulders as she stood back up. Her greens on Locke she put her finger asking for a moment turning to the man.

"Are you finished?" The man's lips snapped shut and he glared, and her lips dipped up into a grin. "If only glares could kill. But alas they can not, if you excuse me I'm going to get on with my afternoon, I would encourage the same of yourself." Her voice still had that singing lilt to it, but was not as soft when she spoke to the man and her words had a hint of sarcasm.

[Edit: The roleplay was between Mallie and Locke over MSN the night of July 26th. All messages in teal were originally Mallie's while all messages in blue were originally Locke's.]

AIM: SageRamirez
Facebook: Kevin Beck

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"I won't let go. I promise."


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Awesome :) Thanks; sorry it took so long to get it actually typed out and on here btw.


"I won't let go. I promise."
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