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Date: Aug 14, 2009

Okay, so I kinda rushed this a little, I hope it's okay. And... I think I dragged the history out a little too much...

Answer These Questions FIRST:

Have you Beaten Kingdom Hearts 1, 2 and Chain of Memories? (State which or All!)
Kingdom Hearts 1 & 2

Which Final Fantasies Have you Played/Beaten?

Have you read any of the Kingdom Hearts Manga?
One Volume, wasn’t sure which one.

Character Creation

Name: Xehanort

Known Name: Xemnas, Number I, Superior

Age: Could be somewhere from late twenties to early thirties, he lost track a while ago.

Race: Nobody

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Gay

Path: Twilight

Alliance: Dark

Home World: Radiant Gardens as a Somebody, The World that Never Was as a Nobody

Weapon or Weapons: Ethereal Blades. Twin blades, looking somewhat similar to Starwars light sabers. Can also look a little like rave sticks, but, of course, the Superior denies such claims. Are a bright red in colour, but possess no cutting power. They are more of batons than blades, used to hit the enemy rather than cut them.

Powers: Xemnas’s element is Nothingness. Xemnas can control Nothingness to a certain extent. He can create tendrils that shoot out towards his opponent; he can disappear within it and appear at a different place within the area. His element is also what makes up his Ethereal Blades, spawned right from his hand, without an apparent handle.  He can also use it to do mundane tasks like catching him if he fell.

Xemnas also has control over the Sorcerer Nobodies, a type of Nobody that floats in mid air and attacks using cubes of magic. Granted, he also holds a little bit of control over most of the Nobodies around, but these are his own, like Roxas and his Samurai Nobodies.

Xemnas also holds a small degree of control over the Darkness, being able to use the Corridors of Darkness to travel around.

Any Known Contacts:
Ansem the Wise | Xemnas’s mentor as a somebody, and the person who had initially exposed Xehanort to the Darkness and its powers. He is also the person, whose name Xehanort had used to anagram his own.
Braig, Dilan, Even, Aeleus, Ienzo | The other apprentices of Ansem the Wise. Their Nobodies now make up the Original Six Nobodies of the Organization XIII.
Organization XIII | The name of the company of higher Nobodies, with Xemnas as their leader.

Also connected to Xemnas in a loose way is Sora, his enemy and his tool. It is Sora’s Keyblade that is helping Xemnas’s mission along.

Character Personality: Xemnas is a rather dramatic person, despite his apparent lack of emotions. He enjoys his public speaking, even if he isn’t in public, Xemnas is the kind of being that would rather voice his thoughts out loud. His voice is always a monotonic passionate tone, dramatizing what he says a little. He can be a little pompous at times, insisting that he’s always right, especially when it comes to matters of the heart, despite the fact that he can’t really remember the emotions of a heart. The only ones he can remember are Rage and Hate. He believes that the negative emotions are what give heart power.

The absence of the memory of emotion has confused him at points. He cannot fathom what exactly it is that makes Number IX so bubbly and hopeful that he actually has his heart. The very idea, more often than not, brings forth a sarcastic comment or two. He also has no patience for trivial things such as love. Yes, sometimes he does get lonely, which, in itself, sometimes confuses him, and he satisfies that ‘feeling’ accordingly, but his main concern is for his precious Kingdom Hearts, the heart-shaped moon which he is often found crooning to.

He understands, in the absence of emotions, that Nothingness is eternal, therefore, Nothingness is ultimate power, which is really all he wants, when it comes right down to it. He seems to have a one track mind at the best of times, not at all caring for what goes on around him. He doesn’t even seem to be bothered by his Organization’s downfall at the hands of Sora and company.

Character History:
Xehanort’s earliest memories were of how Ansem the Wise, the kind and powerful ruler of Radiant Garden, had found him. He could remember the searing pain that he felt, and the concern radiating off the person who had found him, slumped against the wall of the castle’s courtyard. He had blacked out shortly afterwards.

Once he had awakened, Xehanort found himself in a white room, with a funny tube attached to his forearm. The blond man in the room told him not to take it out. Xehanort had watched, perplexed, as the old man removed it himself, and offered him something to eat. Xehanort ate sparingly, his stomach feeling particularly weak. The man smiled, still concerned, and introducing himself as Ansem. Xehanort had told him his name in kind, but that was it. Even with all the prompting Ansem had given him, Xehanort could not recall anything else. This dismayed the both of them, but Ansem told him not to worry; his memory will come back to him eventually.

After two long months of being bedridden, Xehanort took his first steps outside of his room, Ansem at his side, as they both walked down the halls, the elder giving a quick and brief tour of the massive castle. Many people bowed or inclined their head politely as the two passed, confusing Xehanort, but he had soon come to learn just how important his mentor was. One room that stuck in the young man’s head was the cavernous library, which was where he was usually found. Ansem was surprised, and delighted, at the man’s apparent intelligence, despite the lack of a past. Shortly afterwards, Ansem took Xehanort under his wing, a mistake he never saw coming until it was far too late.

With Ansem to guide him along, Xehanort soon surpassed his teacher, but rarely let this show. He preferred what the books could teach him, staying up until ungodly hours of the night just reading. During the day, he patiently listened as Ansem took him through all the experiments , jotting everything down and highlighting things he hadn’t heard of to research later on during his constant reading. Ansem had soon recruited more young and intelligent teens from the township far below, and Xehanort found himself with friends, Braig, Aeleus, Ienzo, Even and Dilan. Each member of the apprentice group was an individual, and Xehanort was always thoroughly entertained by the clashing personalities. He still thought himself superior to the others, having been there longer, more experienced and more thoroughly read than the rest.

At the time, Ansem was currently working on a series of experiments regarding the Darkness and the Heart, one of which resulting in a Heartless being created. Terrified by his discovery of how the Heartless was created, he had ordered the apprentices to cease the experiments and seal off the underground laboratory, built under the castle purposely for the sake of these experiments. Xehanort had thought that the caution was completely unnecessary. Compelled by his desire for more knowledge, he continued to go down to the labs to continue the experiments, without Ansem’s knowledge. The younger apprentices soon followed, either out of concern or curiousity, no one was entirely sure, but Xehanort was happy, now having more test subjects than just himself.

They soon got carried away by their experiments, and had, unwittingly, let the Darkness fully into their hearts. They had realized their mistake much too late. As they lost control of their experiments, especially Xehanort’s rather intimate study of the world’s Door to its Heart, the Darkness overcame them and the world was ravaged by the Heartless. This was not something they had planned to happen.

Despite his initial despair at what had happened to his homeworld, the emotion was not enough to carry itself through to his Nobody. Xehanort had taken Ansem’s name towards the end of his Somebody’s life, doing all of his dangerous experiments under the name of his mentor. It was this name he used to anagram into Xemnas, the Nobody he had become. Further study was needed, he had decided, as too how this had happened. Xemnas also discovered that he had no recollection whatsoever, of ever having a heart, or the memories of the emotions felt by the heart. He never once saw this as a dilemma, simply reasoning with his colleagues, the once-apprentices of Ansem, now Nobodies and part of the Original Six, that having no memory of his heart helped him understand it more clearly.

He soon became obsessed with the task of gathering hearts to recreate Kingdom Hearts, caring more for the strangely shaped moon than for the rest of his group, now called the Organization XIII. Xemnas was delighted, in his monotone manner, upon the discovery of Roxas and his ability to wield the Keyblade, a weapon that could unleash the hearts out of the Heartless and harvest them at a much faster rate. This drew him in even more, and he spent increasing more time obsessing over his moon. His lack of memory of his emotions made him somewhat immune to the deaths of his members, as the numbers slowly dwindled down to just him.

He lamented over Kingdom Heart’s near destruction, but simply waited for Sora, the Keybearer and Roxas’s Somebody, to come to him instead. When he did, friends in tow, he openly mocked them for listening to their hearts so foolishly and noted that he had to remember that, when he finally regained his heart, he must heed that. But it was not to be so, as the brunette Keybearer proved to be the Superior’s downfall.

Xemnas had awakened sometime after his apparent demise and found himself at the foot of one of his favorite haunts; Memory’s Skyscraper. This confused the Nobody. Why hadn’t he faded into Nothingness, as is the fate of all Nobodies? Had he finally regained his heart? Decided not to dwell on the uncertainty too much, the once-Superior began to meander about the World that Never Was, wondering absent mindedly why it was still in existence, before coming to a halt at the castle, which still existed. After a quick scout up and down its many floors, he assessed that he was currently alone.

He vaguely wondered how long that would last.

Character's Physical Description: Xemnas is rather tall standing at about six feet. He has a pale sun-kissed complexion, and a heavy set build. Heavy, but somewhat slim at the same time. His facial features are masculine, but his eyes are what attract the attention first. A fiery amber in colour, they are no warmer than his personality. His hair is silver, long bangs at the front, with the rest pinned back and length at the back.

His clothes are standard, as far as Nobody uniforms go. Usually, he wears the standard black coat, boots, pants, and undershirt. On some special occasions, such as his final battle with Sora, he wears his black and white coat, adorned with the Nobody motif.   

Role-playing Sample:

It was actually rather quiet in the castle for once.  Leaning against the railing in Twilight’s View, Xemnas reveled in the peace that came with being the only one in the whole castle. There was nothing to be heard, no sitar strumming floating down towards him, no crashes or ‘AXEL!’ ringing around, no “Hey, Superior!” from Number II, as he popped up randomly beside him. He’d never let the other know, but sometimes, II actually startles him whenever he does that. Xemnas shook his head. He was actually missing the rest of his fellow Nobodies. The silence was unnerving, and the constant ringing in his ears was slowly driving him insane.

Pushing off the rails and heading downwards again, Xemnas began to walk, just for the sake of hearing his footsteps tap rhythmically against the floor. He even tried whistling at one point, the noise was something that had always irritated him before, but in the absence of company, anything would do. As he stepped off the elevator at Crooked Ascension onto Nothing’s Call, the Nobody turned his amber eyes towards the moon that still floated brokenly high above him. He didn’t know if he liked the sight of his ruined Kingdom Hearts anymore. Then again, he was rather uncertain of everything at the moment, and that uncertainty unsettled him.

He prided himself in always being so sure of everything he did. Because whatever he did, he did it for a reason. Now he had no idea what to think. He threw on his hood as he stepped onto the darkened streets, the rain still falling softly around him. It was a dreary city, but hearing the rain made him think that there were still worlds outside of his own. Sure, he could probably teleport his way around, but seeing as he was still so unsure of his own existence, he didn’t want to risk losing what he already had. Maybe if another member showed up, he may believe that he was, indeed, alive to a degree and that he could step off this world without fear of disappearing.

“What a lonely existence this is.” He sighed, looking up at his favorite building in the whole city. He sat down on the steps of Memory Skyscraper and stared out into the gloom, watching as those pathetic Shadows flickered in and out of his vision. One even dared to come close enough for him to get a good look at it. He quietly debated whether or not to stick one of his Blades through the damned thing, before it disappeared. Closing his eyes, he tilted his head to the sky and let the hood fall, the rain slowly drenching his hair and face.

Existence was to enjoy the moment, after all.

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Accepted ^^


Warning: Molesting Emo Ahead!

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Yay thankies! ^_^

I have never done a 'Xemnas' before, so I hope I'll do well.

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